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Polarized Media: Consuming News from Inside Your Bubble: The Daily Show

Polarized Media: Consuming News from Inside Your Bubble: The Daily Show

let's get straight into it the presidential election with just two weeks left it looks like the gloves are finally coming off Vice President Joe Biden campaigning for Hillary Clinton in wilkes-barre and here's what he said about Donald Trump press always ask me don't I wish I were debating him no I wish were in high school I could take him behind the gym Oh Joe Biden wants to take Donald Trump behind the gym you know what that means right no really I do you know what that means cuz I don't know not I don't know what happened in your high school but in mine the only thing happening behind the gym was people hooking up that's know everyone noses there were rules the parking lot is for fights the bathrooms are where you get high the cafeteria is for ostracizing people the library is we're using computers to look at porn and then behind the gym is for finger banging that's what school knows everybody knows that but you do realize folks this is the level of discourse the election has sunk to the press asks Biden don't you wish you could debate Donald Trump expose his extremist agenda using facts and reason and the sitting vice president replies no I just want to punch him in the face luckily when responding to Biden Donald Trump decided to take the high road did you see where Biden wants to take me to the back of the barn me he wants him I'd love that I'd love that mr. tough guy you know when he's mr. tough guy when he's standing behind a microphone by himself that's when he's been he wants to bring me to the back of the barn oh well wait what the back the back of the barn button said the back of the gym this is why you don't let old guys into Fight Club the first rule of Fight Club is remember we're Fight Club is this doesn't make sense now you realize what's gonna happen now Biden's at the gym Trump is at the barn this is gonna be punching some random person who comes there you me ah I just came here for the sex show that's coming that's coming and look I know that everyone including myself is really excited about the prospect of joe biden and donald trump having a physical fight because that would be the perfect climax to this election but don't forget these guys are both in their 70s so it'll be entertaining but it'll probably look like this hold my teeth hold my teeth wrapper forever now beyond beyond Trump and Biden setting up their whole wrinkle in the jumble what I would what I found particularly fascinating about the story was how differently it was presented depending on who was consuming it for instance if you're a liberal you probably heard it as a story about how Trump wants to beat up Joe Biden but if you're a trump supporter you saw it as Donald Trump standing up to Joe Biden and that's really become the story of the selection everyone picks sides and blindly defends them here's another example last night on Fox News megyn kelly talked to Newt Gingrich now you guys probably remember Newt Gingrich is the Trump advisor who stole all of America's jowls yeah now megyn kelly wanted to talk to him about Trump's pussy grabbing and Newt went nuts Bob is a sexual predator that is a sexual program you're saying it I'm not taking a position statement I'm shaking attention to people like you using language that's inflammatory you use the words you took a position so what do you serve you to do that Megan I think that your defensive nasaan this may speak volume sir and you want to go back to the tapes of your show recently you are fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy Wow newts nudes that's really not fair just because megyn kelly invites people who look like swollen testicles on her show does not mean she's obsessed with sex that does not mean that oh and and and by the way by the way Newt Gingrich should not be complaining that anyone is fascinated with sex this is the same dude who cheated on two different wives and when he was asked about his cheating honest to god he gave the best answer I have ever heard in my life there's no question that at times of my life partially driven by by how passionately I felt about this country that I worked far too hard and the things happen in my life that were not appropriate I'm sorry County here man this guy just why'd you cheat on your wife for America that's why I did I did it for America my passion and my my vigor in fact I only do it to the national anthem which is tough cuz we have to do it standing and it upsets everyone else in the stadium but I do it from my country so once again so once again here was a fight and depending on which side you're on you were told the fight went a very different way so a liberal website like Jezebel says that Gingrich made a total fool of himself and a right-wing website like Breitbart says that Gingrich exposed megyn kelly and then bench pressed her which isn't really a good headline if you're a trump supporter I mean it sounds creepy it sounds like Newt was like Donald Trump is not a sexual predator now put your butt in my hands so I can lift you over my head come on come on come here that's one of the downsides of everyone consuming news in their bubble you don't get venues you get your news all right there are distorted or fake news stories everywhere online you know Obama shows his erection to a reporter Tim Kaine yells at his daughter in fact you hear the story about Bill Clinton when he called Trump supporters rednecks yeah there's a headline so it must be true unless you hear what he actually said you know look man the other guy's base is what I grew up in you know I'm basically your standard redneck oh no he didn't just identify with people he disagrees with to point out what they have in common there's nothing there he called himself a redneck the only part of that I object to is Bill Clinton claiming that he's a standard redneck you can't say that when you're riding around in a private jet my friend yes unless unless you ride that jet while riding your tractor that's the only time you can do that but at least in that story Bill Clinton said the word redneck sometimes the story that rolls you up can be something that never even happened like say you go on your Facebook just for fun to check out who had a sandwich that made them feel blessed but then but then because of things you've liked over time up pops an article in your feed about Bill Clinton's in legitimate black Sun this is a real article a real article that's circling on Facebook right now banished Bill Clinton's son needs your help to reunite with father and here's how I know this story isn't true if the Clintons had a black son they would not be hiding him best believe they'd be parading their mother around North Carolina getting out the vote they'd be like this is out dude tell them Darnell tell them to vote that story is BS people I'm sorry you can't you can take any bi-racial person throw their black-and-white photo next to Clinton and it'll look like his son I mean by that standard I look like his son no I look I look like oh I look like his son Wow what if Bill Clinton's my dad and I had him on the show and I never even asked him I mean I I hinted at it with the mug I gave him but but still now uh although this is a phenomenon that seems to happen more on the rights it still happens on the left you find the occasional fake story about Republicans which is weird to me I honestly don't know why you need to make up anything fake with Donald Trump there's no fake story you need is someone sitting there like ha ha and then he looked at her pussy ha ha ha ha ha I'm sorry what in real life ha delete for instance if you're a liberal you might have seen a headline that says linguists have decided Donald Trump has a learning disability because he possesses a vocabulary of 200 words and come on people 200 words that's not realistic that barely covers the names of his ex-wives that's not a realistic thing and if there's one thing you can't insult the Donald on its his language skills you just have to watch any of his speeches to see how he effortlessly jumps from one idea to another words have never impeded his mind because his mouth is always trying to keep up with his brain we're about to go we lose it we are in the wrong direction and maybe it's gone Supreme Court justices always remember that but so many different levels and when you see what happened with crooked Hillary today it was disaster huh what what what who where amazing it's like he's doing language parkour he's just bouncing from one word roll yep oh that's that's pretty much what happens it's so impressive where the troops brain goes his mouth goes along for the ride in fact I've studied Trump for over a year and what he does is truly amazing and I'm not a master at this but I'll try to do a demonstration myself I'll try and do this I'll try and do this all right a series of words will come up on a screen behind me and I don't know what these words are gonna be but I will use them to give you a trump address hold on hold on let me just let me just get myself ready get comfortable [Applause] alright let's go folks I'm gonna make America so great folks you don't understand this nation for this nation folks is bad it's bad folks the nation is bad there is bias in the media folks the media is biased against us and and Isis oh my god Isis folks I'm gonna beat them so folks I'm not gonna tell them what I'm gonna do folks Isis it's gonna be a surprise folks I'm gonna be there gonna die Bigley folks they're gonna die big Lee big Lee folks they're gonna die and then the Dragons folks the ISIS they have dragons I've heard that Isis has dragons that use moisturizer folks the moisturizer that the Dragons use and fold I'm not good enough for this man I'm not I'm a good enough to do this but you get the point let the point the point is this there are fake stories everywhere online and the effect can be dangerous especially considering that millions of Americans believe that the upcoming election will be rigged because that's what they're seeing on social media hey there thanks for watching if you liked that video click here to subscribe just keep the mouse pointer away from my face please don't no don't here click here to some no not my fate click here please PLEASE that looks don't do that that's shot that shop click here to subscribe

36 thoughts on “Polarized Media: Consuming News from Inside Your Bubble: The Daily Show

  1. Love u Trevor…man I really laughed my bellies out.. 😂…i wish I could give you an lifetime achievement award for mimicking Donald asshole trump…😂😂😂😂

  2. Trump with the baseball hat on in front of the pickup truck is really extra disturbing for some reason.

  3. Trevor you are so underrated. You're more intelligent and reasonable than most world leaders. Kudos from Asia.

  4. in fairness to Joe Biden, Trump has proven that he's completely immune to the very concept of logic. no matter how you try to debate him, he comes up with some weak bullshit that "proves" him right and his supporters blindly follow it like the sheep they are.

  5. Umm… I wouldn’t want to fight the old guy in the clip. Noah is laughing but the shirtless guy is fast. And there’s nothing wrong with queensbury rules either.

    If anything, I’d need to get a wrist, take him down and test his ground game but why risk it?

  6. Anyone know any unbiased media outlets? News Stations? I'm not insulting anyone but like Trevor said we are only fed OUR news.

  7. The problem is no one wants to actually help America anymore, we're all just fighting over who can act tougher and more confident and better then "the enemy" to the point of putting their own needs over truth for what would actually help America.

    It's like we're all on a slowly sinking ship, and instead of all of us co-opperating and putting everything else aside to help the ship, we're instead fighting over who's fault it was for the ship going under, and who's the better people to run the ship, and doing nothing else to actually fix the ship and letting us drown.

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