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Plus-Size Women Re-Create Fashion Ads

Plus-Size Women Re-Create Fashion Ads

– I feel like this is ridiculous and no one would wear a (bleep) and a pair of jeans anywhere. (ethereal electronic music) – Fashion ads are like an
adorable make believe place that I don’t belong in. – Growing up I really
strugglesdto feel beautiful and feel like my body was okay. – All the other girls
were all pretty and skinny so I just felt out of the box. – There was also points of
it where I couldn’t really. – I kind of just saw
models who were very thin, very light skinned, and I would look at them and just say okay I’m supposed to look like that because that’s the only
thing I see represented. – I feel like so many
people compare themselves to what’s in the media. – I am very nervous. I know this isn’t gonna look the same. And I know it’s not even
gonna look close to the same but I just hope it looks okay. (pop music) Today, I’m modeling a Gigi
Hadid in a Tommy Hilfiger ad. She’s sitting on a coil of rope like some sort of nautical Disney princess and wearing a coat which I like, ’cause coats cover all sorts of things. (pop music) Ah you know it’s actually, it’s hard to like lounge and
also pose at the same time ’cause you’re like but also like you have to
look like you don’t care. Honestly, it was really
nice to start posing and have everyone crowd around and be like what are you doing? Like, it felt good. – I’m modeling the
Burberry ad with Jazzmyne. – I personally wanted to be in this photo because I saw this
model with a shaved head and I thought it was so
sick and so different. – I’m a little nervous because (giggles) I am literally topless. And there’s a scarf
that’s gonna like try to cover up my nipple. So, this should be an exciting experience to try to make sure I don’t flash anyone and get sent to HR. – I’m really excited to represent like the plus size side
of like that type of look. (pop music) – I’m not gonna lie there’s just a lot of
boobs from both of us. So, it’s very hard to make huge boobs look like they’re just hanging there. Scarfs aren’t meant to cover your boobs. They’re meant to keep us warm. (laughing) – I’m doing the Kate Spade ad and I thought it looked really bad ass. She’s really beautiful, tall, skinny. Yeah, I’m the complete
opposite of her (laughs) so this is completely
out of my comfort zone. I’m usually behind the scenes so I think this will
be a really fun shoot. (pop music) I was looking at all the other girls so I was really, really
nervous when I came in. It’s really, really fun but all these props is heavy and my back is hurting. (pop music) – I’m modeling the Calvin Klein ad. I’m a little nervous about it. I think it’s provocative because you know plus size women aren’t seen
in the media and fashion world as sexual beings. Hopefully, I can rock it. (pop music) It’s not easy even looking
like you’re sleeping. Modeling is definitely hard. (pop music) – Today, I’m modeling
the Agent Provocateur ad. I’m excited to showcase that even if you have a bigger
chest or some curves you can still look awesome
on an awesome couch in an awesome corset. (pop music) I feel sexy and you know when you look at that picture me and the girl have
very different body types so I think it goes to show
that corsets are for everyone! (pop music) – This is so unrealistic. This is so unrealistic. They’re sending this
out for Christmas cards. – [Kristin] Okay, it’s a Christmas card. (cheery music) – I’m a little nervous. I mean it’s the first time
I’ve been like topless really. – Yeah, me too. – I almost don’t want to look at it ’cause I wanna like keep the
feeling that it looks good up until the last possible moment. – Okay, this is our actual photos? – [Cameraman] Yeah. – Hey, now! It looks exactly like the picture. It looks so good, I look bad ass in that picture. See that? (giggling) – I don’t look at myself as sexy and I feel sexy in this photo. And that’s a really awesome feeling. – Oh my God! That looks awesome! Honestly, this feels
as close to Gigi Hadid as I could possibly get. I can’t believe I got this close. – Okay. – Whoa. – Okay. – Wow, look at us! – [Jazzmyne] We look good. – [Sheridan] We look good. Look at your bedroom eyes.
– Bedroom eyes. Bedroom eyes on point. You see those? – This is amazing. Like I feel like I can’t believe I’m so fucking proud
of myself for doing it. Like I could have never imagined that a million years I would have
done something like this. (pop music) – This proves that we need to show more body inclusivity on fashion ads because it shows that you
can be beautiful at any size. And that fashion is for everybody. – Pictures like ours that we’ve taken during this shoot will help the next generation
to love themselves better. – You know growing up I
didn’t really see people who looked like me in
magazines and campaigns. And I just think it’s very important that no matter what your age is, you realize that your body is beautiful because it is yours. And you need to take charge
of that and feel empowered. (pop music)

100 thoughts on “Plus-Size Women Re-Create Fashion Ads

  1. Honestly, I feel bad watching stuff like these, cause I know I’m not as plus-sized as these girls but I’m also not skinny either, is like either you’re plus-sized or incredibly skinny but I’m in between so I don’t think there’s anybody I can sympathize with

  2. yeah this video just proves why the originals didn't have plus sized models. what were they trying to say lol that they looked good??

  3. All the people who disliked this are out there eating crappy and not exercising but then turning around and telling big girls to "Watch their health". Lol.

  4. 😂 This is hilarious! "Plus-size models", your really living in your own world. I hope you embrace diabetes and blood clots as much as these photos 👏

  5. Rant time: yes you can "feel" beautiful, but I'm not going to glorify the fact that you're unhealthy and not taking care of yourself. Why are we glorifying obesity yet shame anorexics? Aren't they in the same catergory in being unhealthy? There has to be middle ground somewhere. Being overweight isn't beautiful. Having rolls upon rolls isn't healthy. This isn't body positivity. Instead of dressing up these women to try and look like models, tell them how they can possibly lose weight and have different eating habits instead of sparing their feelings by not telling them the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but the truth can be good for you. There's nothing wrong in wanting to lose weight and be a healthy size depending on one's height and body chemistry. Stop sparing women's feelings by promoting obesity and saying it's ok to be overweight when it's NOT OK. This is coming from a person who was overweight at one point by the way. I had to kick myself in the butt to do what I had to do. I knew I was unhealthy and not doing the right thing, so I changed my lifestyle. I never looked for an excuse because the only person I could blame was myself for my unhealthy actions. Take some credibility in your life and realize that you're not doing the right thing to your body. Stop shoving in people's faces this "we're beautiful no matter what" nonsense because no one will be saying that when they're diagnosed with diabetes and they have to have their fingers and toes amputated.

  6. I don’t understand why these women want to interpret these skinny models
    As if plus size also can do modeling
    There are women doctors women army
    Why don’t these ladies try to interpret them too as if I can also do surgery or I can also work under harsh weather conditions
    Why only trying to point out those poor skinny models

  7. Say what you want. Guys still like athletic and healthy women and detest morbidly obese and lazy ones.

  8. All the girls wanted the society to accept them for who they are in their skin, next minute put on tons of makeup and looking at the edited pictures exclaiming “oh my god look how beautiful I am!”.
    There is no excuse for being fat and obese. You are just killing yourself. And I dont find it beautiful or empowering to even a small extent. You all have equity in society, that is you get what you really deserve. But weighing 300lbs and preaching “you can be healthy and beautiful at any size” that is just blatantly stupid.

  9. All of these women and all of these photos are GORGEOUS!! These women are models. They are perfect. There need to be more plus sized models out there. 🙌🏻🔥❤️

  10. I’m fine with people being plus size and whatever and accepting plus size people and stuff but these people are not plus size, they’re obese. Accepting obese people and telling them they’re beautiful is not ok because medical problems and being unhealthy is not beautiful

  11. I think it important to give a positive body image but i still think that you should not try and discourage non plus sise modles . I also think plus sise mobles should just be models as they are utiful

  12. I want to start by saying everyone should be happy with their body, and if they’re not happy with it, and the body they would like to achieve is achievable, then they should strive to do so. If a woman (or maybe even man) is plus sized, that can and most definitely will cause health problems, leading to lower life expectancy and generally decreased quality of life, with less movement and such. This is why when I see plus sized modelling I get the conflicted opinions of: yes it’s great that these people, although against the social norms of society are proud of their own body, however promoting this idea that being of a larger size is good is not something that should be advertised. There’s a reason most people (most used in a very general sense) find skinner and more muscular people more attractive, and part of that is to do with years of conditioning, but the other is to do with the fact that from a survival instinct perspective, you want the healthiest life for you, your kids and your partner, so skinner (and therefore healthier models become more attractive). When you advertise a plus size model, you send the wrong message, not the intended message. We all know that you’re trying to tell everyone to be happy with their bodies, but in reality you just say that being plus sized is something to strive for. Which it’s not. It’s a good thing that a skinnier model is what children think they should look like, because when they work for a body like that, they gain the health benefits with it, that they otherwise may not have, had they been exposed to a different type of modelling. At the end of the day, you can be as proud of your body as you want, I do not mind one bit, but the second you start to push an agenda on to others which could potentially have devastating consequences, I think that we should draw the line there. Thankyou and goodbye 🙂

  13. 5:07

    Dude whose your graphic designer? Her right hip has a big thing jutting out of it. Did they just not notice that? It looks like an editing error.

  14. Kristen SLAYYYYED. Girl, yaaas
    Can we take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous jazzmyne ALWAYS is, though. 😍

  15. Wow! As a plus size girl, this video made me feel confident and beautiful enough to start my YouTube channel and put myself out there.. you beautiful ladies are awesome !!!

  16. They act like they are a victim and everyone but them is skinny and is shaming them. Models jobs are to eat healthy and be skinny, they get payed for that.

  17. honestly don’t understand the message, so basically slowly killing your body is to be accepted. So you want everyone to accept you for being over weight, there’s a reason why certain models are on magazines; they work hard for their bodies and platforms. With certain overweight women they expect to comfort them in the fact that they are killing themselves with this unhealthy life style. Don’t whine about it saying oh your mean and continue to bicker at people who don’t say your beautiful while going in for your third ice cream cone.

  18. they all look so beautiful i’m in love with this video! truly inspiring! ♥️ It makes my heart so sad that plus sized women aren’t always viewed as beautiful simply because of their weight. I think ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  19. To the woman with the pink hair…

    You are NOT the complete opposite… You are beautiful… Not every one needs to be skinny and tall to be beautiful.

  20. “This proves we need to show more body inclusivity in fashion ads.”
    Sorry but nah. I think it didn’t prove a dang thing except that #sorrynotsorry, healthier weights look more attractive in ads to the majority of people. Attractive sells, and overweight isn’t attractive to the majority. Doesn’t make overweight individuals bad people for being overweight, doesn’t make individuals bad people for not finding overweight people attractive. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. I can't believe how many comments I see on any video about plus size women that complain about it not including thin women. It's because thin women are not systematically and historically discriminated against on a daily basis purely because of their appearance. There is a deep hatred affiliated with fat people that is deeply ingrained in our society. THAT'S why videos like this need to exist and absolutely do not need to include thin women. Period.

  22. you can be healthy and be a plus size. I'm healthy but my hormonal problems make me not look healthy and it makes sad when people say "go eat a burger chubby!" But I'm a vegetarian.

  23. What was the point of this? They don’t look as good. And that’s not me trying to be mean, they’re obese so they don’t look as good as the healthy models.

  24. I used to ejaculate to the Victoria secret models now I puke in disgust. Smfh it is impossible for a fat woman to be attractive.

  25. Jazz, Sheridan, Kelsey and Kristin kiiiilled it! I feel sort of bad for Kyeshia, the fact she was on a mattress trying to work her body wasn't very flattering for her. I liked the idea, it was well done. I wish people would stop lying about how they care for their health. Yeah, you don't.

  26. 3:48 -"even if you have a bigger chest and curves…" what? I thought those were sought after, not mistakes. I think women are holding themselves back, enforcing these standards on EACHOTHER…just ask men or drag queens if your chest and curves are good.

  27. It made me sad when she said “she’s beautiful tall skinny and I’m the complete opposite cuz she dosent see the beauty in her💖 you can say whatever you want about your body but you’ll ALWAYS beautiful in my eyes💖

  28. I love them all, but honestly Kristin just owned it man. She looked so amazing (and no I don’t need any of your negativity. They’re all beautiful no matter their size. You don’t know their story and you don’t know whether they’re trying to lose weight and they don’t need anymore fat shaming if they are struggling.)

  29. We are all beautiful, there is nothing wrong with any size its just one size is chosen as a reference to how all body shapes should look like and there's no healthy balance we shouldn't knock any shape size height ethnicity we should all support one another and we can also be sexy at any size

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