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Plant Shopping July 2019 | Home Depot| Graceful Plants

Plant Shopping July 2019 | Home Depot| Graceful Plants

so today we’re going on an adventure!
what are we doing John? we decided to go and check out Klein’s
green house in Madison. Hi Jack! Jack just woke up from his nap
Daddy’s enjoying driving. Smile! and yeah we’re gonna go check it out I’ve
never been there and yeah I’ve heard it’s pretty good so we’re excited all right so we’re at Klein’s greenhouse
in Madison I have never been here before and I’m already super excited oh my gosh I don’t know where to start I see some marantas some syngoniums, peace lilies, some crotons fiddle leaf figs. So I don’t have a fiddle leaf
and I see everyone talking about how they’re so like hard I don’t know I need
to look in I need to look into fiddle leaf figs more to see what’s what’s the deal Dracenas monstera deliciosa alright somebody
explain to me oh is that a cast iron plant?! Yes! so I don’t know why but I’ve wanted a
cast iron plant really really bad and they’re really really hard to find like
really hard to find and they have some so this tag says $59.99 but this one says
$39.99 oh I might take my home today though just because they’re so hard to
find legitimately I don’t know what this is but he’s super cute so some ivy so I’ve seen these the pitcher plants I think they’re neat but
I don’t know if I could keep it alive well because I can’t keep I can’t even
keep a Venus flytrap alive so hardly doubt I’d be able to keep something like
this alive those are pretty cool though
so if I’m right the bugs oops so if I’m right the bugs crawl down in there and
then they get stuck in and they die that’s a really big wandering jew Look at how big that maranta is. I love
that. They have a really nice selection of pots too. Lots of begonias I’m not a
huge begonia person I I just haven’t gotten into them.
my mother-in-law gave me one and the cat ate it so that’s about my extent of begonia
knowledge and experience okay so these I saw one of these at Lowe’s
a couple weeks ago and this is gorgeous I don’t know if my camera can Hi Jack! My husband is awesome. He drove
over an hour to bring me here and now he’s just pushing Jack around the
greenhouse while I sit and look at plants so these look like they’re all
carnivorous plants and I do not have very much luck with them. The Venus
flytrap that I have finally finally gave up on life Pitcher plants, Venus flytraps
what are these spoon-leafed Sundew venus fly traps this must be what that
is. fruit flies and fungus gnats I should get one of these and see if it would
help out with fungus gnat and gnat issue that I got going on in my house. Look at
all these little baby guys so two three inch pots are $4.99. Let’s see what they got
to see a little pepperomias over there Oh baby spider plants. They’re not marked
but he is super cute I feel like I should know what this is I’ll put him here we might come back for
him Ferns. This looks like a little
prince of orange with a little bit of fern in him a little prince of orange with a little
fern these are pepperomias if they’re not someone tell me Those are really nice terrariums. So I’ve
wanted to do a terrarium for a while now maybe I’ll get some of these little guys and
I’ll finally do my terrarium and then Klein’s does have free
houseplant potting if you buy the house plant and the pot here they will plant
it for you so that’s pretty cool. Curly pepperomias. some little Ivies some more ferns, marantas. Oo there’s some really good-sized Prince
of Orange $9.99 that’s not bad we might come back for this.
well I’m just kind of leaving things towards the edge of towards the edge of
the display so I can just run back through just grab everything I want when I’m done. Wow
and they have an awesome selection of pottery like I had seen these pots in another
youtubers video and that was the reason I wanted to come here because I have
been searching for a purple pot to put my burrow’s tail, my donkey’s tail in. For
some reason I just think that the donkey tails in purple pots they just they look
awesome and guys if you like brightly colored
pots this is the place to go holy cow and they’re not bad priced either eight
inch pot $13.99 that’s not terrible lots of white lots of different types of
terracotta down there all these are so cute super super cute yeah I’m definitely going home with one of
these Jack hey hey do you like plant shopping
like mama does? I don’t think you enjoy it as much as mama does so there’s some
aloes and some cactus cacti cacti over here. Let’s spin the baby around
we’ll go for a ride Jack some dracena. satin pathos I believe and some I
believe those are heartleaf philodendron whoops
hold on Turkey hold on They have a really nice assortment of
cactus’s cacti? Cacti. I don’t know some cute little succulents yeah hold on hold on
oh okay this is one of their display containers. They have some huge blue chopsticks and look at that Sansevieria Oh and the
fire sticks – that’s huge, thats almost as tall as I am so I see some trio stars back here well
it’s nice to know that theirs are as crusty as mine are. whoo-hoo!
daddy’s playing hide and seek with Jack Here they have some more portulacaria. some elephant bushes oh I can’t think of
what these are called alright here the red pagoda so I saw one
of these on Instagram granted this one’s a little etiolated but it was so
compact it was gorgeous these are really pretty seriously so cute I’m a sucker for succulents. Hi sweet boy! are you trying to escape? So on the way out of town I convinced John
to stop at Home Depot for me so he dropped me off at the door he’s sitting
out in the car with Jack and I’m gonna check out a few of their house plants
they have in here and I’m pretty excited okay
this just made my day oh my gosh it’s a little Bearpaw okay so I have wanted this succulent for a
really really long time and I just found it it low or at Home
Depot sorry Home Depot in Madison and I’m super exited about an agave and I’ve never heard of a slipper plant it kind of reminds me of fire sticks in
a way like those guys back there. Here’s some Sansevieria I should I grabbed a
cart Oh oh gosh yep definitely should have
grabbed the cart all right now I’m done geeking out about
the succulents so John just sent me a message that Jack
is getting restless So I’ll kind of do a quick run through these plants
see if there’s anything that I don’t have then I’ve been looking for crocodile plant
look at this guy! Echiveria Sea dragon that’s cool it almost looks like
a head of like cabbage or something so they have lots of dracenas. OH! Look it!! they have calatheas! oh yeah okay so
six-inch calathea this is the Makoyana for $8.98 I think I paid nine almost ten
bucks for mine it’s like half the size and then there’s these are calathea
Freddie and there’s two of these and I do not have Freddie yet until today
you’re coming home with me buddy yeah you’re coming home with me Got some ferns down there pothos rubber trees
a lot of dracena. over in the hanging baskets. Quite a few Syngonuims. nerve plants Pothos I see a couple caladiums down there. They are really pretty. and I believe those are cypress cypress
trees are cypress bushes. Hey look at it’s my ctenanthe/calathea. I wonder how much
they want for these guys oh come on $12.98 way way way better shape
then the one I bought and way bigger man
all right Home Depot I think you need to come I think you need to come to Dubuque
and then a few alocasias and that’s about it they honestly their houseplants are a little picked
over but their succulents are on point Hey everybody so as I sit here editing
this video I realized that I forgot to film an outro to our trip to Klein’s
greenhouse and our pit stop to Home Depot the other day it was really fun
day it was the first time to Klein’s green house and it was really nice in there
they had a really good selection it was just a little warm and my phone kept
shutting off on itself and I could never tell when it shut off so my footage is
really choppy because I kept going and going around and talking to myself and
looking at stuff and I had no idea that my film phone wasn’t filming anymore so
it was a really good day I ended up coming home with the calathea Freddie
and the bear paws succulent from Home Depot and then I did get that purple pot
that I really really wanted from Klein’s greenhouse so all in all it was a really
good day and I plan on going up there next week and I plan on hitting up both
Home Depot’s in Madison to see what they’ve got to waste a little time up in
Madison next weekend so I’m pretty excited but stay tuned for that video
and yeah we’ll see you next time bye! Hank, What’s out there? who’s out there?

10 thoughts on “Plant Shopping July 2019 | Home Depot| Graceful Plants

  1. What a great video I love seeing what other nurseries offer with pots and houseplants. 💚🌿💚

  2. Jack: "Mama, keep doing what you're doing, just let me gnaw on this graham cracker while I wander around on wheels." You can tell he's related to his uncles. From what I can tell, you will never be done geeking out over succulents, and that's just fine.

  3. I love fiddle leaf figs! They grow so fast. I have moisture meter and i water my plant every time it is about 4-5, like going on dry 🙂

  4. In the south Cast Iron plants are like weeds in the yard. All the old timers had them around base of their trees. Still do…lol

  5. Back in the seven days you never saw the other colored cast iron plants you only saw the green ones… Now you rarely see the green ones you just see all the other ones. The other day Walmart had some for $10 but I already bought a bunch of stuff and I put it back now I could kick myself only they were not green they were very pretty. That was on Monday probably if I go back they're gone

  6. ' next time you film up plant shopping video my suggestion would be to hold your phone or camera and landscape mode that lets us see more and this is a great video thanks for posting it

  7. What is sweet hubby to drive you so you could buy more plans and then to take care of the little one he sure is a keeper… Or does he have an ulterior motive to make sure you don't I too many plants teehee

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