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Planning process and techniques

Planning process and techniques

the So Martine We have looked at the context of advertising and
now we are moving on to consider the planning process for advertising? Yes, that’s right In the previous section we have a good background
as to how advertising started and how it has moved on we can now look at how advertizing contributes
to marketing objectives which of course contribute to corporate objectives We can look at the process involved in creating an
advertising strategy and techniques for profiling target audiences on advertising we look at the various appeals that can be
used in advertising and also consider creative briefs and proposals Finally, having thought about how assessments
are created for various media we look at the process used to develop a coordinated advertising campaign You referred to various media? What exactly does this mean? Well, it’s not enough to be able to set advertising
objectives, plan strategies and brief agencies on the creative sides of advertising we also need to know which media are most appropriate for our target audience These will include press, TV, radio, cinema
and other out of home media as well as digital media Throughout the program delegates are encouraged
to identify good practice examples of advertising from all sectors including the public
sector and the not-for-profit sector and CIMCity will provide them with links
to many websites that give examples and case studies to help them do this Is anything else you’d like to add to help
the delegates? Yes perhaps I should expand a little about the
creative brief and proposal For those of your delegates who work for client
organisations the most important aspect of this topic is the creation of a very clear
and specific brief For those working on the agency side, whether or not they are awarded the contract
for advertising they may well depend on the content of the
proposal that is prepared to meet the requirements of a brief. Of course this program may have delegates
from both client-side and agency side. For that reason we expect delegates to be
able to write an effective creative brief and also to be able to evaluate the contents
of creative proposals. Both documents are important to all individuals
who work in advertising. I’m sure that this is going to be very useful
for delegates. OK, so in summary, this section looks in depth at planning processes
and techniques that marketer’s and those working in advertising need to understand Thank you again Martine for your time. videoware.co.uk

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