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Pizza Hut “New Yorker” TV ad (2000) featuring Donald Trump

Pizza Hut “New Yorker” TV ad (2000) featuring Donald Trump

Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Donald Trump,
we’re all cut from the same cloth – and that cloth is very very large. It’s not too big
is it? Nooo. Why do New Yorkers have such big mouths? Go big or go home! Because they
eat big pizza like the big New Yorker from Pizza Hut. We’re talking 40% bigger. Soft
fresh dough with all your favourite toppings. Now from just $9.95. They’ve got to be losing
money on this. 13-11-66 – Pizza Hut.

100 thoughts on “Pizza Hut “New Yorker” TV ad (2000) featuring Donald Trump

  1. nice and if this was brought back the commercial would feature Wilders Farage Le Pen & Trump having a slice of this Pizza due to their strategies whichled him beating clinton

  2. Interesting ad. I kind of miss Pizza Hut! I wish I could continue dining in.


    One of the worst decisions made possible for politics. BOTH Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson are the wrong candidates for the positions they are in. They are very racist to people who follow Islam. They say that "they don't believe that Islam is compatible with our way of life". To me most of it is absolute rubbish!

  3. "Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Donald Trump, we're all cut from the same cloth – and that
    cloth is very very large."
    I could take this fucking quote and say it was from his inauguration speech

  4. as a Merritt I am I don't eat fat food but way back in the day long time ago I did in my younger days growing up miss Good old days of Pizza Hut this looks like 1999 or 2000 when The Big New Yorker Pizza came out that year in Pizza Hut and Trump as our president I feel alright but not too sad about it.

  5. I don't know if I can be the only person who 😒🙁😕😈😈😈😈😈😈🤔😭😓. 🏥🏥🏥🏥🏩

  6. a man from New York who advertises and eats shitty pizza chain "pizza." This guy is clueless and has zero taste.

  7. I hate commercial voice, the way the Australian guy talks to you in this commercial. Why can't they talk to you like an adult? No one's that excited about pizza.

  8. All the trump comments in the comment section.. And im over here thinking… Damn, pizza hut really needs to bring this back

  9. Only a moron supports trump and you're a moron and a jerk just like trump I hate trump and I hate trump supporters so good luck on getting me to like trump oh wait you can't cause I'm so smart that I don't fall for anything like that America is a prison trump is so mean cause he's older than a fossil and so are you nerd what do you know about taste you get excited by a pile of trash on your plate you don't stand a chance against my insults so just sit there with your filthy mouth shut and be quiet.

  10. "Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Donald Trump, were all cut from the same cloth!"
    Yes, they all tried to be great and failed.

  11. Is this promo still valid? and how come they do not have the "New Yorker" flavor with their $10 Pizza of the Day deal?

  12. Haha this is great I never saw this commercial before. I just remember seeing the one with the dumb kid in Wisconsin. #MAGA

  13. I like how he said where losing money out of this like right now

    1 buying 1000 McDonald’s Burger King and Wendy’s burgers

    2 government shutdown still in progress for over a month and now beat the longest government shutdown in us history

    3 800,000 people are not getting their money out of their jobs because of shutdown

    4 the us department of treasury and the IRS and FDC are affected the us treasury makes money the irs gets taxes and the fdc approves and warns of any food or drug that are dangerous

  14. The part about being cut from the same cloth as Alexander is very similar to Mike Tyson's post-fight rant threatening Lennox Lewis to "eat his children". I wonder who influenced who?

  15. Only men he didnt list were Hitler and Saddam. That wouldve blown his cover though lollll “the deceiver”

  16. The Big New Yorker was the best pizza ever, and I know many people who were very upset when it was discontinued, and would love to order it again. And now, it's really developed a cult following, especially on the internet where devoted fans can connect over social media. Pizza Hut should really bring it back – permanently. Now anytime I want a big pizza, I have to order it from Papa John's… and that's just not right.

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