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#Pipwheatley-Facebook Ads-Upload Pixel To Website? (Facebook Ads-Driving Ad Traffic To Website)

#Pipwheatley-Facebook Ads-Upload Pixel To Website? (Facebook Ads-Driving Ad Traffic To Website)

hi there guys it’s pip here from pipwheatley.com
and I just want to show you how you can upload a Facebook pixel and you will
need this if you are creating an ad where you want to drive traffic to your
websites the reason you need to install this Facebook pixel into your website is
because to know how many people are clicked on your website Facebook does
need access to you know people who then convert to your website so here we go
and have a look at what to do because this is the first time for me and it
might be a first time for you as well so if you are setting up a Facebook ad you
do choose traffic to your website this is what you will need to to do now first
of all I am on a WordPress website and this makes it a bit easier for Facebook
and because what happens is when you click to install a pixel it does come up
with a sign that says um you know you are using we think you’re using
WordPress when you put in the URL of the website you want people to go to and
this makes it really really easy because it takes you through step-by-step
instructions now usually you would have to upload a plug-in or even edit your
website code and I didn’t even know you could do that but with WordPress is a
bit different so if you’re using WordPress this is the video for you
so what we do on WordPress is instead of installing sorry editing that the
website code we install it as a plug-in first of all the Facebook instructions
are very simple and it will ask you to download a zip file and that you can
then upload on to your website so let’s have a look at the website dashboard so
this is my website dashboard and you can see here I clicked on plugins and then
go into the top and click to upload plug-in and it now says if you had a
plug-in in a zip format you may install it by uploading it here choose file now
if you have a look down the awesome you can see the father has
downloaded and it will tell you if it is compatible with your version that you
are using on WordPress it usually is thank goodness for that and when I
clicked on to use file I can see here it says Facebook pick us off a WordPress so
we’re going to just double click that and try and upload it and see all what
happens is it’s the first time for me guys so do bear in mind this may take a
little bit longer than usual so here we go let’s click install now now if you’re not sure what version of
our using it’s so easy you just click on the WordPress dashboard and we can get
to it by clicking dashboard here and it’s it actually just says on your
homepage what version you have so you can check you are compatible so let’s
click activate plug-in here we go do something there we go and it should it
should you should have done it there we go
Facebook pixel that’s really really good so if you go back on to your business
page it was how you then exactly what to do you see these got this step-by-step
instructions that’s how you next to activate the plugin that we just did
that’s fantastic continue it’s actually really really dead dead simple
instructions and so that we’ve done it without like that fake continue only got
two more steps to go guys so it says just verified pixels working correctly
just enter your URL which is for me as my URL Pitt Wheatley go calm gonna send
us some test traffic just to check it is working they’re gonna think I’m gonna
think about it ticking it’s correct connecting to the
right page it’s gone completely blank as you can see it’s not the videos gone
blank guys it’s actually blank on the screen that I am showing you so answer
its tonight we’ll just check everything is okay and after that you should be
able to carry on a setting up your Facebook ID there we go it’s happy so she’s gonna think about it and yeah it’s
dead dead simple so that’s all from me I hope that has been really really helpful
for you guys and because I was quite nervous I didn’t know what I Facebook
pixel was and and it’s just a bit of an update if that’s something you are
struggling with a hope that helps as always feel free to comment below
subscribe and hit the notifications you take care bye now

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