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Pinterest Advertising – Promoted Pins Tutorial

Pinterest Advertising –  Promoted Pins Tutorial

Are you interested in using Pinterest
ads? In this Pinterest for business tutorial I’m going to show you how to
set up Pinterest advertising and use Pinterest promoted pins so you can reach
more people on Pinterest for your business stay tuned. Hi I’m Sara Nguyen your online
marketing strategist helping you grow your business using social media with
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all of the resources mentioned in this video Pinterest advertising is a great way of
increasing the reach of your pins especially in the early stages of your
profile development with Pinterest advertising you’re driving traffic to a
pin from your account let’s look at how Pinterest appetizing comes together to
access Pinterest advertising you need to be logged in to your Pinterest account
secondly you need to make sure that you have a business Pinterest account then
you can go to add Pinterest com and this would take you to the Pinterest
advertising interface there are two types of ads that you can run on
Pinterest the first one being an engagement campaign and the second one
being a traffic campaign with engagement campaigns you’re paying for each
engagement be it a close-up a repin or a click on your pin engagement ads are
used when you want to build brand awareness for your Pinterest account
traffic ads traffic campaigns is where you pay per click to your website from a
pin traffic ads are useful when your goal is to get people from your pin to
your website to drive sales so let’s go ahead and have a look at the steps to
running a traffic campaign we would start by clicking on the promote button
it doesn’t matter if you click on the promote button from engagement camp
pains or traffic campaigns they both take us to the next page which is the
same for either one so let’s click on the promote button and then Pinterest
will open up step one which is to choose your campaign goal so for this campaign
we’re going to run a traffic campaign so let’s click on get traffic to your
website and here I get to name my campaign so you want to name it
something that helps you identify the ad quickly particularly if you’re running
lots of ads so I’m going to name this demo campaign April traffic and then I’m
going to set a campaign period so I’m going to set the campaign to run
tomorrow and have it run for a week it’s a good idea to set an end campaign date
otherwise Pinterest will continue to run your ads until eternity now in the next
section we want to set a daily budget this is the maximum amount of money that
you want to spend on a daily basis if you’re just starting out I recommend
going anywhere between five dollars a day ten dollars a day
remembering that you can pause that ad each day if it’s not running so well I’m
going to add a daily budget of $10 so across the campaign period of a week I
would be spending $70 then I click on pick up in Pinterest then brings up all
of the pins that I pinned to my account I can sort it by the most clicked within
30 days or the most repent within 30 days but I can scroll through and pick
the one that I would like to run the ad for so I’m going to click on how to
improve your website pin and click on promote and here we begin adding more
details to the pin campaign I’m going to name the promoted pin so it’s easier for
me to recognize as improve website which is what the pin is about the destination
URL defaults to the well that you added to the pin however
you can change it and add another URL here if you wish I’m going to leave it
as the one that I had on the pin I’m happy to drive traffic there then we
choose the audience that we want to target based off interests and based off
keywords so with the interest side of your audience what happens here is that
with interest targeting you reach people based on different categories people
will see your pin as they browse through the home and through the category feed
with keyword targeting you’re targeting people based off the keywords they’re
searching for within Pinterest so Pinterest recommend that you actually
choose some in the interest field and some keywords as well if you don’t
choose anything within the interest field Pinterest will automatically
assign you to a category based off the keywords that you choose so ideally you
do want to select at least one interest group so I’m going to find something
that’s relevant let’s have a scroll I think the one that I’m going to choose
for this one will be technology and I’m going to click off the ones that are not
relevant to me and then for the keywords I’m going to start typing in some
keywords Pinterest has already added some suggested keywords based off the
pin itself so let’s go to website I want to target website website design that’s
relevant to me I’m going to put in business see what comes up business like
the idea of targeting people searching for business related keywords it’s ad
blogging I’m gonna add blogging for beginners and see what we come up with
as you can see as I type in different keywords Pinterest comes up with
different terms that I can choose and to just in terms that I can as well you
really want to make sure that the keywords that you choose are relevant
because if they’re not relevant Pinterest will disapprove your art so
you need to make sure that if you are selecting keywords you’re not just
selecting random keywords they’re actually related to the pin that you
actually have so I’m pretty happy with that so I’ve got four keywords at the
moment I’ve got two interest groups so then I’m going to choose my location at
the time of this recording Pinterest only allows you to target Us locations
UK locations in Canada I believe that this will open up in the future to be
other countries as well I’m going to pick a specific location I’m going to
keep it within the US click on the black little arrow it allows me to further
target by cities so I can then choose to unselect the cities which I feel are not
quite relevant to me or I can leave them all if I think that’s the way to go I
can choose specific languages if this is relevant to me I’m going to leave it for
all languages at this point and I can also choose to target by devices if I
need to so I’m going to leave it for all devices you want to make sure that if
you are targeting mobile devices that the webpage that you have is mobile
friendly otherwise you would not target these additional mobile devices you can
also target by gender and then in this section maximum CPC bid here is where
you put the amount that you’re willing to bid per click this varies depending
on the niche that you’re in typically the business niche across the social
media universe is always an expensive nature to target I typically recommend
that you bid within the recommended bid that they give you so here you see that
Pinterest has told me other advertisers are bidding between $1 for and $2 24 so
I would put a bead anywhere between those two numbers I might put it at a
dollar 50 keeping in mind that this is the
amount that I would pay-per-click then I would click Next and Pinterest will ask
me to enter in my business details Pinterest will ask for your business
details and you will also be required at this stage to enter in your credit card
details and once you’ve done that then you can hit the button and your ad can
go through to be reviewed by Pinterest when you’re running a engagement ad
everything else is exactly the same the only difference is in the bidding
section the amount that you’re putting here is a bid for engagement so instead
of pay-per-click you’re paying per engagement which is close-ups repent and
clicks but just like with the pay-per-click I would recommend you put
a bid within their suggested bidding range so there you have it
a walkthrough of how to setup and run Pinterest advertising with Pinterest
promoted pins to reach new customers on Pinterest if you found this video useful
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4 thoughts on “Pinterest Advertising – Promoted Pins Tutorial

  1. Hi, came across your channel and im truly grateful for your videos. Your channel is very detailed and informative. I have a question, I love how you do your intro and then go into teaching us step by step. Im wondering how do you record your screen as you show demo? Which program do u use, and do you edit your videos? Id love to see a video on how you do this. Thank you again!

  2. Hi Miss Nguyen. Thank you for the tutorial. When I did my first Pinterest Promote.. I just clicked on the promo button on my pin and it didn’t seem to have any other details besides how long and how much. I didn’t even put in CPC and I picked traffic (it did give me that option) … I’m just concerned how high it is per click … I mean if it’s $1.04 and you are at 5 bucks per day, won’t you only get not quite 5 people ? I got way more traffic than that to my website … could you explain this please ? Thank you for your wonderful information:)

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