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Piggyback Marketing 2019 (Keep Costs Down While Still Employing Effective Techniques)

Piggyback Marketing 2019 (Keep Costs Down While Still Employing Effective Techniques)

Are you looking for low-cost marketing for
your business? In this video, I’m gonna go over piggyback
marketing in 2019. I’m gonna tell you what it is and some of the examples
that you can apply to your marketing campaign. So, don’t go anywhere! For the best marketing strategy and how to
make money online advice, subscribe to my channel and hit that bell to get notified
when I post a brand new video every single week! If you don’t have a lot of budget for your
marketing campaign or do you find a way to have a low cost effective marketing, by the
end of this video, you will know four examples that you can use from piggyback marketing. Now, before I start, let me explain to you
what is piggyback marketing. Piggyback marketing involve using popularities of another brand
or trend in order to give you a marketing effort boom. Piggyback marketing happens all the time in
modern days marketing. Marketers today are constantly looking for
creative ways to take current event and trend and make them their own. Therefore, the definition of piggybacking
would be jump on banks wagon of other business success. The same hold true with online piggyback marketing
as well. Online piggyback marketing can involve having
something published on other company’s website or have them re-post your content on social
media. I’ll give you an example; if you see an Instagram
post or a video that’s gone viral, you can just re-post that content into your own Instagram
account and include their name on the description. That means you are riding on something that
went viral. Here are four examples that you can use piggyback
marketing. Number one; team up. If you are a local photographer, you team
up with local salon and offer a package for senior pictures or graduation pictures. That include professional hair and makeup
for the photo shoot. Number two; newsJacking. I remember when I attended Tony Robin event,
Business Mastery, I listened to David Scott as he’s a speaker there. He introduced us about newsjacking marketing. Newsjacking is what happen when brand piggyback
of the day a biggest new story to draw attention on their content. Here is the example; Hootsuite doing their
commercial when Game of Thrones is popular. Another newsjacking from Royal Jordanian airline. On the morning of US election in 2016, Royal
Jordanian airline tweet this capitalized on Donald Trump threat to ban certain immigration
to the US. Here is what they say; Just in case he wins… Travel to the US while you’re still allowed
to! Comment below, what is your tactic for piggyback
marketing. Number three; collaboration. Now, if you use social media for your marketing
for your products or service, collaboration is the way to go, where you can share each
others audience. It’s really a common thing on YouTube community
when you do collaboration. When you share the same size of audience with other people
that you collaborate with, he or she will introduce you to their audience and you will
do the same. Now you have a whole new audience to your
channel. Number four; hashtag and viral trend. Now do you remember Pokémon GO? It took social media by storm. So there’s no surprise marketers in every
single industry jump on that opportunity to capitalize that app popularity. For example, here is how automotive service
ServiceKing looked to catch attention, don’t try to catch them all. Now, you know exactly how to use piggyback
marketing to your advantage with this four examples. But what about if you want to know more organic
marketing? I have free one-on-one session where I share
organic market and how to scale your business to the heaven. I will leave the link down below, check it
if you qualify for the call. Also, if you want to join a community of entrepreneur,
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and how to make money online advice to help you to navigate to financial freedom. If you want to learn more about guerrilla
marketing, tap the screen right here. If you liked this video, please let me know
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  1. My first introduction to piggyback marketing was newsjacking. I love your real-world examples and other strategies.

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