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Personal Brand Advertising Secrets Episode 1

Personal Brand Advertising Secrets Episode 1

I wanna show you today three ways to get more reach on your Facebook Page So if you are a women entrepreneur who build
her business around her personal brand, for
example you are a coach, you are a healer, you are a spiritual teacher, you are a course
creator, you use yourself as a brand to promote your business, then you know how
important it is to reach Your followers. You are posting content, you
create meaningful content for your audience but no one seems to see it anymore… Let me
tell you a thing: the problem is not you, the
problem is not the content that you are creating, the problem is not the
system that you have in place. The problem is
that now, Facebook changed their rules. The algorithm has changed and the organic
reach has decreased enormously So, what we can do? We can understand the
rules and we can apply 3 things that I am going
to show you today So we can get more reach on our page,
because I see so many of my clients, when we start working together,
they are fed up of going live and no-one seeing
their lives Posting a challenge and no-one joining their
challenge, posting a video and no-one engaging
with that video And that’s because, even if before they did,
even if they have a big following like 1k, 2k The reach is so low that you feel like you have
no engagement and you think it’s something
wrong with your content. Let me tell you something: It’s nothing wrong
with your content. If it worked before it should
work now as well But because the rules have changed on the
Facebook platform, you don’t have the same
reach so what we need to do Is to understand those rules. I’m going to tell
you 3 things that you can apply straight away
so you can get more reach Let’s say you have an amazing post. You’ve
done a Facebook Live where you give people a
solution You expect them to be very engaged, and
comment, and you give them a free PDF or a
free video But you don’t seem to reach more than few
hundred people. It is not enough for you to
promote your program. But let me tell you what you can do: go and use
paid traffic and create custom audiences Based on people who already engaged with
you And I am going to tell you which one are the
most profitable one Custom audiences. What are custom
audiences? Are audiences we can create in Facebook
Advertising based on the type of engagement people had with our
Facebook Business Page The Business Page is able to track everything
is happening there We don’t speak now about the website or
something outside, we only speak about your
Facebook Page Because this is the first gold you can dig. So
custom audiences are type of audiences that
you can create in Facebook Advertising based on
people who engaged with your page. The most
profitable are If you post regular video content the most
profitable audience is based on people who
watched 25% of your videos. Or a certain video if you have a certain video
that it’s important And will prime your audience for your offer for
example. The most profitable audience is based on people who whatched 25% of your
video for example Another one is people who engage with your page If you post content regularly over the time You can retarget, you can create a custom
audience based on people who engage with
your page and you can use this custom audience to promote
your new content. You can create custom audiences based on people who
engaged with your page in the last year for
example. And the third one are people who visited your
page no matter what kind of action they had They took or they didn’t on your page. Even if
they’ve visited your Page and they’ve never
took an action You can create a custom audience of people
who visited your Page and then you can start
showing them content. Because people visit a page once and then
they will never see your content again because
this is the way The algorithm works, the organic reach it’s near
to zero now So people who visited Your Page Ok, we create those audiences. What we do
with them? Well when You create a new piece of content When we promote one of our programs, Instead of just hoping and waiting for Facebook
to organically reach our following, we would pay for these we will create Facebook
Advertising Campaigns targeting one of this audiences or all of them. And they
will see our content And we can promote again our programs. So
this is what we can do now. I have a video Where I show you exactly how you can create
those custom audiences I share my screen and I show you how to
create those custom audiences So if you want that video I will give it to you for
free, I don’t need you to opt in or anything, just
comment below and let me know I will send you the video and you can watch me exactly how I
create those custom audiences so you can
implement this into your business tomorrow Thank you again and, if you haven’t watched
any of my videos before, let me tell you who I
am, my name is Mihaela Vlad and I am a business strategist for women entrepreneurs
who are building their personal brand on the
Facebook Platform And I help them with their advertising strategy So hit me with your comment and I am going to
send you my video

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