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Patrick Burrows | BA (Hons) Advertising

Patrick Burrows | BA (Hons) Advertising

I’m Patrick Burrows and I’m on the advertising course. So I’ve been working on a couple of different projects the
exhibition. Within advertising we work on briefs the different clients and I’m
exhibiting two briefs one of which is Do The Green Thing it is a brief that
tackles climate issues with festivals like Glastonbury, and the second brief
I’m working on is actually to get more people to sign up for Girl Guides. So my
experience from the course has really pushed me as a person and pushed me
creatively and I think it’s been a really big beautiful experience of kind
of like finding my creative niche learning how to deal with different
scenarios with different people with different clients just testing the water
over and over and over again. I think this place has definitely set me up for
pursuing avenues that I wouldn’t have thought about before.

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