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PART 3: How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Ads in 2018

PART 3: How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Ads in 2018

– The way we launch new
Facebook advertising campaigns has changed significantly
in the past couple of months since Facebook have announced all of their recent Facebook changes. So I’ve been getting a ton of emails from entrepreneurs
internationally that have seen my Facebook advertising tips videos on Entrepreneur Magazine’s channel. Now they’re followed by a staggering three and a half million people so I’ve been getting a
lot of emails lately. But the questions that they’ve been asking is been “How do I get more conversions out of my existing
adverts that are starting to decline since Facebook have implemented all of these changes, and what do I need to do right now for new adverts that I’m setting up to give them the winning edge overall. And there’s a few powerful tips that you really wanna
implement immediately. A few years back, Facebook rolled out some significant changes,
and the truth is, it wiped out a lot of businesses, and it came very close to wiping out my online education
business where I educate entrepreneurs globally how to market their products and services online. At that time, I remember how stressful it was trying to create new ads, not getting the results
and not getting the sales and very close to quitting everything. I didn’t know what to do. But what I’ve learned
with Facebook advertising is these changes come in massive waves. And these waves wiped out
a whole ton of businesses and the businesses that
they wipe out are the ones that don’t have their eye on the game, they’re not making changes fast enough. So they sit back, wait
to see what everyone else is doing before attempting
different strategies. The ones that jump on the wave and ride the wave out, they’re the ones that see their profits increase after the changes have settled down and everything’s calmed down for a while. So right now, we’re at the top of the wave and a lot of people
are gonna get wiped out with Facebook ad costs increasing, especially in the Facebook news feed. There’s a few really powerful strategies that you can apply that’s gonna
make your life a lot easier and boost the conversion and engagement on your ads to help increase
the relevance score, which works incredibly well in your favor. Facebook right now are purely focused on increasing engagement on the platform for the individuals that
are on it free of charge. So it’s us the advertisers that pay for the liberty for other
people to use this free platform What they’re focusing
on is how can your ads be more engaging and
increase the number of likes, shares and especially
comments on your adverts to keep that relevance
up but to also amplify the consumer experience
on Facebook’s behalf. So we need to adapt, and what you can do, and the first strategy is,
is when you set up an advert, set up a normal advert, make
sure that it looks native so it doesn’t look like an advert but it still leads to a sale ultimately. You can run competitions
in the comments section of these ads, so you’re not actually running the competition in the body copy of the ad itself, but what you can do, and what we’ve been doing, is
when we launch a new campaign, we’ll send out an email to our email list and we’ll say “Hey, if
you’ll leave me a comment on this post, then you
go in the draw to win X.” So they click on the link, they go to the actual advert
itself, leave the comments, so all of a sudden, that advert
has a ton of social proof from AdTribe, which is obviously, if they’ve been following me for a while, it’s generally pretty
positive, which, I hope so. What it does, is it immediately
sends a signal to Facebook that, hey, this advert
is getting engagement, there’s obviously user interaction on it, then this is maybe
something that we should put in our news feed and give
it a greater rank overall. So that’s just one way to increase the engagement on an act. Another thing that you can do that not only will help
you build your email list, but it’ll also help you build your Messenger subscriber list. A couple of weeks ago I shared with you that Facebook had actually shut down any new Facebook business pages signing up to the Messenger
app to build a Messenger list. Well, the great news is, as of today, it’s reopened once again,
like I mentioned in the video, it was gonna happen really
soon, and it happened today. What this means is, if someone subscribes to your Facebook Messenger list, it’s like subscribing to an email list, only what you can do, is you can send those that subscribe a message through the Messenger chatbot, and this is far more engaging, but more than that, it’s also
getting 90% plus open rates, and the click through
rates are staggering. So we don’t just wanna focus on building your email list through your Facebook ads. We also wanna build that
Messenger chatbot list as well because the open
rates are really high. Now email is still doing really well, although it’s highly saturated so the results are declining a little bit. But in saying that, we’re still generating hundreds of thousands of
dollars in sales out of emails. But we’re now seeing that the trend is you need to go to a platform
and adapt your marketing to where the engagement
is really high right now. But it also, with Messenger chatbots, it provides a really
interactive experience. If you wanna try out our chatbot, then type the word yes
in the comments section under this video. We’re gonna send you a link
to a free 60 second quiz that’s gonna tell you whether or not your Facebook ad strategy
is up to the challenge of making 0 to 100K in sales if not more. That quiz is gonna
precisely pinpoint for you any gaps in your sales
funnel right now that you’re losing money when it
comes to Facebook advertising, so just type the word
yes and we’ll send you a message via our chatbot so you can see how we interact with you and how it’s a great way to engage with your customers. Now, by doing this, you cannot just team the chatbot with the competition as well, so when someone comments,
it sends out a message, but that also creates social proof on your advert at the same time. So when running your
advert, you don’t just wanna promote it for conversions,
you also wanna boost it for engagement, which will
encourage those comments. So same advert, but you’ve got a couple of different campaigns running. One, page engagement, or post engagement, and the other might be
conversion, so a direct sale. It’s a combination of
strategies that really build up the engagement and the signals
around that particular ad to help increase your conversions, drive sales, but also drive
that consumer interaction that provides the most
amazing social proof to help you grow your business. Now I know that a lot of
people are really struggling with Facebook ads at the moment. I’m very grateful to the platform despite all of the algorithm changes, because for the past four years I’ve spent two to three hours per day Monday to Friday working
on my Facebook ads and then the rest of the afternoon working on passion projects such
as my latest upcoming book that will be out through
Entrepreneur Magazine in October of this year. So I’m incredibly
grateful for the platform. I know there are a lot of individuals that are complaining about these changes, because they are seeing their sales and their cash flows take a serious hit. Now, I can relate to that, but
I can also relate to the fact that if you ride this wave right now, you’re the ones that will succeed. If you start bitchin’ about
the changes that are occurring, you’re gonna get wiped out by this wave. So, please take action now. Type the word yes, to get
your free Facebook ads plan, and see if your ad strategy stacks up. And stay tuned for an invitation to my Facebook ads training
course in the coming days. In the meantime, give this strategy a go. It is smashing it online right now, so combine the email list,
promote your email list to your Facebook ad,
get that engagement up, and don’t just post a new ad. Create a strategy, engagement
strategy around that ad, and that will increase your
chances of success tenfold. Good luck and I’ll see you soon. Take care.

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