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PART 2: How to Use a Quiz to Monetize Your Facebook Ads in 2018

PART 2: How to Use a Quiz to Monetize Your Facebook Ads in 2018

– About a year ago now, I noticed that the profit margins on my Facebook ads had
really started to shrink in. Now this is after having
spent over $300, 000 US on Facebook ads in the
last 12 months alone. This is where a lot of
businesses and start-ups and really great business owners who have got core products and services, they’re trying to make some money online, they’re trying to do what they love, but what happens is Facebook rolls out a massive change and it has been happening in the past where a lot of those
really cool businesses have been completely wiped
out by these changes, because they’re not able to monetize and make profits from their
advertising campaigns. When I saw this happening, we started rolling out Facebook ads courses and education through
Entrepreneur Magazine, that’s followed by 3.5
million internationally. What I’ve observed during this process is the ones that know that
the change is coming, they keep their existing
strategies running and then they start diversifying on top of those existing strategies. So when the changes fully come into effect they’ve already caught up with them and they’re ahead of the pack. There’s a lot of urgency when it comes to ensuring that you’re going to profit from all of the various opportunities that Facebook has for
businesses right now. One thing that I noticed
in the last 12 months was quizzes. Quizzes are hugely popular. If you’ve ever done a Buzzfeed quiz, you’ll notice that they even have their own dedicated website to them. How can you use quizzes as part of your marketing strategy in conjunction with Facebook advertising as well as email marketing? Well, we decided to take it for a spin and we fully invested all
of our time and energy in creating these various quizzes, that they provide a very real interaction for the consumer. And the great thing with a quiz is, regardless of what you sell, whether it be makeup or online education, consulting, even t-shirts, you can create a quiz based on a
particular personality type, as well as a particular outcome. For our industry, which
is online education, we created quizzes around email marketing, how to flee nine to five, as well as Facebook advertising. In fact, if you want to check out our Facebook ads quiz, to see if your Facebook ad strategy
stands up to the test, then type “yes” in the comments section below this video and,
via Facebook Messenger, we’re gonna send you the
link to take that quiz. We’ve teamed it up with
the Messenger chat bot so it gives, once again,
an interactive experience. When it comes to quizzes,
what happens is that you put the consumer in
control of their experience. You base the quiz around
a particular topic, will your email marketing or
will your Facebook ads succeed. Then they answer a series of questions, then based on that series of questions, you can give them some
kind of personalized plan or suggestions on what they
should do to get started. After that, you can then upsell them to obviously your more comprehensive content or product, whatever it might be. And what we’ve found with this is we’re getting around a 70%
opt-in rate of these quizzes, and in the last 12 months, we’ve generated tens of thousands of leads through it. The great thing is that this seriously helps with cash flow, and what I recommend to everyone through Entrepreneur Magazine and the thousands of people
taking our online quizzes is you have two key strategies
running at the same time. The first one is, you want to be generating cash now to
pay for your existing ads, as well as building up your email list, as well as your Messenger subscriber list, which we’ll get to in an upcoming video. Building those lists, so you convert those individuals at a later stage. So the Cashflow Now strategy is let’s pay for the Facebook ads immediately and let’s start generating profits today, not in 30 days time. Then, obviously, those that you follow up at a later stage, that’s going to keep pushing up your profit margins for the long term. This has, for our business, been one of the most effective strategies to grow it significantly, because you don’t spend $300, 000 on Facebook ads, pretty much the cost of a house, if it isn’t getting you
some kind of serious return. What I know from doing this is, I mean, first of all, I’m filming in New York right now. It’s been a dream of mine for over four years to actually move here, and doing that has allowed me to travel from Canada, around the US, of course around Australia, and eventually relocate to the US, in New York. I see so many businesses that are really struggling right now, they’re furiously trying to set up their Facebook ads, but they’re not able to take a step back and assess the entire strategy. I can guarantee you there are probably glimmers of hope, if not full-blown opportunities, in your ads management account that can be amplified
through something as simple as implementing a quiz in your business. A quiz tailors and personalizes the interaction with your consumer, and it naturally leads to a sale. It’s not just the direct method of just buy now, just check
out what I have to offer. They actually have to sit
there answering questions so they’re a highly-qualified prospect, they’re more likely to
purchase than anyone else. And the other great benefit of this is it really establishes your credibility and your authority, and that is through the
questions that you ask. So if you’re in business consulting, or you could even be a makeup artist, either/or, by asking really pointed questions, you get to assert the kind of knowledge that you have in your industry. You bring awareness to them, and value through that awareness, by suggesting certain actions that they can take immediately to get some kind of outcome that they want right now. Furthermore, you can also segment these individuals into
different categories, which increases the likelihood that they’re going to purchase more through your products and services. Now I could talk all day about quizzes, and really, the opportunities
that they’ve given me through monetizing my Facebook ads in a way that I haven’t
been able to do before, but also allow me to travel the world and do what I love as well as write, but what about I give you a personalized Facebook ads plan to help you really pinpoint where you’re struggling with your ads campaign strategy right now. So I’m gonna suggest you take my quiz. (laughs) So type the word “yes” under this video and, like I said, you’ll
get a little message through the Messenger chat
bot that you can engage with and check out how we’ve set it up and think about how can you
apply it to your business to generate tens of thousands of leads. Type “yes” now and be sure to stay tuned for an invitation to partake in my latest Facebook ads course very soon. Take care.

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