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PART 1: 2018 Facebook Ads Update, Tips & Tricks

PART 1: 2018 Facebook Ads Update, Tips & Tricks

– If you’re running
Facebook ads but you’re not generating leads, profits or even sales, then it’s time for a
quick Facebook ads update. There’s a few key opportunities that you can really jump on board with right now that are kicking some serious butt. But before I get to
them, just be aware that your mindset is the
most crucial thing that you take to this advertising platform. If you’re getting overly emotional about all the changes that are happening then you are going to get left in the crowd. Now, what do I mean by that? It’s pretty simple. Take the data, use the data
and extract the emotion out of that and set the emotion aside and stop making assumptions. No, Facebook is not going down the tube. They just posted a 12
billion dollar earning in the last quarter, which is insane. They’re not going anywhere. So not only are Facebook
going to be adapting to the changes that have
occurred that are mentioned throughout the media but as advertisers, we also need to adapt. Despite Facebook advertising
cost that are continually going to increase, particularly
in the Facebook newsfeed. Despite all of this, there are some incredible opportunities. And the first one is to focus
in on Facebook engagement. Now what I found in
advertising on this platform, if the engagement is increased
on the Facebook page, that has a direct benefit
to the ads although, Facebook of course, won’t state that. Don’t be stingy in boosting some of your recent Facebook posts. The other thing to understand
is that if your ads look more like native
content, they just look like any kind of content, they
will get greater engagement. The more engagement that
you have on an advert, the more likely you are to generate a lead or even generate direct sales from that. In my particular case, we’ve had some ads that have generated hundreds
of thousands of dollars and the last couple of months,
those sales and the profit margins have been
closing in on each other. We implemented a strategy
just a couple of days ago that has increased the
profit margin significantly in the last 72 hours alone
and that is to duplicate that ad but boost it as a
page engagement post instead. So when you do that, you
still keep running your advert directly but when
you boost it for page engagement, you’ll get more
likes, it’ll get more shares and it will also get more
comments, which Facebook see as a positive sign that
your content is engaging but more importantly, that
helps you with your sales. Number two, take advantage
of online quizzes. And before you become a
troll and hit up the comments in recent light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that’s just happened. We’ve been running online
quizzes through Facebook advertising for a year now. They are our most profitable ad campaigns. Not only that but we
generate a conversion rate of about 70 percent
conversion rate from someone clicking on a campaign to take a quiz to actually completing the quiz. Now this quiz has 10 questions in it and then they have to enter their email at the end of the quiz. If you wanna try an ad quiz
app and at the same time check if your Facebook
ad strategy will work or fail, then leave the comment yes below and we’ll shoot you a message by Messenger with the link to take that quiz. What we found with quizzes is that despite all of the controversy,
they’re the most popular campaign that we’re
running of all and that’s for a couple of reasons. First of all, when people
answer quiz questions, it’s a personalized
experience then when they get their answer, that
answer is personalized to their interaction and
what’s happening with them right now, regardless of
whether you have an e-commerce store or a consulting
business, quizzes are a great way to interact with the consumer in a highly personalized manner. And if you think that
people are gonna stop taking quizzes right now,
that’s absolutely absurd. Quizzes are generating 70
percent conversion rate, which is much higher than
a standard lead magnet. For a lead magnet to be
successful on Facebook to generate revenue, you have to
get at least 20 percent conversion rate, well
we’re hitting 70 percent. So don’t overlook quizzes. Number three, Instagram stories. Instagram is representing
a massive opportunity for advertisers to get
out of the expensive Facebook newsfeed and try
a slightly different media. The key with Instagram
stories is to make it about the lifestyle brand
that is attached to it. Instagram is all about lifestyle and it’s the visual element. So not only use video, also make use of different imagery in
those Instagram stories. Number four, video. Video still represents one
of the biggest opportunities across all of the social
media platforms right now but to make the most out
of it, ensure that you’re optimizing your video
for different formats, not just using the
typical rectangle style. You can make use of
different online sites now that will easily convert your video, not just to a square format
and the Instagram story aspect but as well as
the Facebook page banner at the top of your Facebook
page and that does it within a few short
minutes instead of having to get someone to edit the videos for those different formats. Test the different formats
to see which performs better. Number five, Messenger chatbots. In the last few weeks,
Facebook have shut down any new applications of your
business page signing up as a Messenger chatbot. By the time you watch this video, that may have been reopened. When it comes to chatbots, this
is an incredible opportunity for individuals to engage
with people on Facebook in a way that they haven’t
been able to do previously. And that is, when someone
interacts either with an ad or they click on a link
and it opens up a Messenger chatbot, you can create an
automated interactive sequence that personalizes that
interaction with them and gives them the
information that they need and you can do this through
asking various questions and creating various
buttons that when they click on the button, they get
an automated text response that takes them further into the funnel. I have had numerous people
say, well this is really forceful advertising and
it’s simply not gonna work. Ad data shows otherwise. We grew our Messenger
chatbot list to well over 13 thousand people in a few short months and it increased our
profit margin significantly because it wasn’t just a
direct ad that you send someone to a landing page,
it was a conversation and that’s the key to Messenger ads, is make it conversational. It’s very different to email that is hey, do this action. A Messenger chatbot is
about asking a question, getting an interaction
and taking them further down the funnel that feels
natural and easy to them. Number six, the most important
thing of all right now is to test and measure
absolutely everything. Make use of platforms
such as ads espresso, where you can create 50
different variations of an ad campaign within a few short minutes. On a daily basis, I will
test everything from up to five different images,
four different headlines to see which is the winning
campaign out of that. Within 24 hours, I shut off
the adverts that the cost per click is way too high and they’re not getting any conversions. With this kind of rapid fire testing, you get to your winning
campaigns a lot quicker. Now many Facebook advertisers
know that you need to test a stack of ads to
get your winning campaigns but once you get a winning campaign, it can generate you hundreds
of thousands of dollars so it’s worth taking the time. For me personally, I might
spend a couple of hours per day on Facebook ads, creating new
ads, monitoring the other ones that aren’t working and
looking at ways to improve it but that’s a couple of hours out of my day so it’s not too time attentive. And finally, don’t make any assumptions. Prove your assumptions right or wrong but critically prove them. I’ve been advertising on this platform since it first launched. There have been various
phases, various scare tactics used by different people
out in the industry that it’s all crashing down and Facebook will no longer exist which
is absolutely absurd. Facebook are embedded into
the marketplace right now. It’s up to advertisers,
it’s up to us to adapt to the changing market
and that is that Facebook are purely focused on
ensuring that those engaging on the platform are having
a fantastic experience and that also comes
through with advertising on the platform and
getting people to interact with ads in a way that we
haven’t done previously to ensure that they get
value out of that interaction but for you it also leads to a sale and if you’re struggling
to generate leads, profits and sales from
your Facebook ad campaigns and you’d love to find
out whether your Facebook campaign is a winner or it’s a loser, head over to benangel.co/fbads
to take a quick 60 second quiz of which
will give you an immediate diagnosis of how your
ad campaign stacks up or otherwise you can simply type yes in the comments below
and please let us know, what’s been your biggest struggle with advertising on Facebook right now? We check in the comments
every now and then to see where we can help out. In the meantime, take care and good luck but give those strategies a
go because they’re working.

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