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Paperboard drawn animation – Toro Lynx advertising

Paperboard drawn animation – Toro Lynx advertising

I want my golf course to be a premiere destination for golfers around the world. For that I deserve the best Irrigation management system in the Golf Industry. Toro is the leader in Golf Irrigation so I selected Lynx central control system. With Lynx, I can control my irrigation system from anywhere on the course or even from home at night! LYNX is really easy to use. All the information I need is on one screen. If I want to change my watering plan, it’s all right here one click away. Lynx eliminates the guess work and now we water truly based on what the course needs…that leads to significant water savings. Reporting is very clear and detailed, I always know what is going on my course! Best of all I have constant peace of mind with Toro NSN, the 24 by 7 technical support team. I get immediate answers from Toro experts if I have any questions. I thought that installing LYNX would require changing the entire irrigation system causing major disruption to the players and months of work with an ugly bill at the end. Quite the opposite, I was amazed at how EASY…FAST and…INEXPENSIVE the installation was. I did not even have to close the Golf Course. The Toro team came, they swapped my decoders and changed my central. Quick and easy! But that is not all: Toro has a special offer for you today. Register at toro.com/easylynx and you will get up to 200 free decoders when you install LYNX. That is 14000 pounds or 20000 euros of savings! There is no better time than now to get Lynx! Sign up today. Do you want to know more? Watch some other superintendents talk about Lynx, You won’t be disappointed!

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