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What’s up guys, this is Wenzes. Welcome back to my channel where we talk about creating an Epic life on your terms. And today we’re talking about introverted intuition and how to create a life story on your terms, not only using introvert intuition, but actually also using extroverted sensing because how many of us […]

Drew Barrymore Headed to CBS TV to Headline Daytime Talk Show | THR News

– Drew Barrymore is the newest star joining the daytime talk show circuit. (soft music) It was announced today that the actress will headline and executive produce a syndicated talk show for CBS, set to launch in Fall of 2020. Barrymore, whose recent projects included Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet” and a judge on CBS’s talent […]



Hi everyone, welcome to the great video that Dazui brought you today In 2011 Guo Jingjing officially retired from the national team. Huo Qigang finally married the girl he loved for 8 years They held a grand and low-key wedding at Huo’s House. Celebrities from all walks of life are participating in their marriage But […]

Puzzle Time with Tony and Tyler – Episode 17

Puzzle Time. Puzzle Time with Tony and Tyler. He’s Tony. I’m Tyler. We got a give away. We do. From episode previous. We uh, have this giveaway for Puzzle Box Five, number five by Siebenstein Siebenstein. Siebenstein Spiele. Something like that. Siebenstein. Yeah. That’s how at least that’s how the guys say it. But yeah, […]

The Industrial Cyberthreat Landscape: 2019 Year in Review

The Industrial Cyberthreat Landscape: 2019 Year in Review

>>ANNOUNCER: Please welcome Robert Lee.>>ROBERT LEE: Good morning, everyone. Thanks for joining me. My name is Robert Lee. I’m the CEO and cofounder over at Dragos. We’re a technology and services company focused on the industrial world. So that’s what my talk is about, industrial world, and what we have in our community and really […]

Gunna Returns to Atlanta for Billboard’s Hip-Hop Live Concert Series – Watch! | Billboard News

♪ All to familiar admit it I’m truly committed ♪ ♪ My palms consistently itching ♪ (electronic music) – Buckhead got lit last night as Gunna returned home on September 19th as the headliner to the second installment of the Billboard Hip-Hop Live concert series, powered by Mountain Dew. The unique show centered around the […]


We’re now at Liverpool’s stadium. Today, we’ll get to meet… No phones today. C’mon, it’s time to train. You guys ready? Come on, let’s go then. We’re gonna do a little bit of heading. Passing. Shooting as well, of course. Come on, your turn. Last mission. Try and get the ball past me. Get refreshed […]