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Outer Worlds (Deutsch) Preview Analyse zu Obsidians SciFi Weltraum Fallout – Welt Werte Skills Perks

Outer Worlds (Deutsch) Preview Analyse zu Obsidians SciFi Weltraum Fallout – Welt Werte Skills Perks

Moin Moin, this is the Zap. In the following I want to tell you a bit about
tell an upcoming role play that possibly complete the RPG market in the fall
could stir up. I’m talking about The Outer Worlds, developed
none other than Obisidian Entertainment. Recently there was a first attacking event,
to the little YouTuber like me, of course not invited. But I’m kind of American
YouTuber MrMattyPlays get permission to use his recordings of this event,
to analyze the game in more detail and to tell you about it. And so I can give you some stuff from the
Show game that you may not yet have seen. Thanks a lot to Mr.MattyPlays, link to his
Channel in the video description. ► 01 – Outer Worlds Release
Outer Worlds will be on 25. October 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PS4 appear. A release on the switch is also in
Planning. A big controversy arose from the apron
by announcing that Outer Worlds will not appear on Steam. First it became a pure epic store exclusive title
announced. After Obsidian Entertainment meanwhile
but was taken over by Microsoft is Clear that Outer Worlds also in Microsoft
Shop for Windows 10 will appear. On the extremely extensive topic Epic
Store Vs. Steam, platform exclusivity, etc would like
I will not go further here. If you are interested in contributing to this
Topic, let me know, in the comments, on Discord or in the forum on my website. ► 02 – Obsidian Entertainment
Outer Worlds is a whole new game and with a new brand, completely designed
from Obsisian Entertainment. This studio is known as the maker of many
RPGs such as Star Wars the Knight of the Old Republic 2 (KOTOR2) and Fallout New Vegas. Obsidian has had many with many years
Contract work with big brands for others Studios attracted attention, like Fallout
New Vegas, Neverwinter Nights 2, Dungeon Siege 3, Southpark: The staff of truth, or
also less known participation in titles such as eg Armored Warfare or the Action MMORPG
Skyforge. In the last few years they already have one
developed a few new, own brands, like the Spy shooter Alpha Protocol, Pillars of
Eternity and not so successful Tyranny. Not quite as well known is that Obsidian actually
by the original inventor of Fallout and whose predecessor Wasteland is headed. Because the founder of Black Isle Studios,
Feargus Urquhart is one of the heads of Obsidian. The company Black Isle Studios has after the
Working on genre greats like Bard’s Tale and Baldur’s Gate, Wasteland also fallout
1 and 2 developed. Unfortunately it happened during the development
from Fallout 3, to a financial shipwreck, and Black Isle Studio was dissolved, exactly
like the former publisher Interplay. This was followed by a sell-off, and it was
the brand Fallout made money and Bethesda sold. Now try Obsidian next to a Wasteland
3, with Outer Worlds also a brand new brand in a fallout-like world and very much
to establish a similar style of play. Links to more information about Black Isles and Obsidian
you find in the description. ► 03 Outer Worlds – Overview Outer Worlds becomes a single player First
Person Action RPG with very strong focus on History and interactions with the characters
and factions of the world. It’s playing on the alien planet Halcyon,
on which we are stranded and against one Fight gigantic giant company,
that’s the control of this planet has torn itself. A complex skills and dialogue system
should provide here for role-playing depth. Outer Worlds is not so according to developers
great, as one would expect from Fallout titles is. It should offer a more compact world, for that
but very complex stories with very many Choices. ► 04 The world
Outer Worlds plays on the mining planet Halcyon, of different factions
is hard to fight. The world could be considered a mixture
mixed from sci-fi, outer space and a little western Describe with fantasy elements. It reminds me of the mood
little to the popular series FireFly, which unfortunately was discontinued. The vegetation and color variety reminds
in turn, I’m looking at No Mans Sky, but I think that’s a good feature. The world is not a complete open world. It is divided into plots and some
Houses, dungeons and other places are behind Loading screens divided. There are extensive outdoor areas and several
Villages and towns, some of them underground lie. ► 05 gameplay
The whole game is played in First Person, Say ego perspective is announced. A view from behind on the character
is not planned. Except in cutscenes, in the inventory and in the character screen
So we will not be much like our character see. In addition to exploring the world itself, will
it, as befits a role play, give many quests and stories by
NPCs are told by voice become. In addition to the cities and landscapes of the planet,
and the fight against the monsters and opponents human characters, too, play the
Companions and the factions an important one Role in the story of Outer Worlds. ► 06 dialogues, quests and NPCs
To a credible and interesting roleplaying world especially well-made NPCs. Obsidian is very experienced with the design
of non-player characters, and so on The Outer Worlds be full of the most diverse
and most scary characters. Outer Worlds wants to be special
Humor for a very own ambience. Here it is very extensive discussions
and make choices. The latter often also different branches
in conversation, based on the character values ​​that you have increased
(or not). And also on certain decisions the
you may have been elsewhere before has met. The inhabitants of Halcyon react to the
Decisions of the player and they can definitely open ways or block them. RPG veterans will love this
from Obsidian’s masterpiece Fallout New Vegas know. For example, there is a lot of charisma
the opportunity to have someone nice eyes to convince him, and also things
how to threaten, blackmail, flatter, and other options are on offer. Often there are also special possibilities
which are accurate to a specific situation are cut, or that are only offered
if you have a specific companion Has. And of course these talks are too
always a good source of experience points, because successful persuasion, intimidation,
etc always bring a whole chunk of experience with himself. ► 07 Gameplay – Companion
The companions or companions were in many Fallout play a special highlight and
New Vegas just offered a lot of possibilities here. This tradition is also in Outer Worlds
refreshed, and obsidian sets one whole set of possible group members ready
that you find throughout history and then be able to record in his crew. Each companion also has its own
Targets, offers own quest lines and special ones Fighting styles. And of course, the companions can complete
like your own character too, with weapons, Armor and other equipment stocked
and adapted. According to MrMattyPlays, the companions are during
you do your quest very actively on the chat, but away from these quest lines, rather
still too quiet. It seems in the performance demo as if
the NPCs after completing their quest line more or less shut down what their
Interactions. Let’s hope it gets a little better
until the release. Companions have a certain attitude towards
Player that can also lead to that she especially happy, or angry or
become sad. But this is not influenced by little things,
so you can not lose an NPC, because you stole eg often or forever
Can make you happy, just by a few Gifts. The companions react much more to the
Big decisions you make in the game. And here you can probably with personal
Discussions, within certain limits, his decisions also explain and justify to the NPC
and so maybe, through good leadership skills in conversation, the relationship still save. Obsidian already has interviews
hinted that you can not permanently with the Companions have to walk around, if you want that
do not want. So if you prefer to travel alone through the world,
this will be allowed most of the time. Only sometimes are stopped for certain quests
also certain companions required. ► 08 Gameplay – Fight
The shoot in Outer Worlds is loud statement quite good by MrMattyPlays, better than Fallout
4 as he says. He criticized but especially the melee
Possibilities. In this area Obisidian still seems a lot
to have to do fine work. If you have a big hammer and a
huge set jumps on an opponent, and but this one except a slightly shorter HP bar
otherwise almost no movement shows, then works not very realistic. In addition to the main character, there are numerous
Give escorts who are also active in the fight intervention. And you will not just one but up to
two companions can take. Another fight feature is the time delay. This goes a bit in the direction of the VATS system
in Fallout games. The character may, depending on the learned
Basic values ​​and abilities occasionally in the Fight the time slow. This gives a kind of bullet-time mode, like
in the old Matrix movies or for example in the Max Payne games. You yourself continue to move normally,
but everything else in the world is running in slow motion for a short moment. This can be some emergency situation in the
Fight a little clearer and easier do. There are sometimes strong specials in the fights
the companion, each with a kind of Cutscene be presented. These look very cool at the beginning. Here is also the question, how
quickly that will wear off if Parvati the 50th Sometimes swinging her head upside down with her hammer
jumps on an opponent or Nyoka with her Lasergattling brings this imposing from the back,
prepared and then laslas. Certainly absolutely captivating the first time,
very nice at 10. Sometimes, but annoying at some point. I hope you cancel these cutscenes
can. And if we come from the Fallout direction,
you probably also expected the partial brutal amputations and bursting body parts
the game series. These mutilations will, especially if
you increase the Bloody Mess perk in almost all parts of the Fallout series very detailed
shown. But there are such details, at least for now
not seen in Outer Worlds. ► 09 Character Basic Values ​​/ Attributes
The character system is based in Outer Worlds on 6 basic values ​​and 18 skills. The main attributes of strength, skill, intelligence,
Perception, charisma and temperament the basis for all other skills. Unlike in many other games will
in the case of the basic values ​​here not in values ​​of 1 to 15 or something. Instead, all values ​​start with “mediocre,”
and you can then set this to “Good” or “High” improve, in english average, good and
High. Each basic attribute is then in turn certain
Subordinate skills, with some skills influenced by more than one basic attribute
become. I list this very briefly and briefly: ►► Strength improved: 1hand melee,
2hand Melee, Heavy Weapons, Blocking, Inspiration and intimidating, plus melee damage
and improves the carrying capacity ►► Skill improved: 1hand melee,
Pistols, dodging, blocking, sneaking and locks, in addition there is
faster melee attacks and improved Reload speed
►► Intelligence improves: Rifles, Convince, Hacking, medicine, science and determination,
In addition, intelligence improves the critical damage
►► Perception improved: pistols, rifles, heavy weapons, dodging, lockpicking
and engineering, on top of that there is one Bonus on head-shot damage and damage
weaknesses ►► Charisma improves: convincing, lying,
Intimidating, hacking, science and inspiration, in addition there are improvements for Companion Skills Cooldowns
and benefits for the evolution of the reputation at the fractions
►► Temperament improved: 2hand melee, Lies, sneaking, medicine, engineering
and determination and so will the Improved life regeneration If that’s too much info for you at once
was, is it on zapzockt.de also to Read. ► 10 character skills / skills The skills range from 0 to 100. In addition to a starting value and the influence of
Basic attributes, skills at each Levelup will be upgraded with 10 points,
which you are free to distribute. And beyond that, there are also equipment
the additional bonus points for the basic attributes as well as abilities bring. The skills are roughly in the categories
Novice, Competent, Adept, Expert and Master arranged, each 20 points bring one
one step higher. And for every level you reach, get
the ability a bonus extension. Here you can then again a whole list
unlock additional character refinements. As an example, blocking on novice may be the opponent
to stagger, on competent becomes the Weapons wear while blocking decreases when
Adept can be done twice as fast in the block go with expert at a perfect
Block the parade weapons no longer worn and as a master you can be successful
Block even weaken the opponent so much after that for 5 seconds all attacks
do double damage. ► 11 character perks
Since this was not yet complex enough, gets a character at every even level
also unlocked a perk. There are 3 levels of perk, which are only after and
after becoming available. And here are tremendously powerful ways
Of course you also exactly on his style of play should adjust. It is unlikely to be in one
let’s play with all the perks, therefore one should think very carefully here,
how to expand his character. At level 1, there’s the first example
Toughness, I guess that’s in German later translates something like “hardy”
could be called. This perk increases the basic life energy
by 50%. Then there are perks that delay the time
improve, increase the damage if you traveling alone is the chance of crit hits
improve the companion, go faster or run, carry more, level faster,
less armor and weapon wear, etc, Etc. There is a lot of customization possible
in this area. I’m counting only a few examples now
on, since all 42 Perks with all the details now a little too much. I will post the blog on my homepage
later like to have an exact table of all Expand perks. Link in the description. Incidentally, it should also be called “Flaws”
give, so a kind of negative perk, the one to engage in certain things in the game
can. And here are deductions, for example
if you face a certain type of monster, or other disadvantages. However, these Flaws are also meant to be
again bring benefits, similar like the mutations in Fallout. I have not been able to do that yet
Find details. ► 12 items, equipment and inventory
The inventory is kept pretty simple. But it should at least maybe on the PC
be more comfortable to serve than many Bethesda Games Inventories. There are 4 weapon slots, 3 types of ammunition,
Extra inventories for weapons, armor, Medicine, Crafting Mats, Notes. And these are not in everlasting lists,
but arranged in boxes, so that one do not have to scroll so much. Weapons have different special skills,
like tripping, pushing back, etc. You can also get better with modifications
Runs, magazines and visors improved become. How strong these upgrades will be
and how extensive this part of the game but I can not do that right now
to assess well. But considering the possibilities of New Vegas
as a comparison, is determined here put a lot of game depth in it. All equipment wears off over time,
but can about crafting skills again to be repaired. The wear should not be too strong
MrMattyPlays said he was in his 90-minute attack test no piece of equipment
got under 80%. This rather indicates that one does not persist
with broken weapons and armor in the middle standing in the dungeon, if you at least down and
pay attention to it. ► 13 quest systems
Just a few words to the quest design. Most quests should be in several ways
to be solved. In the example gameplay of MrMatty it went to
Example of a lost replacement gone deliveries that one, I call
it’s time filter-friendly “medicine salesman” have been lost. This humorous story then revealed
that the packets in the intestines of animals were transported. So you could shoot the critters all,
intimidate the local animal keeper or persuade to let one of the animals,
or secretly the disgusting legacies search. In other examples, there are also ways
with sneaking, hacking, and many others Skills and approaches to the goal to come. And many of the tasks do not just have one
possible end, but you also have to History of individual stories again and again
Make decisions, so the result can be very different. Which of course also influences the actions
on the factions and NPC relations very much may vary. ► 14 Technology and engine, graphics and sound
Obsidian works with the Unreal Engine 4. This will make the graphic in most areas
leave nothing to be desired. Complex light and shadow effects, character animations,
Fighting behavior and many other things are integrated in the engine already at a high level. And that’s why there are a lot of problems like that
Bethesda RPGs always bring in this Game not to be expected. The graphic looks up for my taste
definitely much better than most comparable role playing games. The textures are partly still mushy,
but that can be even better until the release become. Through the sophisticated engine of Epic can
not really in this area really go a lot wrong, neither in terms of optics
still the performance. The Unreal Engine is also known for
that they are on medium and low settings mostly still acceptable and looks like
should also be owners of old and something weaker PCs still enjoy the Outer
Worlds are coming. The sound is not ready at the moment. MrMatty speaks in his first impression
though the NPCs may be in the quest talks are very well set, even the fighting crisp
Deliver noises. But if you only go through the world,
It will be very quiet so far, neither fast There are still many ambience sounds
Interactions of the NPCs with each other. Obsidian must definitely be here by the time of
Release to rework some of this Part is not too boring. ► 15 Factions
Fractions and gaining positive or negative reputation with these, is as well
an important part of Outer in New Vegas Worlds. With the activation of certain call levels
Quests and new quest solutions become possible and also certain rewards or stores
depend on the faction call. Likewise, the companions are at least partially
belong to a faction or these especially despise what influence that
Structure of the group will have. So far, four factions are for Outer Worlds
known. There are two big ones for the beginning
Companies Auntie Cleo’s and Spacer’s Choice. The advertising for their shops can be seen everywhere
in the world and between these two companies There is a lively competition. Spacer’s Choice is actually a figurehead
for the military company Universal behind it Defense Logistics. In addition, there are also the Marauders
and the Philophists. Both are not companies, but rather like
Gangs, who in turn over Areas and business opportunities are arguing. As a player we will have the choice
to ascend in the ranks of these fractions, by doing quests for them, or
also reputation to lose because we are their opponents support and maybe against them
Action. How complex this will be is so far
not known yet. But I suspect that Obisidian is right here
again a lot of detail into the game will grab. ► 16 mods and modding
Because the relationship of Outer Worlds to Fallout so tight, of course, there are also strong
Expectations, what the modding for Outer Worlds concerns. The Fallout titles are, by the often cursed,
but somehow also wonderful engine of Bethesda, Extremely Modbar, and the modtools
by now are so well known and there are so many people who are wonderful with it
Create content. This will not be possible for Outer Worlds. There will be no modding to the release, so much
the developers have already said. They would be very happy if they did
after the release as much as possible feasible could do. This can mean a lot. Even the Unreal Engine 4 is now
well documented and publicly usable for each. Let’s see how far obsidian their files are
be disclosed. And how far you can build on that then. But my guess is that it does
not as good modbar as will be all Bethesda games offer this. But let’s surprise ourselves. ► 17 Expectations and hopes
Obsidian Entertainment has been around for a long time a long time guarantee for good role-playing games. Several of my favorite games came from this one
Studio and therefore are my expectations and Hopes for The Outer Worlds too special
high. On top of that, the bosses of Obisidian
itself, in interviews talked about that this game her “dream game” would be that
They always wanted to do, but so far never had the opportunity. Anyway, I’m very, very curious, what
because we are approaching. Purely technically expect us about 40
Hours playtime for a run through the history. If you have all the secrets and and all turns
and want to see variants, you become Outer Worlds sure to have to play through several times. I think I will add more videos to the game
bring before release, and then look, what you can do with it all, if
the game is out for the first time. ► 18 outro
If you have suggestions and ideas, what You still want to know about Outer Worlds,
What help you would like to have, if you have one Let’s play by myself, or rather
just guides and tips and tricks, leave it to me in the comments know. We also like to visit my website
ZapZockt.de discuss where you get all the posts also in text forum and mostly as podcast
and much more besides Info, tips and news that are not in videos
have done. If you found this episode bad, then
Do you know what you can do, otherwise click just on the thumbs up. And for more information about Outer Worlds or others
RPGs, MMOs, Strategy and Economic Games, press the subscription button and the bell
not to miss anything. In the picture you can see more videos from
me who might interest you and then I wish you a great day, leave it
You’re fine, ciao ciao, your zap

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  1. Was hälst Du bisher von The Outer Worlds?
    Inhaltsverzeichnis mit Zeitstempeln
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    03 Outer Worlds Übersicht 03:07
    04 Die Welt von Outer Worlds 03:45
    05 Gameplay 04:27
    06 Dialoge, Quests und NPCs 05:04
    07 Begleiter oder Companions 06:21
    08 Kampf in The Outer Worlds 08:01
    09 Charakter Grundwerte 09:56
    10 Fertigkeiten oder Skills 11:43
    11 Perks 12:40
    12 Items, Ausrüstung, Loot und Inventory 14:10
    13 Quest Systeme und Questdesign 15:19
    14 Technik und Engine, Grafik und Sound 16:13
    15 Fraktionen oder Factions 17:30
    16 Mods und Modding 18:49
    17 Erwartungen und Hoffnungen 19:42

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  2. Danke, super Video.
    Das hört sich ja (fast) alles großartig an. Hoffentlich wird das Spiel so gut, wie es im moment den Eindruck macht.
    Kann es auf jeden Fall kaum erwarten, auch da Bethesda im Moment bei Fallout sowie Elder Scrolls ja eher nicht gut nachlegt.
    Lediglich, dass man ab und zu in die 3rd Person wechseln kann, werde ich vermissen.

    Auf jeden fall bitte guides, Tipps und vor allem Let's Plays

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