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Our True Feelings On Self-Promotion

Our True Feelings On Self-Promotion

95 thoughts on “Our True Feelings On Self-Promotion

  1. As per a previous video (On gmm maybe…) these guys need to learn how to make fists… ya’ll going to get broken thumbs! Thumbs outside guys!

  2. Watching while I paint my nails nude to cover gross psoriasis nails. Wonder if Rhett has psoriatic arthritis 🤔
    P.s I loved the you made it weird podcast

  3. Rhett, we’re kindred spirits! I have Autoimmune Psoriatic Arthritis…but my toenails are 95% affected and my fingernails are rarely, noticeably affected like my toenails! Good morning and thanks to my fellow beasts for my TMI sharing! Lol 💁‍♀️🦶🥴😖

  4. I completely understand your feelings and concerns about playing the same “what am I touching game” everywhere. I did want to share my thoughts on your Windy City Live appearance in Chicago as someone that watches it regularly and a Mythical Beast. It’s an hour show that airs at 1pm. 20 minutes of it is host chat with the remaining 40 usually very short segments and lots of commercials. Your segment was over 12 minutes which was awesome! I know you didn’t get to sit but I’ve seen seen seated guests get just 3-4 minutes total to promote their book, show or sometimes it’s a local hero etc. Most of your segment was the game but you had about 5 minutes of getting to know you and book talk between beginning and after game time. So you definitely got a large feature even though it wasn’t ideal for sharing your book. The clip is on Youtube posted by a Windy City Live. So many of the comments are adults saying not only kids love you! since the hosts said kids love you and some of the staffs children were shown. That made me happy as I’m a 44 divorced non-mom female that loves you guys and was thrilled to see you! Thanks for coming to Chicago!

  5. I have multiple comments today. I feel like Fallon (and hosts of other shows) stole your 'eating weird, scary foods' bit. No one ever did that until you made your multiple appearances on The Tonight Show. The same with the 'feel it and guess what it is'. Now everyone thinks HE came up with it. Hate that you guys never seem to get the credit.
    The wonderful classic French Chef Jacques Pepin has a tip for cooking chicken thighs. Using a sharp knife, make a slit on the underside of the thigh (not all the way through!) tightly against the length of the bone. That allows the meat to cook evenly throughout and eliminates that reddish meat that you're never sure you've cooked long enough.
    Also, let me tell you…a man who makes the effort to have his nails trimmed and looking nice is much appreciated. Gnarly-nailed fingers and feet just turn my stomach.
    That's it. I'm done with my pontificating for the day. Thank you for reading…😉

  6. Love how authentic you all are. I love Ear Biscuits…both the audio only and the video format. Same podcast but two different experiences. Part of my routine for sure. 👍💕

  7. All I hope for in the future of GMM is that they keep doing things that they find fun and stimulating to create because that always results in the videos that we love the most. The fun aspect for me is the most important. I've never laughed so hard as I do while watching their videos, it's why I'll always watch them.GMM is a combination of so many things done in a uniquely engaging way, just makes it stand out from the rest. Long may it continue guys! 👍

  8. 6:12 this right there is the bane of my existence. Trying to play piano with overly short nails is a surprisingly painful experience.

  9. Is it time to do another 'mythical show' where you trialed and assessed different ways of creativity to find the next direction?

  10. Thanks for letting us in on the conversation, Mom and Dad. Seriously, I love hearing your deeper thoughts on your creative enterprises… how you go about innovating… this was really good.

  11. As a Rhett&Link groupie, I've watched all those guest appearances made by R&L on other talk shows. Very cool to get a peek in their heads about it right afterward.

  12. I have been a mythical beast since GMM Season 1. I came to you guys because someone showed me some random video, but I stayed because of you and your friendship. So, is GMM part of my daily routine? Yes. Would I quit watching if GMM ended? No. I would just go with you to the next thing.

  13. Saw some of those interviews & u guys were really spiffed up, clothing , but u both looked nice. Just weird seeing both u dressed up to the nines lol

  14. This week's #Earbiscuits was so interesting and heartening to listen to! No matter what Rhett and Link do, I'll will always be on board!

  15. I feel like ear buscuits is more like the old GMM 2 friends talking than this new "our staff makes us eat gross shit for views!"

  16. This is why Ear Biscuits is my favorite Mythical show. Relaxed, extended, and authentic conversation. And talks like this one are the reason why you guys are so successful at what you do- innovating creativity way before the rest of the entertainment world catches up. Keep moving and us Beasts will follow wherever you go!

  17. I just wanna let you guys know I as a viewer appreciate your dedication to your content and upload schedule. I found out about your channel by word of mouth at work 4 years ago and look forward to it daily. Keep it up guys!

  18. You should do it like Mister Rogers; whenever the mailman or a visitor would come by, there would be some cool real world video experience that would go along with their appearance. SO, keep the studio show, but with lil snippets of real world and find a good balance

  19. GMM had always been a unique and entertaining show. Rhett and Link (and the Mythical Crew!) have this incredible ability of creating ideas for content that is entertaining on so many levels. Without fail they have been able to form a creative and inspiring foundation for those who proudly call themselves Mythical Beasts. Thank you for everything Rhett and Link and Mythical Crew we love you! 👍❤

  20. I’ve enjoyed the conversation, and as someone who has worked in news, I can understand why morning news stations feel the need to stay relevant. You guys have set a bar and they are just trying to keep up. However, on the flip side, would you agree that you’re doing the same? You don’t just have celebrity guests, just to have celebrity guests. 9 out of 10 times, they also need to promote something but don’t usually get a chance to even discuss it. Just throwing it out there

  21. I love listening to you 2 talking at each other. Never stop. Also I thought your suits on Jimmy Fallons were super snazzy and you guys looked very handsome. When I have money I will gladly buy Lost Causes of Bleak Creek.

  22. I have such a high appreciation and admiration for you two and all that you have built, created and given us the privilege of being a part of. All love, thank you.

  23. "Muy difícil" good spanish Rhett
    I think in Spain there are a lot of languages you could call "Franish" such as Catalan

  24. Joker wasn't demented most of his life. He had Mental health needs, that were never addressed and exasperated by the shortfalls in society. He has card to solely explain a disorder he couldn't control. VIVA LA JOKER

  25. In other words, GMM has evolved from something y'all do to have fun and see IF people would watch; to something you do to earn a living, doing all you can do to get the clicks which will ensure that.
    This is why I've gone from enjoying GMM to preferring GMMore, to (when More turned crew-centric rather than y'all yaking) preferring Ear Biscuits (which I watch in parts).

  26. Checked out the appearance on that Chicago show. Link… good grief. It's like you had a neon sign over your head flashing "40 yr old urban mega hipster here". The jeans… the bandana…. that damn jacket that is NOT an indoor fashion jacket…. I love you man. I do. But holy crap. No. WAY too much.

  27. I don't think I commented on those documentary videos – mainly because I watch GMM episodes with my husband on different account – but those were some of my favourite GMM episodes in a long time. It really helped me remember why I started watching you guys in the first place. Those genuine interactions in real life situations are something I would like to see more of again (I loved those back up plan videos you did ages ago, for example) if you're able. I'll keep watching no matter what!

  28. Great Mythical Mysteries just hasn’t started it’s first season yet, a show like that would net you another 15 million subs overnight. My brother Nitsuj self promos a lot too cocky bastard. 😉

  29. My toenails are like Link's! They curve down at the sides. I get chronic ingrown toenails on my big toes, but they all have a curve to some degree.

  30. I have a Son the same age as you two are. I have watched all of your content and your content on other shows TV and internet. 1st. My Grandsons introduced me to GMM years ago, now we share it and talk about it. Im glad you both dressed up and listened to Stevie. She was right, you are adults and have a wide spread business. It's definitely necessary. Thank you for the content. Please keep it up. Have a wonderful night.

  31. Speaking of the doc, I'm really glad you guys put that out. I've been reading The Lost Causes and it has really helped me to see the world you created through your eyes. I enjoy everything you put out and really appreciate everything you do. LTAT and what Josh does on Sunday's are both really enjoyable.

  32. Ive tried watching ear biscuits. And it is mind numbing,I am a huge fan for years and years. But I never watch ear biscuits. I guess onloy the super duper hardcore like them. Maybe I'm crazy. But I hate ear biscuits. Love everything else.

  33. I've been watching gmm for like 5 years now and within the last month I've just started watching ear biscuits and im mad at myself because this is incredible and just listening to them expand their minds is great

  34. 7 minutes in and this is the most I think I’ve ever heard Link speak just straight through, in all my years following these guys. Like since the beginning of gmm! LOVE YOU LINK KEEP TALKIN FELLA !

  35. After listening to this, I think it's safe to say a lot of us love watching because of who you both are, how authentic the show and your friendship is. It's real, your friendship no matter what happens in life is so real. Seeing the different forms of creativity you guys partake in is refreshing and part of it is because of who you are as people

  36. Rhett's outlook, and his way of thinking about the whole morning show and "authentic" clothing… Is spot on. I felt like he was reading my mind. I think a lot of the 'pleasing moms' or anyone else, is usually not accurate. I think most of those 'stats' are polled by their audience only. And there are waaaaayyyyyyy more people watching online than those who are in-studio watching. I think a lot of this stuff is just part of tradition and/or pleasing the 'higher ups'.. Love all y'all!!!!.

  37. I hope Rhett's hoodie will be in the Mythical store!! Is it just me or does Link's hair look darker? Maybe it is the 'dim' lighting. ha!

  38. this is my first time watching the podcast, i'm pleasantly surprised that there is a camera on you guys rather than just having an audio podcast. i appreciate being able to actually watch people's expressions in conversation.

  39. Self promotion got me here. As a creator I cant see success without self promotion. Youd get nowhere. Now I'm waiting for them to stop talking about feet and see what their opinions are.

  40. I am bipolar type 1, I take medication and have a therapist I see twice a week, but I still have days that I just can not handle, so I fold up and shut down. I'll wake up and just way over think the day and my responsibilities, I usually shut down and just cancel everything, so I understand what you mean by wanting the day to be over before it begins. But the fact that you push through it and allow yourself to just ride the anxiety wave, is very difficult, so you doing it, is inspiring.

    I'm successful in my line of work because I can pace it myself, but I've turned things down because I don't want to disappoint anyone because I can't "do today", but knowing that you do makes me hopeful that I will be able to too.

    So thanks for sharing about your anxiety so openly, it really resonated with me.

  41. Appreciate you guys and your open and honest conversation here and on every ear biscuits. Keep doing what you’re doing because we are eating it up!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  42. You know I don’t really like reading but I’ve read your book twice now and want to read it again lol damn thing is so good

  43. i was one of the people loving how you were out and about and am glad to hear the response in this randomly 😀 great response, im glad it helps you guys formulate gmm to its best state

  44. to continue the "mom and dad" analogy — it's like when you come home from your first semester of college and suddenly mom & dad wanna tell you more about themselves as people instead of just as "mom and dad".

  45. Rhett and link are the best. The feel and squeal was probably fear factor? But I feel the conversation. I agree with a lot and I’m not even in that position.

  46. You guys are talking about coming up with the next big thing that other people might emulate. In my opinion, the “international foods” game is a great unique game for GMM. It’s the best thing since “Will It”.

  47. I think you guys should take pride in the fact that the old media is looking to channels such as yours to dictate their content on a daily basis. On another note, I love the videos where you guys are going out and interacting with your surroundings.. One of my favourite bits on GMM was the Geico series!

  48. I really liked when you did those little excursion "Back up plan" videos, watching you guys interacting with random people is always great!
    A personal Idea of mine would be to find weird experiences in LA and around america maybe call it "staycation" – Honestly if you need some inspiration check out Hamish and Andy's "Gap year" series they are a hilarious Australian comedy duo and have a similar vibe to you two, and their gap year show is amazingly entertaining and hilarious, and if you guys did something similar It would be friggin amazing I bet lol

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