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Our Generation's Big Problem with Anxiety & Social Media.

Our Generation's Big Problem with Anxiety & Social Media.

welcome to anxiety world a theme park where they only have rollercoasters that you cannot get off no matter how hard you try once you step on you have thoughts that are surging at a million frames per second and your brain tries it's best to sort it all out but good luck is that gonna happen especially with our evolutionary state I think so everywhere you go now every comment you read it always mentions anxiety no matter what meme you look at it's like oh I'm anxious I have anxiety I can't do this I can't do this but it gives me anxiety I can't do it however I believe that we can right when we're born out of the womb we were brought into a world were completely unfamiliar with gasping for air kicking the stomach you know ripping through the embryo and here we are not even knowing how to walk where we asked to be born no and now we're here full of anxiety from the very second that we exit the womb now this reality is full of anxiety especially in today's world because if you're a part of my generation you're able to see a world that had no technology and no social media and immediately within one decade it's completely and fully integrated with technology in social media everywhere you turn and of course once we're born into this world you know we're raised you know we're trying to figure out our social cues everyone's rejecting you everyone's taking you in everyone's making fun of you everyone's being nice to you and then you graduate school and first of all you got to finish all the final study for your test you know you got to get a plus on your quizzes maintained a 4.0 GPA and then once you exit you got to find a job you got to make your parents happy like oh I don't really want to be a doctor but I guess I'm gonna be a doctor now or a lawyer of some sort then you go through another few decades of school and then you're gonna get to your career you're gonna deal with asshole bosses and crazy clients and then in the middle of all of this for leisure time what do you do that's right you dive into the hurricane and tsunami of digital pixels and digital media everywhere you turn trying to catch up on your season finale favorite TV show you're trying to listen to every single genre of music on Spotify Apple music and then you're trying to figure out what to fuckin do in between your favorite albums being released so then you try to check out your favorite superhero movie and there's fuckin explosions every three seconds like and you don't even know the storyline you don't even know the storyline to your own life because you have no time to even think about where your life is going in fact some days you actually have way too much time to think about where your life is going and you only get a few hours of this maybe a whole day maybe a whole week and some days you're unemployed and then you have the whole months to think about these things however I think we've reached the time in human evolution where we don't even have to consider hunting for food you know agriculture to basically grow our own vegetables you don't gotta worry about building your own house and shelter and basically your family's pretty much okay if you live in the first world with all the welfare and tax benefits so there you are living comfortably surviving as a human being with all the time in the world and what are a human brains programmed to do they're basically programmed to solve problems and if you don't really have any problems you're gonna create your own you know we're gonna start complaining about shit that we don't even know why we're complaining about it or why or even talking about it and in our leisure activity we're looking on all of her you know social media feeds about which celebrity set this to who and some drama and some canceled culture type of bullshit and then on top of that you know you should hear about some war off into another third-world country and then this then this and then this president's crazy and this person's crazy you know like wow no wonder why we're so fucking anxious and then you have the response like hey you know what we need to take a break from social media we need to take a break from the internet we need to live a minimalist lifestyle we need to unplug from the world digital shitstorm good fucking luck the whole world revolves around technology and internet now and I personally cannot imagine my life without a fucking iPhone without Instagram without Facebook and call me a new-age Jen's a millennial that has too much goddamn time in his hands but I fucking love these things but of course there's a balance to everything too much of social media is too much and if you have too little of it good fucking luck you're basically living in the dark ages sure you might be happy meditating on a mountain of free from society but the whole world is just gonna keep moving we've opened up Pandora's box of Technology and that shit is not gonna close so what can we do exactly we're the first generation to live in this world even your parents generation and of course all of our ancestors and generations before that never lived in a world you can basically see anybody from across the world in real time and talk about what you did that day in that very moment and that's one of the most magical fucking things the fact that we can talk to each other and you can see me right now in this very instant is absolutely amazing but the byproduct of all of this is an inevitable surplus of self reflection you know when you take a microphone and you put it next to a speaker it makes the most abrasive screech at a frequency that your brain can't even fucking handle it kind of sounds like this and what is that sound reflection of it's basically the microphone hearing itself and with all the advent of social media and selfie culture were based and forced to look at herself 24/7 and constantly judge each other and herself at all times we are the most self-conscious generation basically to exist and what does that mean it means that our awareness as a human species is growing at an exponential rate it's trying to catch up with technology itself literally ten years ago it was impossible to video chat with somebody look at it now that's like the primary source of communication with people and now our brains and our mental well-being and spirituality hasn't developed quick enough to keep up with these things but goddamn were fucking trying and on top of the technology advancement we have all the time in the world to basically reflect on ourselves to think about our emotional well-being and our mental health in general and our spirituality and life path we have the luxury of even considering these things generations even the one right before us couldn't even think about what do I actually want to do they just had to pick the very first thing that could aid their survival and as beautiful and amazing as that opportunity is to present to us we have the responsibility of being the pioneers of technology itself life integration with these things but also our inner world the last time the whole world had an inner Renaissance was thousands of years ago with the birth of numerous religious figures but now we kind of have to do that again all over again and like a baby three years straight out of the womb it's gonna have to learn how to walk and does a baby learn how to walk immediately and that's where we are we're basically a baby reaching this time in human history that is unlike any other time in human history fully integrated with technology but also with the time and resources to reflect among our inner world and it's going to be difficult so is the answer to kind of you know unplug and meditate and you know relax a bit more you kind of learn how to deal with anxiety it could be but in the end we're gonna have to live our life in the modern world learning how to work at office jobs and pay our bills and deal with family and do all these things in addition with the plethora of information being thrown out as any advertisement telling you that you know when you buy these sneakers you'll be accepted or when you're listening to some celebrity talk about some other celebrity about some sort of drama you're gonna have to deal with that too so what humans are good at is learning how to adapt and we've been doing this for an entire existence our entire human composition is made for adaptation it's made for conflict it's made for struggle but not only that it's made for withstanding the unknown and adventure and if you're not putting yourself in a challenging situation it's gonna create the same challenges in your head for situations that aren't a challenge at all so when it comes to anxiety itself I don't think the answer is to just back away from situations that give you anxiety because no matter where you go in life it's gonna be the most anxious situation we have been born with anxiety ever since we exited the womb instead what I think we should do is learn to be strong enough to withstand the anxiety through just plain mere exposure putting ourselves in somewhat uncomfortable situations so we can get accustomed to the feeling of anxiety and learning how to work with it it's like learning how to take baby steps before you develop into a fully fledged spiritual fucking warrior because when you start putting yourselves in somewhat uncomfortable situations like you know getting to a new job traveling to a new world or even putting yourself in an awkward social situation when those big fucking life bombs get thrown at you the really big anxiety inducing explosions they become way way smaller in the whole spectrum of your existence we got to learn how to utilize our inner turmoil emotions and feelings into bettering ourselves and when it comes to anxiety I know that it's helped me develop myself into the person that I am wouldn't have achieved all of the goals that I've set and all of the dreams that I have set if it weren't for this nine pain in the pit of my stomach telling me that I should do something or trying to get me to freak out about something I utilized this anxiety ISM sort of fuel and sure the gas is noxious and it smells like shit and will probably give you a headache but you put it into the right tank and it can get you somewhere somewhere that you need to be somewhere that you want to be and with that being said it's your multi-dimensional fuck-boy pierrick so but then though you PN X

23 thoughts on “Our Generation's Big Problem with Anxiety & Social Media.

  1. Here i am, anxious as fuck before my exam tomorrow
    After watching the video i'm still anxious as fuck before my exam tomorrow because now i also feel existential dread lmao

    I wasn't ready for all this truth hahaha
    Right now i just want to run away rather than face everything. In the grand scheme of things this exam is a bump in the road and it's outcome wont determine my future whatsoever, yet i'm still freaking out

  2. Hii. I would not stop for write this comment, but I really got the feeling of this approach. It's so insane to think about this period we live today in a historical lens, it's opens widely our vision about our past as human being and even our future that is more and more unpredictble. When you said about we can see you in this video by technology, I felt it hard. I'm a brazillian, at my 20's, and I want to say how much I appreciate your channel and the way you talk. You are so incredible and such an inspiration. Thanks about it <3

  3. 2:20 maybe we can start thinking about the meaning of our lives? What is your purpose of lives?

    to be honest, when you know the purpose of your lives, most of the times the anxiety level just decrease to a very low point, because you know it isn't what you want in lives.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d16CpWp-ok (just a reference link to my meaning of lives. different people has different meaning tho)

  4. I love that you are talking about how technology is really taking over our thoughts and life slowly. I suggest you all to just pause for a minute and just think. Why are you on this earth? what’s the purpose of my life? We humans are to complex and outstanding creatures to just be created by nothing and just be here on earth. Work, sleep eat. Just think about that. My religion has helped me find the answers to life, and a really soothing and relaxing thoughts I have whenever I’m anxious or depressed is that I know my creator, Allah, will never ever put me in a situation which my soul can not handle❤️

  5. U are my meditation..u open my mind to thoughts that I sometimes think about and something when I dont 🌹🌹🔥🔥✔✔💯💯u are my church we can preach about Jesus and everthing but when was the last time u heard a priest preach like this❤❤❤❤❤💯 Pierre u open my mind and I thank u for that🌹🌹🌹

  6. Oh damn you really got me here. It’s like you spoke my soul. The addiction of technology is far beyond our control now, it’s gone too far. Pandora’s box exactly right. How quickly we have flown forward and nobody can handle it. Or is it just me? I don’t know. The microphone hearing itself…I’m experiencing this right now and most days it consumes me and freaks me out of what’s to come. Shit Pierre are you reading my mind? Everything is dictated to us right now. We just have to do it. There’s no other way around it we just have to.

  7. I remember three years ago I was the weird one being the only one with anxiety,now literally every person in my circle has some sort of anxiety wether it be social,ordiranry etc…
    The problem with me is if i'm scared of something and it gives me an anxiety attack i literally dive into it,and it almost looks like i'm torturing myself,but that's the only way i can overcome those situations..

  8. You're my favourite person on YouTube. The way you speak and express yourself is so admirable. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and views on life with us. Also, your voice sounds great and your pronunciation is A+ (I'm not a native speaker so watching your videos literally helps me improve my vocabulary and listening skills so thank you!) ❤️

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