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Organic VS Paid Marketing Search Strategies The Pros and Cons | Neil Patel

Organic VS Paid Marketing Search Strategies The Pros and Cons | Neil Patel

Some people say you have to do SEO. Some people say you have
to do paid advertising. Which one is better? You know what, not only am
I gonna go over that today, but the answer is not
what you’re gonna expect. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to go
over paid advertising and SEO. Which one’s better? Which one sucks? Why should you be leveraging any of them? (upbeat music) If you want more videos like this, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way, as I publish
more content like this, you’ll get notified. So, let’s get started
with paid advertising. There’s four main pros
of paid advertising. One, it can scale up as quick as you want. As you’re willing to spend more
money, you get more traffic. You start a paid advertising campaign, you get that traffic today. Two, you can target any
region that you want. With paid advertising, if you only do business in California,
you can only do ads just in California, If you do business in a specific city, you can also have your ads
only show up within that city. That’s a beautiful part
about paid advertising. Three, you can leverage dayparting. Dayparting isn’t common,
most people aren’t familiar with this and
they’re not using this. But if you’re business is
only around from 8 am to 5 pm, and let’s say you’re
in the B to B industry, and you’re looking for phone calls, why would you want to pay for ads at 6 pm? Because if someone comes to your website, and they try calling you, no one’s going to be there to answer it. With dayparting, it allows you to pick what hours you want your ads to show up. The last thing you want to
do, is be spending money during times that you’re not in business. The fourth thing, this is my
favorite part about paid ads, is you can be very aggressive
with your landing pages. With SEO, typically, pages
that rank on the top of Google, are very long in content and
they have roughly 2000 words. With pay-per-click, if you’re
landing page has 2000 words, people aren’t really going to convert into a customer, or a lead, or a sale. They’re probably gonna read your content. That’s not what you want. You want them to buy, and that’s the beauty of pay-per-click. You can have a very
aggressive landing page that focuses on your service,
your offer, your product and you can get people
to convert much higher from a percentage of how
many visitors you’re getting to how many customers,
than you can from SEO. Now, before I get in to
the advantages of SEO, if any of you guys
leveraged paid advertising, just leave a comment below with yes. I’m just curious to see how many of you guys are spending money on paid ads. With SEO, there’s a few advantages. One, even if you slow down on SEO, you can keep getting
more traffic over time. That’s the beautiful part. With paid advertising,
the moment you stop, so does your traffic. With SEO, if you slow
down, all that traffic that you’ve built up, doesn’t go away. You can still maintain it and get it. Two, SEO traffic is free. And here’s what I mean by free, yes, it does take time or energy, or you may have to pay some people to help with link building or content, but it’s free because it’s so
much cheaper and in general, you can do SEO yourself. You don’t have to pay an agency or firm to help you with SEO. You can learn it yourself,
you can do it yourself and over time you’ll notice
that your traffic goes up. And the third big benefit is, majority of people when
they perform a search, click on the organic listings. If you disagree with that,
leave a comment and say no. And I know most you aren’t gonna disagree, because the data shows the majority of the traffic goes to organic
listings over paid listings. Now, you’re probably wondering,
which one should you do. Well, with pay-per-click, you’ll find that you can scale up
and down much quicker. With SEO, it takes a lot longer. With paid advertisings,
you can control the type of artists that comes
to your landings page. With SEO, you can’t; you pretty much get a mix of everything. It could be some people
from the United States, specific city that you may not
be selling your services in, it could be in Canada if
you’re not operating in Canada, India, whatever region it may be. You can’t necessarily
control that as closely as you can with pay-per-click. Also, with SEO traffic,
it’s not guaranteed. Algorithms can slap you. Once you’re doing well, that
traffic doesn’t always last. Yes, you can maintain a portion of it, but it may go up or down and you could get slapped from the algorithm. And yeah with paid advertising, you can get pulled away
as well and slapped, but it’s very rare because
you’re giving them money. You’ll also find that
paid scales really easily, while SEO takes a lot of time. With SEO you gotta write a lot of content, either yourself or you gotta
hire writers or contractors, whatever it may be. And even when you do that, you won’t see the results right away. It can take three to six months
before you see some result, but it usually takes over a year before the results start kicking in. So, now let’s go to the ultimate question; is it SEO or is it paid, which
one should you be leveraging? Well the answer is, both. If they’re both profitable,
why wouldn’t you leverage them? If paid advertising’s profitable, that means SEO for sure
is gonna be profitable. You wanna leverage not only paid and SEO, you’re gonna be leveraging
any marketing channel that’s profitable and works,
that you can keep scaling. So, if people say, oh SEO’s better, or paid advertising is better,
it doesn’t really matter. Leverage all the channels that are profitable for your business. Back in the day, you
could just leverage SEO and build a business, or you
could just leverage paid. But now, there’s so many
businesses popping online, it’s so competitive
that you have no choice but to leverage all
the channels out there. From Google Adwords, to Facebook Ads, to SEO, to Content Marketing,
to Social Media Marketing, to Email Marketing, to Push Notifications. Th list keeps going on and on. That’s the only way
you’re going to succeed is if you have an omni-channel approach, in which you’re leveraging
all the channels. So now you have it, which one’s better? It doesn’t matter, you
wanna leverage all of them. If you found this video interesting, make sure you like it,
make sure you share it, tell other people about it,
or if you have any questions on paid or SEO or any
marketing related questions, leave a comment below. Make sure you subscribe
and thank you for watching.

100 thoughts on “Organic VS Paid Marketing Search Strategies The Pros and Cons | Neil Patel

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    This will definitely be a Christmas and a New Year gift for me Niel.

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  17. My agency sells both paid traffic and SEO, but not Google Adwords. But from the local business side of marketing, I can tell you neither will produce the best results unless that business appears to have a solid reputation and be an industry expert. Nielsen Ratings & Reviews: customers are no longer looking for who's at the top of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Customers are looking for the most reliable business that will give them the best value for their money. I focus on building a 5-star reputation first and then market that reputation to get more customers. SEO is usually the most expensive form of marketing for local business including the professional niches. For that reason, SEO is the last thing I sell to my clients.

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