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Optimize Your Online Advertising

Optimize Your Online Advertising

In marketing, you’re always looking for
the best ways to generate qualified leads. We’re going to use Tableau to see how our
online ads are performing. We’re looking at 6 months of online ad data
for a fictitious bank. The data is similar to what you would export from Google Adwords
or Microsoft Ad Center. In the top view, the turquoise bars show the
number of conversions (1 per click) and the yellow line shows our monthly cost.
Let’s take a look at our performance in June. Let’s look at Search and Display ads
separately. In Search, despite our reduced spending in
June, we were able to maintain about the same number of conversions as we did in May. Now
let’s look at our Display ads. We reduced spending on Display ads in June as well, but
it had more of an impact. Compared to our peak in April, we lost about 30 conversions. Let’s see what display ads we ran in June.
Now our conversion rate updates to the one for June displays ads. In the bottom view,
we can see the name of each campaign, the number of conversions in turquoise, the conversion
rate in red bubbles and the cost. As a starting point for next month, I’d
like to see if there are any high performing ads that we’ve run previously that we could
just re-run next month and bump our conversion rate back up. Ideally, I’d like an add with
a lost cost per conversion, or cost per acquisition. I’ve already got CPA in my data so let’s
add it to my worksheet. We’ll add the CPA in front and then we’ll
change it to a bar. Let’s go back to our dashboard. We’ll
clear the selection so we can see all display ads from all months. And we’ll sort by CPA.
It looks like Maestro Card Branded ads have done well in the past with a low CPA. We’ll
recommend running this ad for next month. See how your data converts, download a free
trial of Tableau Software.

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