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Optimize Location Targeting – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

Optimize Location Targeting – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

ERICA: Hi, everyone. I’m Erica from the AdWords team. And this is “AdWords
in Under Five Minutes.” This video will
teach you everything you need to know to optimize
your location targeting. Let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] Location targeting helps
you focus your advertising on the areas where you’ll
find the right customers for your business. For each AdWords campaign,
you can select locations where you want your ad to be shown. There are multiple
location targeting types. You can target entire countries,
areas within a country, such as a city,
region, or postal code, or a radius around a location. So now you’re ready to edit
your targeted locations. Location targets are set
at the campaign level. So to get started, select the
campaign for which you’d like to edit the location targeting. Next, click on the Settings tab. Then click the gray
Locations button. If you don’t see
this button, then you may need to make your
campaign type All Features. To do that, click
Edit next to Type and select All Features
from the gray box. After you’ve clicked the
gray Locations button, click the red +Locations button. In the search box,
you can start typing the name of a city, region,
country, or postal code. And from the dropdown
list, you can select Add next to the
location you’d like to target. If you’d like to target a radius
around a particular location, click “Advanced search”
in blue and select “Radius targeting” in
the top right-hand corner of the window. From here, type the name,
address, or coordinates at the location that will be
at the center of your radius. Then enter the number of miles
or kilometers for the radius, select your unit of
measurement, and click Search. The radius should appear below. And you can click
the red Add button to add it to your
location targeting. Once you’ve added
all of the radii you’d like, click the blue
Done button and then the blue Save button in the gray box. It’s as simple as that. So now you’ve set
your target locations, let’s talk about how
we can use location bid adjustments to optimize
your location targeting and show your ad more or
less frequently to customers in certain countries, cities,
or other geographic areas. Location bid
adjustments allow you to alter your maximum
cost-per-click bid by a certain percentage based
upon the location of the users you want to target. By adjusting your bid
based on that location, you can indicate that a click
is worth more if it comes from a particular
targeted location or that you want to prioritize
certain clicks from locations over others. This feature is really
useful for advertisers who get a lot of business
from a particular location because it allows you to be
more competitive in places where you have more
potential customers. Let’s walk through how to set
up location bid adjustments. Once again, click the
campaign you’d like to edit. Click the Settings tab. And select the gray Locations
button to view your location targeting list. Next to the location, click the
dashes in the Bid ADJ column to enter the bid adjustment
for that particular location. Here, you can enter
the bid adjustment. Remember, this is a percentage
increase, not a dollar amount. For example, if my bid is
set at $2 and I add a 15% bid adjustment for the
California location target, then my bid for California
users would be $2.30. After entering the percentage
value in the white box, click Save. Keep in mind that
these adjustments can be edited at any time. So once you’ve set your
first bid adjustments, let the ads serve
for a week or two. And then check back on this tab
to see how they’re performing. Based on that data, you
can make informed changes to your bid adjustments to
find the combination that works best for you. Location targeting really
helps you specifically target the markets where
your business has the most potential. And location bid
adjustments help refine that targeting
to ensure that you’re bidding competitively
in the areas that your potential customers
are located at the right cost. Don’t forget to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. And if you have any additional
questions for this video, you can post them in the
comments section below. If you have any
further questions, you can find us on social media,
discuss this in the AdWords community, chat to
an online specialist, or pick up the phone
and give us a call. Thank you for tuning in. And have a great day. [MUSIC PLAYING]

24 thoughts on “Optimize Location Targeting – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

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  3. Hi my name is Andrew
    I have a radius of around 40 km around my business set up on google adwords but I get alot of people who phone me outside of that area. how do you recomend me fixing that.
    kind regards

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  9. Hello Erika, thank you for your post. QUICK QUESTION. What happens if I set a certain country as my target area, and then I add another target location area that contains a part of that same country. Does that make the latter location a priority in the adds or does it make any difference at all? Thanks you!

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