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Only a Genius Or a Person With a Mental Illness Can Answer This

Only a Genius Or a Person With a Mental Illness Can Answer This

It is practically impossible to tell an average
person from a person with schizophrenia by their appearance. Many psychiatric tests and methods are used
in order to find out what is going on in the patient’s head and determine whether they
need help. Here are two simple questions that can be
answered only by a person with schizophrenia or by an extraordinary genius person. Do you want to give it a try? To get precise results, answer the questions
in accordance with your feelings. Try to concentrate on what you see, not what
it should look like. Question #1. Is the mask convex on one side or two? I’ll give you 10 seconds – have a closer
look at the picture. Ok, now, question #2. Is the mask rotating in one direction or in
two? Again, here are 10 seconds. Are you ready for the answers? 1. The mask is convex only on one side. 2. The mask is rotating in the right direction. So, let’s see who you are: crazy or a genius. If you answered both questions wrong, do not
worry: you are a completely healthy person. And if one of the answers was obvious to you,
it’s probably time to find a friend that is a psychiatrist. The truth is that the brain of a healthy person
tends toward self-deceit. It takes into account artificial forms and
extra shadows, ‘correcting’ the picture. We swallow the hook of the illusion, no matter
if we want to or not. People with schizophrenia do not have this
imagination. Their brains cannot establish the connection
between the details. They see the mask just as it really is. For them, the mask is concave and rotates
in one direction. What difference does genius make? Schizophrenia and genius are not that different. However, it is possible to distinguish between
them. Genius personalities possess both types of
thinking: that of a healthy person as well as the schizophrenic one, and they can switch
between the types of thinking. They see the illusion just the way an average
person sees it, but they also see the catch immediately. If they want to, their brain may stop perceiving
the deceit. Also, we’ve prepared a little bonus for
you: a quick IQ test that can determine your intellect. In 2016, research carried out by evolutionary
psychologists examined how population density affects an individual. It was found that people with high IQs showed
strikingly similar characteristics. Here are 2 questions that will help you find
out if you’re one of them. However, keep in mind that the test is entirely
subjective. Here’s the first question. Could you live in a heavily populated part
of a big city? There are two options:
1. No, lots of people stress me out. 2. I wouldn’t mind it; I’d feel at home. Think for a few seconds, choose the one, and
write down or remember the answer. Now, question #2. Do you feel sad or lonely and experience “withdrawal
symptoms” if you aren’t in constant contact with your friends? You need to choose one answer:
1. More or less. 2. Not really. So,
• if you chose the first option in both cases, then you’re probably high on the
“happiness index.” • If you selected the second option in both
cases, you possess the typical qualities of someone with a high IQ. As research has shown, those with powerful
intellectual abilities are the most capable of solving evolutionary tasks, and they adapt
more quickly to new environments (in this case, highly populated areas of big cities). These people are better at managing the stress
of a metropolis, and they don’t need support from their friends. Therefore, they can survive on their own. • If you chose different options, then you’ve
probably found a happy medium between happiness and intelligence. Have you tried these simple tests? Would you agree with the results? Share your thoughts in the comments! Don’t forget to hit the like button below
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100 thoughts on “Only a Genius Or a Person With a Mental Illness Can Answer This

  1. Lays on couch
    Psychiatrist: tell me your story
    1 hour later
    I made the psychiatrists tell me his problems.

  2. I was seeing the ilusión cuz I’d see the mask going in two directions and both sides looked convex but at the same time I could see that only one side was convex and that it was going only in one direction which was to the right, so I guess I can switch back and forth to what a normal person can see and what a schizophrenic can see so I’m a genius!? Yay I was never considered a genius in school 😂 also in the second portion of the questions I chose 1 and 2 so I’ve found a happy medium between happiness and intelligence…cool 😂 people probably don’t care but I still like to interact and share my results lol

  3. I have ADHD and got both wrong well…. I got one wrong and one I didn’t answer in time sooo. I do have ADHD though

  4. Man, w- I have so many issues/disorders. And they had nothing to do with u- me getting the answers right

  5. Lol this is so fake. I ain’t a genius neither mentally sick n both questions were obvious …😯 wait maybe i do have sizofrania

  6. There are way too many off putting factors. But I feel like people aren’t as smart as they think they are lol. All in all I feel like I have wasted my time.

  7. I answered both correct and no I don’t suffer from any mental illness however I am left handed amidextrous and I’m an empath xoxo 😘 I always knew I was a genius

  8. If it were a real mask, how could it jut out in both directions? And if it were rotating in two directions, how could it not rotate back and expose one side? The questions made no bloody sense whatsoever unless you were asking whether or not I could see the optical illusions.

  9. On the bonus questions, I put the first option for the first one, but the second option on the second one.
    Also on the first questions, it's wrong. I may have szcrofonia, but you are saying I don't. The mask was rotating bot ways, but from different angles.

  10. I got them right, not because of a mental illness but common sense. You can see the edge of the mask through the eye.

  11. The whole mask thing – one side of the image presents a side profile and the other side of the image doesn't: you don't need to be genius or schizophrenic to notice that in spite of the convex/concave illusion – one side has a profile and the other doesn't, which means it can only be rotating in one direction. Anyone who actually pays attention – can solve that. Accurate observation of reality is not a symptom of an inability to accurately observe reality (Schizophrenia), nor is it an indication of a genius intellect.

    Bonus question 1 was written incorrectly. The Question was "Could" you live in a highly populated area – that asks of possibility. The choices of answer presented were dictated as preference. You asked about possibility – you expected the answer to be related to preference, these are not the same thing. If you are asking about possibility – than something is possible or isn't possible: it's "yes" or "No". Preference is another issue entirely. Could I live in a highly populated city? Yes. Would I prefer to? No. It's possible that I'll be mangled in a car accident tomorrow – it's not preferable. Possibility =/= Preference.

    You need better writing staff.

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