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Online Marketing Strategies | CurtinX on edX

Online Marketing Strategies | CurtinX on edX

BILLY SUNG: The online world
is changing very rapidly. The digital world is moving into every
single aspect of the consumer journey. By 2025, there will be 75 billion
devices that are connected to internet. What these sensors could do is
notify you when you need a product. Even when we look at
the offline marketing, we also have the digital aspect. Digital signage, they are now encrypted
with facial recognition software that actually recognize
your gender and your age. And they will actually serve you the
most relevant advertisements that they have based on your age and gender. What customers expect is the
most relevant ads to them. Online advertising now are all
customized and personalized based on your demographics, your
interests, your behavior that you actually exhibit online. Customers nowadays don’t
trust businesses and brands. They actually trust their friends, their
family, and even a stranger’s review. When businesses invest in
celebrities, they actually are more trustworthy
than brand information that is served to those customers. So the unit is called
Online Marketing Strategy. We have designed 12 weeks
of interactive courses on different contemporary
issues in digital marketing, looking at social media marketing,
search engine optimization, search engine marketing, including how we could
actually implement an adword campaign. We’ll also look at how we can use
digital analytics software to actually analyze and evaluate the marketing
efforts of brands and businesses online. We’ll also look at different
digital innovations, such as wireless analytics. We’ll look at how we can
optimize website design, how we apply traditional marketing
[? mix ?] or marketing theories into the digital world.

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