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Online Marketing Essentials: Welcome to My Channel!

Online Marketing Essentials: Welcome to My Channel!

Hello, and welcome, welcome, welcome to my
channel! My name’s Ivan and I’m your host for the day. So what’s this channel about? Well, if you’re new at affiliate marketing
or you’re struggling with the how-to’s or the technical aspect of it, my friend – you’re
not alone, you’re in the right place. So what we do in this channel is we look at
the different affiliate marketing tools, such as ad networks; ClickFunnels, where you build
your own pages; GetResponse, where you send your automated e-mails; ClickMagick, where
you track your progress. Things like that, we integrate them all together,
we make them simple and easy to use for YOU, and we set you up for affiliate marketing
success. So, subscribe and stay tuned, because there
is a LOT of valuable content coming your way!

6 thoughts on “Online Marketing Essentials: Welcome to My Channel!

  1. Marketing seems to complex to me. i hope that just having good content works out for me. but i guess it works in some way because you only had 30 subs just days ago!

  2. Mate! How have you not got over a million subs yet? You're content is epic and you seem like a genuine guy. Im getting my head around all this.Its interesting, tough as but I'm plugging away and youre helping!

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