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Online distribution channels

Online distribution channels

– Improved corporate image. complete.
– No advice given. Two types of online distribution channels
in the tourism market Tourism product (seller) Hoteles, rent a cars,
eventos, atracciones turísticas: Hotels, rent a cars, events, tourism attractions Direct Channel. The website is the shop window.
The sales strategy is oriented towards: – Increasing traffic on the website.
– Encourage the user to make a purchase. Indirect Channel (retail agency, Tour Operators,
etc.) Direct online distribution. The essential
tools to attract potential customers Private financing: SEO, SEM, E-mail Marketing;
Ads from affiliated networks; Viral Marketing; Guerrilla Marketing; Mobile Marketing; Social
Media Search Engine Optimisation
Web positioning. Most widely used Internet search engine: Google. Search Engine Marketing
Situating our website among the “sponsored results”.
In search engines, the website appears highlighted in the right hand margin of the page and sometimes
at the top of the natural results. The advertiser pays when the user clicks on
their link. Most used: Google Adwords. “E-mail Marketing”:
The information is sent out to a list of email contacts.
It is widely used. To get good results and generate business,
you need to: 1. Create a database of email addresses.
2.Prepare the email content well and then send it.
3.Follow up and track. NEVER use mass mail advertising without the
customer’s consent to receive such information. “Affiliated networks adverts”:
Online advertising through a network of partners: affiliate’s websites or blogs.
Involved in this type of advertising: advertisers, affiliates, platforms (webpage, blog, user
community, forum…) and commission agents. “Viral marketing”:
“Word of mouth”. Techniques for increasing the brand image
of the company. “Guerrilla marketing”:
Very useful for companies that have low incomes. The techniques are usually directed at specific
market niches. Most usual techniques:
Publishing of expert content. Sending newsletters.
Creating a blog. Bluejacking: promotional messages via Bluetooth
to PCs and mobile. Active participation in Forums “Mobile marketing”:
Marketing through portable devices. Sending SMS or MMS messages for specific promotional
campaigns. Advertising on mobile Apps. “Social media”:
Involves the use of social media as a channel Specify the platforms or means you will use
to reach this audience. protocols, content management, system maintenance,
web administration and payment systems.

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