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OnePlus 7T – Never Settle

OnePlus 7T – Never Settle

Every decision we made. Every path we took. Led us to one thing. A better phone, to empower you. You got videos to watch and feeds to
scroll, so there’s a wider, edge-to-edge screen that still fits in your hand. You’ve got apps to run. New hardware
unlocks and processes quicker, while our screen is more fluid and more responsive. Smoother? You’ve got that too. Thanks to a 90 Hz refresh rate with richer, sharper, deeper colours and details. You’ve got photos to take with three
lenses instead of one, so you can shoot wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and
telephoto to always get the full picture. Even in backlight, and with almost no
light, so your images always look spot-on. You’ve got things to do, places to be, so there’s Warp Charge. Just 30 minutes to keep you moving. And you’ve got dual speakers, so when
you’re gaming, you don’t get played. You’ve even got video stabilisation, so
you can always keep it steady. We came. We listened. We made the phone you want. Introducing the new OnePlus 7T. Never Settle.

100 thoughts on “OnePlus 7T – Never Settle

  1. Brutal posteriore fotocamera.inside molto byutifull one plus is 1 or best phone in Word .bhut i dont lick this posteryor camera .i lick semafor camera .

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  3. Can we help each other grow like these big channels ?? Drop a sub please and let me know to return it ❤
    Have a great day ❤

  4. Why only 128 gb? And the bugs, the bugs and camera. If no more like bricking and WiFi randomly dropping with better camera am in. If not am going nowhere

  5. Back camera filear models…
    First damage camera
    🔵 shape ❎❎❎👎👎👎
    Better than old type model best🎚

  6. I don't understand why OnePlus ALWAYS bring new phone every few month! I just got my 7Pro few weeks back! I feel outdated even tho it's new and powerful! Please OnePlus don't release phone every 3 month

  7. Boa one plus por isso Q eu acho Vcs a melhor do mundo n troco Vcs por nd apesar Q n tenho nenhum celular de Vcs n tenho condições para isso mais Vcs meu pai ninguém segura

  8. We need this phone in Australia. My first Android phone was the OnePlus One. I'm using the xiaomi pocophone and love it but it isn't a OnePlus phone. Please OnePlus, bring it to Australia 🙏

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