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One Minute Sciatica Exercises for Quick Pain Relief & Cure of Sciatic Pain

One Minute Sciatica Exercises for Quick Pain Relief & Cure of Sciatic Pain

♪ Bob and Brad, the two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists on the internet ♪ – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – And together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, Brad. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – And today I wanted to
show us some one minute sciatica exercises you
can do for pain relief. These actually can lead
to total relief too, but it’s just kind of a quick start. – Right. – So.
– So we’ve got a number of ’em here. Not all of ’em might
work, but more than likely you’re gonna find one or
two of them that are gonna give you some good relief. – Exactly, so let’s go
ahead and start off, Brad. The first thing, well, you
know, what we’re trying to do, Brad, is we’re trying to, yeah, right aways when I stand
up, Lonny goes sit back down. – (laughing) We can’t see your head. – What we’re trying to
do is, we’re trying to, a lotta times the pain
is going down the leg, isn’t it, Brad.
– Exactly. – Can you turn around once, Brad. – Sure.
– And face, so a lotta times the pain is in here and then it’ll go down
one leg or the other leg and it’ll, you know, go on into the butt, then eventually go down
to the back of leg, maybe the calf, maybe even to the foot. So what we’re trying to
do with these exercises is we’re trying to get
that pain out of the leg, especially out of the
foot and the calf first, and then out of the thigh
and then out of the butt and then usually that’s the progression. – Right.
– So that’s what you’re lookin’ for. – From the foot up. – So this is my painful side. I don’t know if you can
see that blue on here, I shoulda probably took a red color, huh? Brad, do you wanna hand
me those pillows there? – [Brad] Yeah. – This is often the first
step that we do with people when they’re having that
pain, is we’re gonna have them lay on a couple pillows, ’cause
some people can’t lay flat. So all you’re gonna do, for
one minute, is lay like this. Kinda the pillows are
underneath the pelvis. – Right.
– Underneath the back. – [Brad] And sometimes,
can you lift up, Bob? – [Bob] Sure. – [Brad] Sometimes I’ll
put the pillows this way, it all depends on what’s
more comfortable for, so this way or this way. – Right. – And I think some of these people will be the kinda people that have a hard time straightening up.
– Exactly, Brad. – They find that they’re walking forward with that back pain. – That’s right, and so
this is the progression. So you can stay there for a minute, then you might just take
one pillow out, Brad. – Right, and you might not
be able to be on your elbows, you may have to– – Yeah, you’d be down like this, I’m sorry.
– Yep, down like that. – And then, after another
minute, you take this one out. – Right, and I’ve done with
the patients many times where I’ll start with the two pillows. – Yep, I have too. – And then they say, oh, it
feels a little bit better, or a lot better with the pillows. And you give them, I might
take a minute or two, and then you take one
pillow out because it starts feelin’ better, and then you drop it down just like Bob is here. – So now, you know, some
of you might be able to skip to this step right away, Brad. – Exactly.
– Some of you might be able to get, so we’re gonna have you lay this way for a minute. Now after that minute,
what you’re gonna try to do is now you’re gonna try to go prop up on your elbows for a minute. – Right. – So again, maybe you can
go to this right away too, some people can. – Right, you may go up and
say, oh, that kinda hurts and you may have to go
back down, but that’s okay. – You’re looking at what the
pain in your leg is doing. – Exactly.
– If this is making the pain in your leg worse or it’s
making it go down even further, this is not the right thing to do, then we’re gonna have
to try something else. – [Brad] Exactly. – All right, so let’s say
this worked out fine, Brad. Now we’re gonna go ahead
and jump into the press ups. – Sure.
– And you can do these, y’know, for a minute if you want. – I just did with these
with someone last week and he couldn’t do the
press up, he only got about this high, he could get
up, not even that high, Bob. – Okay.
– He got to here and he was doing baby press
ups, he says it hurts. Well I said just do some
more, and by the time he got to 10 he was up to here. – Okay. – And the pain started
going out of his foot and out of his leg, it was a good day. – What you try not to do is do this. – Exactly.
– You’re not trying to lift up your pelvis.
– Right. – You’re keeping the pelvis down. You’re gently working it this way. – That’s a good point, Bob. – All right, the next progression, Brad. – Wait, Bob, before we go any further– – I knew you were gonna do that, Brad, ’cause I was ready for it too. (Brad laughing) – There’s new people out there that have not seen our channel. – Hi, welcome to our channel. – Bob and Brad. – Yeah, and today we’re gonna, y’know, want you to, encourage you to
go ahead and subscribe to us. – It might be here. – Yeah, some people said it was up there. – I don’t, wherever the
subscribe button is. – It’s on the screen, but take a minute, we upload a video every
day and it’s all on how to stay healthy, fit, pain free. Is that good enough, Brad? – Perfect.
– All right, so after the press ups, let’s say the press ups don’t work, Brad. You tried half press ups,
you tried and it’s just still givin’ you trouble. – These are the stubborn ones. – Yeah, now the pain is on this side. – Yeah.
– So now what you’re gonna try is what we call the banana. – Sure. – So I’m gonna move my butt over this way and I’m moving my legs over this way and my upper body over this way. Does this all make sense, Brad, or not? – If you look at it from this angle, we call it the banana because his body is shaped, if you look at it this way, or from the top down,
he’s curved and his hips are over to the, in this case, the left. Usually if the pain is on the right leg you shift the hips– – To the left.
– Opposite. – So my feet are to
the right, my shoulders are to the right, my hips are to the left. – Right, make that curve goin’ in. – Now in this position you can just lay here for a little bit. You might get up on the elbows. – Exactly. – And you might also try the press ups again.
– The press ups. And what’s gonna guide
you is if the leg pain is getting better, then you go with it. – Now let’s say you find
out this works for you, this is the thing that you can do throughout the day for one minute. I mean, that’s the idea behind all these. If you find out the press
ups alone work for you, go ahead and do those for one minute. – Right.
– You can do those every hour, Brad. – Yup. I had a patient, I always
gotta tell this story, he was an excellent patient,
he had his own business, he needed to get better
fast, he and his wife went out to Las Vegas and
he was having this problem, he was getting better at the time. I said do ’em every one to two hours. In Vegas, in a shop, his
wife was shopping for some trinkets, whatever, he’s down
on the floor in the aisle– – In a shop? – Yes! He went to a place where there wasn’t many people, of course. – Oh my God! – He got better though. (laughing) – I’ve had people where
I’ve had ’em take cardboard to work though, and they worked on a shop, you know, like a manufacturing floor. – Yep.
– And they would go down and do it. – Sure.
– And they wouldn’t even hesitate. – If it works, you wanna
get better, you’ll do it. – Now when we say every
hour we know you may not be able to do it every
hour, but if you do it five to six times a day
that’s really helping a lot. All right, the next one, Brad,
if this one doesn’t work, the banana.
(horn beeping) Wow, we really got some beeping
goin’ on there, don’t we? – Yeah. (horn beeping) – We’re gonna go ahead and put the towel underneath the thigh here. – Yep. – So this is instead of the banana now. If the banana didn’t work,
you might try puttin’ a towel right underneath the pelvis here. – Right, so what that
does, it tilts the pelvis a little bit and it changes
the force on the back and it’s gonna take that
disc, that bulge in the disc, and get it out of the way, so to speak. – And then again, if
this works then you can go ahead and do press ups. – Right. – We’re throwin’ a lot at ya here, but, y’know, try these step by step. If you find one that works that’s the one you’re gonna do every day. – Right. – All right, the next one that you may, which is similar to this one, Brad, is actually the roadkill. – Right, this is kind of an unusual name. I’m not sure how it got to be called this. – Well, you look like roadkill when you– – I guess. (laughing) – So I’m bringin’ just one leg up there, one knee up like this. – Yeah. – So, and again, I’m gonna lay here, I’m gonna see if this,
and you had a patient it just recently worked for. – Oh just recently, but
yeah, I use this one over the years a number
of times with success. – Yep, so if this gives you the relief, again less leg pain, less
back, not less back pain, normally it’s usually less leg pain. – Right. – Eventually less back pain. And then you can go
ahead and do press ups. Even in this position? – Yeah. – Or don’t you normally do that, Brad? – No, no, I’ll have ’em do it, for sure. But it’s this kind of a,
I always tell a person that it’s kind of a weird
press up ’cause you’re not gonna go as high, but you
still follow the same rules, if the leg gets better it’s okay. – Okay. All right, this one, Brad,
is a little more advanced. Let’s say a lotta those
aren’t workin’ for you, you wanna try something new. I’m gonna grab a pillow here, Brad. – Okay. – This is a Mulligan
technique and I don’t know if they do it in McKinsey too, but here’s my, again,
my involved side, my, I don’t know if you can see that. Here’s the side. – Yeah, yeah, this is the leg. – So we’re bringin’ it up like this, Brad, and we’re gonna actually
twist over a little bit towards the involved side like this. And you’re gonna see if
that gives you some relief. – One little trick, I don’t
know if you do this one, Bob, but I’ll have them, put your foot down and just lift your butt up
and shift it that direction a little bit, now set it down. – And then bring ’em up and over? – Yeah, and sometimes that’s
tolerated a little better and it works a little better,
it depends on the individual. – Oh, thanks for the little hint, Brad. I didn’t know that one, so nice. – It works for me sometimes. – All right, so you can
give that one a try. A different one, a little variation, this is kinda more of a sleeping one, to help you sleep at night, you wanna grab one more pillow, Brad?
– You got it. – So you can lay on your
side that’s not painful. So this is gonna be hard for me because I got my mic here. I’m gonna switch. – Oh, (laughing) it just
went down the other leg. The reverse sciatica syndrome. Never heard of that one.
– I’m gonna lay on the side that’s not painful. The painful side is on the side up. – Yep. – So I’m layin’ on my side
here and I’m gonna go ahead and put just two pillows
underneath the calf, underneath the ankle and the foot. And believe it or not this often, you lay here for a little
bit, people often find out that this gives them some relief. – Right, yeah. I can’t, haven’t figured it out yet, but if it works. – I think it brings the
back up into, you know, a little bit of– – Sure.
– Arching here and it seems to take it away. (horn beeping) This is another one that we do, it’s called sciatic nerve flossing, Brad. – Ah, yeah. – So again, since we got
the painful side here this is something that you
wanna be very careful with. The sciatic nerve is very
tender and, you know, you don’t wanna go crazy on this. I usually only have people
do this once or twice a day. – Right, nerves aren’t like muscles. If you stretch ’em too hard
it becomes very uncomfortable. – This should not be painful, Brad, when you’re doing this. So what you’re gonna
do is, you’re gonna go actually bring the foot up
and bring the toe toward you. But while you do that–
– So here. – You actually bring your
head back like this, Brad. – Yup. – So the toe goes towards
you, the head goes back at the same time, then you go
down and the head goes down. – So the bend the knee, and then the toe points down as well. – Yeah. What you’re doing is flossing the nerve. So down, toe goes down. Up, head goes up, toe goes up. Down, toe goes down, head goes down. – Yeah, you’re just tryin’
to loosen the nerve up in its natural pathway.
– You’re flossing, especially if there’s
some scar tissue on it that seems to help decrease that. So, well Brad, those are it. We made it through the 10 already. – Yeah, you know, we’ve
probably got videos on these individual ones as well, so just keep on lookin’ at our videos and you’re gonna find some excellent, a routine that’s gonna fit you. – We’ve got playlists we can– – Sure.
– Of the sciatic nerve, so thanks for watchin’.

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    I found your videos on youtube and started doing the work and the upper back pain has diminished by 80% to 90% sometimes completely gone. Also, this may help others (Lat pulldowns completely extending the lats every time and in-between reps hang onto the bar as long as you can before releasing it. You can just hang there also to stretch out the back if your able. Use comfortable weight not too much) This would probably be for those that had been in shape and are working to get back there. It worked for me may not work for everyone. I do 3 sets of 10 twice a day along with your training.
    **My doctor was against me doing anything thing on my own to repair this myself (he has my best interest at heart I'm sure he probably didn't want me to cause myself more pain) but I told him what I was doing and why I canceled the last set of injections he said if it works keep doing it***
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