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One Eyed Cat Online Marketing

One Eyed Cat Online Marketing

(light music) – Do you spend a fortune on
Google AdWords each month, but struggle to see a
return on your investment? Do you find your online
advertising is swamped by the marketing budgets of the big retailers and Amazon or eBay? Wouldn’t it be a relief if the money you spent
out on Google AdWords earned you more back for a change? If your answer is a resounding
yes to any of the above, then One Eyed Cat Online
Marketing can help! Here at One Eyed Cat, we are
experts in Google Shopping, and are dedicated to
getting the best results for your e-commerce business. Through our systematic approach and extensive knowledge of AdWords we can help you get a
higher return on investment on your advertising budget. This process starts with an
audit of your AdWords account. This shows you every area
that need to be improved, plus where you’re doing
a great job already. It’s a comprehensive report you can use to plan your next steps,
with or without us. If we then work together then we work with you,
in your best interests, to save you money in both
the long and short term. At One Eyed Cat Online Marketing, we believe your e-commerce business can compete with the big boys so that consumers who search Google can find your products and buy from you. With One Eyed Cat you are in
safe, knowledgeable hands. We’ve also been featured on BBC Radio 4, Wales Online and Business New Wales. If you are ready to talk
marketing strategies, call now on 02921 679 043 or drop us an email at
[email protected] We’re looking forward to
getting you better results from every pound you spend on AdWords!

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