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OmniSci Lowers the Cost of Curiosity in Advertising Analytics at Simulmedia

OmniSci Lowers the Cost of Curiosity in Advertising Analytics at Simulmedia

As a data scientist I felt
restricted a lot looking into the data. I was curious but I couldn’t always find
any answers. With OmniSci I’m able to look at all different angles, from the
data, all different perspectives, and do it very very quickly. Simulmedia focuses on offering technology and data science to marketers to effectively plan
and manage their TV media. Some of media’s customers run the gamut, from large national brands trying to make sure they’ll optimize and efficiently
deliver their marketing messages, to small brands which are trying to grow
their message and their audiences. Data science is very important to Simulmedia. It’s a differentiating factor for us. We predict what everyone will watch in the future. So as a data scientists we’re very curious about our data, but we had a barrier that we couldn’t always look at it. When we went out into the marketplace and evaluated our offerings, we chose OmniSci because it was an incredible breath of
fresh air, right from the get-go. Easy to ingest the data, easy to analyze and
discover insights, and very fast. OmniSci has really helped us reduce that
barrier and in some ways you could say lower the cost of curiosity. Through our
tenure with OmniSci what began as just a way to investigate data turned into
ways we can improve our platform and OmniSci has become very important in
showing our customers insights in real-time as they use our platform.
We find that you can actually explore and interact with the data in new ways, use
custom filters, look through the data, and do aggregations very quickly and
efficiently, and really get to answers before the even the question has
germinated. Coming from a background with GPUs I understand that a lot of
people can get very excited about it but then not know how to make that applicable to the day-to-day OmniSci has a really ground up
mentality of using GPUs and incorporating that into a very
intelligent architecture, and I applaud them for this

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