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‘OMKalen’: Kalen Reacts to Seltzer Chicken and Canned Fish Cake

‘OMKalen’: Kalen Reacts to Seltzer Chicken and Canned Fish Cake

That’s not safe. It’s not. That’s not safe. Well, I guess– no you– OK. Olive oil, tangerine
zest, lemon zest, brown– oh something citrusy. OK. It going to be sweet too. I like that. That’s a lot of good
seasonings up in there. OK. Mix that up. Oh, you going to put
this on the chicken. OK. I don’t hate it. Probably should put some
more seasoning on the chicken first before you put this
little marinade thing on there. But it may still be good. OK. Well, he put salt and pepper. That’s OK. Here we go. Tangerines all around the pot. Lemon, garlic, just one garlic. That’s a big ole
clove of garlic. Rosemary, white wine, OK. La Croix can. Why they open it– ah! In the skillet? On the aluminum foil? You can’t do that. The toxins in the can going
to get all up on that chicken. There is dye on that can. Oh! That’s toxic. That going to kill you. Am I crazy? Am I crazy? That not going to kill them? No. It is. That’s going to kill them. It would have to kill them. Cause it– they
printed on the can. So there’s dye on
the can on the meat! Inside the meat. And they put it in heat. In heat! The aluminum foil–
now, I didn’t– I don’t know about
my chemistry days. But something tells me
about the periodic table. That’s not safe. It’s not. That’s not safe. All right. That one that got
me all bamboozled. So let me watch another one. Here we go. OK. What’s happening with this one? OK. Now, I don’t know
why they need to put this mayonnaise on this plate. What you need to
batter this plate for? It ain’t going to stick. You ain’t going to put it
in the microwave, are you? I don’t even know if that
plate is microwaveable. OK. Now, you got this egg. You going to cut up the egg. I did not know that
deviled eggs and boiled eggs was two different things. But I don’t like them
little green yolks. I don’t eat that. I don’t do that. OK. Now, you have the white
egg with the mayonnaise. Great. And you going to put
that on there too. That’s a lot of mayonnaise. My digestive system
can’t handle all that. Oh! OK. Spread it out. More crackers. OK. See, I got too much OCD. I’m too worried about
the holes not going in the same direction. Oh, fish! That going to stink. I hate the smell of canned fish. This reminds me of my grandma. She used to eat stuff like this. She used to take like sardines
and put them on crackers. I was like, girl, you got
to take that away from me. It stink! Oh, lord. Look at it all
brown and [BLEEP].. Look like bad breath. [LAUGHING] OK. OK. You put the lettuce
in there too. Oh, my god. They killing me today. OK. More crackers, more mayonnaise. You used the whole damn jar. You might as well– I don’t know. Why do they keep showing
us how to spread mayonnaise on these crackers like we
don’t know how to do that. I’m not incompetent. I know how to spread mayonnaise. Over here making
this cracker parfait. Nasty. OK. Ewe. You’re going to
put it on the side like it’s a little
cake or something. Oh, my god. This going to get
your cholesterol high. This too much. This too much. Graded cheese. That’s a lot cheese. This like some kind
of vegan appetizer. Oh, wait. No. They put fish in there. That’s pecata–
Pescatarian, right! I said pecatarian. Jesus be a [INAUDIBLE]. OK. Now, you put the tomato. You going to serve
that to somebody? I wish somebody would. I would never go back
to their house again. That’s just nasty. I can smell it all the
way from over here. Trifling.

100 thoughts on “‘OMKalen’: Kalen Reacts to Seltzer Chicken and Canned Fish Cake

  1. Kalen seems like a nice guy be he’s kind of a one trick pony imo. Is there something i’m missing? I mean he watches a cooking video and pretty much ‘reacts’ the same way every single time.

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  3. Hmm…a periodic table? Pedi, cop, cod,rid, dope, od, hmm..
    A table isn't a must have for a pedi, to make dope yeah a table is used, cutting cod yeah a counter or table is used…to od a table isn't a must have….Depopulate

  4. Majority of aluminum cans today have an epoxy coating, which is resistant to heat, corrosion, and acidic conditions. Chicken is probably fine.

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