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Hey! My name is Simone Giertz, and I build robots. It is something called the “wake-up machine”. Ow! ♪ Grab ’em by the pussy ♪ and it’ll slap you in the… ♪♪ I’m not sure it has been cleaned, though. ♪ This pussy grabs back! ♪♪ Oh wow, thank you. But, no no no, don’t use your hands. Okay they’re pretty shitty. Like, I build shitty robots. It’s on purpose. Some of them are shittier than others, though. Fuck, that joke’s a low-hanging fruit. I also do random stuff like working on becoming an astronaut. (Simone): That was intense.
(Person): That’s just the average ride.
(Simone): Really? Okay. I feel like fucking Pacman. Building stuff for Tested.Com. Nope, you gotta go faster. Oh my goodness. And cuss, a lot. Fuck you. [retches] Dickhead. Fuck me. Fuck this robot. Yuck! What I don’t understand, is why people have fake nails. How the fuck do you scratch your butt? There are kid-friendly versions of my videos on Goldie Blox’s channel, but you should check out the non kid-friendly versions first, because (it) has a lot of dick jokes. If you’re into dick jokes. If even this shitty robot can subscribe, then so can you. Ow I made you! You’re supposed t-


  1. For those of you who think this girl is an original creative artist :
    or just google "Rube Goldberg"

  2. A lot of the servos, motors, and aluminum pieces look very similar to what we have in my robotics class. :p

  3. Simone – My daughter loves you from Goldie Blox. She wants to be an engineer / inventor / astronaut. I was excited for her to watch your channel. So hard to find female role models.
    But today my 6 year old asked me what f**k meant, just after seeing your video where you say it several times. I've seen your videos. You are so creative and funny. Please drop the x-rated humor so that the videos can be family friendly. Little girls need you.

  4. Hey, Simone. You have the funniest tech videos I've ever seen. I do puppet parodies (some political) and tech videos: drones, Youtube help. Thanks. I need to laugh even if some of your jokes are crude.😍

  5. Hehe, 4 of the 6 letters of your name are right next to each other on the keyboard. I don't think I've ever typed anything like that before, and it somehow fills me with a sense of accomplishment. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 🙂

  6. Olá moçoila … gostei dos seus vídeos … na verdade gostei mesmo e das suas peraltices no desenvolvimento das gerigonças … ACHO TUDO ISSO UMA MALUKICE GENIAL …

  7. I can respect people building shitty robots on purpose, as long as they are still able to build something more sophisticated as well and shitty robots isn't all they can build.
    Applied Science is a wonderful example of that: https://www.youtube.com/user/bkraz333

  8. I found a random gif on the internet. And it has your name on it. I had to see on youtube what you have on videos, and. Well. This is the first time i clicked the bell after only seeing the channel trailer, and not any of the content.

  9. Came here after hearing you on a podcast! You sounded like a really wonderful person so I just had to come here 😀 😀 😀

  10. Is this the girl that bragges about being pretty , shiiiiiieeet girl you are pretty … average . You are into robotics and am into crypto and algorithm dev . We all pretty average the instant you start studying modern science you are fucked you loose the curves you never take care of you face and your face gets darker .

  11. Are you the girl from the animated video I'm too pretty. So far you are the closest girl I've seen that fits the description.

  12. I just found your YouTube channel I like it this is so cool and awesome and the best thing ever and this is so good and I cannot wait for more all new videos from you thank you very much well you are so cool and awesome and you rock😊😀😍

  13. Thanks for liking my shirt. It's hidden by a sweater so I hope you like that too. Also why did your logo color change from more of a teal-ish to the bright blue that it is now?

  14. I came from your Tesla pickup truck commerical. Ok, you should collab with that kid who made trigger me Elmo. He's right up your alley.

  15. Just discover your channel and watch a bunch of clips, i like your sense of humor, just keep on going Simone! 🙂 Hälsningar ifrån Sverige…

  16. I don't know if you'll see this, but I just watched your TedTalk and I absolutely loved it. Your philosophy of the celebration of failure is amazing! If more people admired failure, I think as a by product people would be less stressed, less anxious, and more successful! Keep up the amazing work and ideas!

  17. LOL I was actually scratching my butt cheek when you said “How the [email protected]#k do you scratch your butt?”………. What? I’m alone, there’s no one else to share this with. X-D

  18. Totally stumbled on your Truckla video, you trying to sell your boat video, and your Ted video… freakin love it! Totally subscribed and following your epic shit 😉

  19. You are my new role-model! I'm a girl with her own drill, and her own chainsaw and her own screwdriver set… I'm always making shit that doesn't work out well and I love seeing a woman just making stuff who doesn't think you can't be girly and make stuff!

  20. Hi, can you build an underground robot? something like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-5YbTZLLr8 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hp-BlOs5CA

  21. Have you ever heard of the guy so-called China’s Edison ? He also has a lot of interesting inventions lolll!! Would be great if you both came up with an invention together!! He has over 2m subscribers!

  22. I have shortened arms and honestly the contraptions I've been sold to wipe my butt cost a fortune and are worse than useless. The latest being my toilet that is supposed to shower, wash and dry my butt. The wash bit sprays warm water for about 4 secs, then freezing water that can give you piles. Jets are supposed to hit butt or lady parts. Then a dryer blows hot air until you're "wearable Dry". Firstly, the cold water hitting your butt then washes all the fecal matter towards your lady parts unless you scoot forward. Then it sprays right up your back cos scooting leaves an unsealed gap. Now you're all wet. So the dryer comes on and it blows all the shitty water forward onto lady parts, then stops before you're dry. Manufacturers tell you it's intentional because medically you shouldn't overdry your toileting bits so it stops when you're wearable dry. Except you're not dry at all. You've got slightly shitty water and damp pants. You know how you can leave a screwed up wet cloth and days later it stinks of damp? That's your knickers after a couple of hours of being wearable dry. And if you're lucky you might get occasional boils and abscesses in the area too
    Most useless butt wiping device ever that costs around £4,000 GBP. And it's not cool for anyone to ask another disabled person online Hey, how do you wipe your butt? So crappy devices get no negative views, it's too embarrassing to talk about. Worse than your machine that doesn't have any orders. Oh look, Ive got enough material now to do my own TED talk on useless butt wiping machines funded by the NHS and pouring our taxes down the drain…. Bet you can make one better 😉😉😉

  23. Hi Simone, wondering if you do commissions. I really, really want, for my 50th birthday, a portable back patter. (Yes, I was inspired by the clapper-robot). This is something to use, not so much for after a hard day's work (which is paid) but more for those petty, unpaid, very uncreative tasks such as cleaning out the fridge, getting the tires rotated, getting rid of viruses from the family computer –you get the idea! The problem is , no one is around to say "good job!" (A nice ladies' voice saying that would be a great addition, in my opinion)and so you just feel kind of shitty and underappreciated. Just let me know if you are interested, thanks!! (BTW Very excited about my upcoming birthday in November!!) [email protected]

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