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Office politics bringing you down? Your Next Job is on WUZZUF | Commercial Ad 2019

Office politics bringing you down? Your Next Job is on WUZZUF | Commercial Ad 2019

Did you see the prospects coming in from
from the marketing campaign? I don’t get it. Do they expect us to work miracle? It’s a disaster. We can’t sell anything this way. I don’t understand who they’re targeting?
Or how they chose the billboard locations? Did you meet any of the prospects? They don’t even have enough money to rent an apartment. They’re gonna buy?! It’s a joke. Wha… Look…It’s Nelly. You’re amazing! At your service. You’re campaign is killing it. When it comes to marketing, I don’t mess around. We can’t pick up the phone fast enough.
Trrnnn, trrnn, trrnnn, trrrnn. And people are coming and going
and coming and going. Amazing. We’ve sold out all the units. All my ideas, after-all. Do you know how much Mr. Wael gave me
for the campaign budget? Pennies. You’re kidding? I came up with the entire idea myself. We want to see this from you every day. He also set the KPIs so that
they are totally unachievable. I don’t understand that man. He’s horrible. Did you hear what he did to Taimour? What? He fired him. You’re kidding me? Taimour is a prince! Mr. Wael! Mr. Wael, how are you? You light up the building. You’re always an inspiration! Ya, General! Such a treat.

21 thoughts on “Office politics bringing you down? Your Next Job is on WUZZUF | Commercial Ad 2019

  1. 1st of all, They're basically "Cowards" to be talking shit about you to everybody, but you, my liege!
    Also, they're known as hypocrites who are ready to lie 24/7 & the problem starts when someone uses logical common sense
    Last but not least, They're "Ass kissers" & that's a fact as, please tell me, what's was that behavior for and all about again?
    Maybe, ah, getting a raise or even would force CEO to promote you as a thank you for your pathetic fake compliment?
    If is that so and that's the case then, you're more of a fool than I thought losers, just get lost already!!
    Question? & Bullshit Answer
    Real Answer

  2. ده اللي بيحصل فعلا في الشركات .. نفااااااااق
    انا عشان كدا بطلت اشتغل بسبب القرف اللي شوفته منهم ربنا ينتقم منهم كلهم منافقين ومعقدين

  3. يا جماعة الاعلان جامد جدا ممتاز ممتاز 10/10 يا جنرال . كل الممثلين فى الاعلان تحفة

  4. الإعلان جامد جدا بغض النظر إنى مش بدور على وظيفة ولا حاجة بس الإعلان لفت إنتباهى جدا .. فعلا مبدع

  5. انا احلي كرير حصلت عليه ف مصر كان من وظف وبعدين بالتسبالي حلي واجمل موقع توظيف شوفته داخل مصر يالا اتمني لما ارجع من الامارات يكون الوضع اتحسن والمرتبات اتحسنت 😂🇪🇬

  6. طيب بجد مش فاهم الاعلان … ماهو الكلام ده ف الغالب بتلاقيه ف كل الشركات ولا اللى الشركات المعلنة على
    بيبيعوا سبح

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