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Obama’s Jobs Speech To Congress- Full Video

Obama’s Jobs Speech To Congress- Full Video

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of
Congress, and fellow Americans: Tonight we meet at an urgent time for our
country. We continue to face an economic crisis that has left millions of our neighbors jobless,
and a political crisis that’s made things worse. This past week, reporters have been asking,
“What will this speech mean for the President? What will it mean for Congress? How will it
affect their polls, and the next election?” But the millions of Americans who are watching
right now, they don’t care about politics. They have real-life concerns. Many have spent
months looking for work. Others are doing their best just to scrape by — giving up
nights out with the family to save on gas or make the mortgage; postponing retirement
to send a kid to college. These men and women grew up with faith in
an America where hard work and responsibility paid off. They believed in a country where
everyone gets a fair shake and does their fair share — where if you stepped up, did
your job, and were loyal to your company, that loyalty would be rewarded with a decent
salary and good benefits; maybe a raise once in a while. If you did the right thing, you
could make it. Anybody could make it in America. For decades now, Americans have watched that
compact erode. They have seen the decks too often stacked against them. And they know
that Washington has not always put their interests first. The people of this country work hard to meet
their responsibilities. The question tonight is whether we’ll meet ours. The question is
whether, in the face of an ongoing national crisis, we can stop the political circus and
actually do something to help the economy. (Applause.) The question is — the question
is whether we can restore some of the fairness and security that has defined this nation
since our beginning. Those of us here tonight can’t solve all our
nation’s woes. Ultimately, our recovery will be driven not by Washington, but by our businesses
and our workers. But we can help. We can make a difference. There are steps we can take
right now to improve people’s lives. I am sending this Congress a plan that you
should pass right away. It’s called the American Jobs Act. There should be nothing controversial
about this piece of legislation. Everything in here is the kind of proposal that’s been
supported by both Democrats and Republicans — including many who sit here tonight. And
everything in this bill will be paid for. Everything. (Applause.) The purpose of the American Jobs Act is simple:
to put more people back to work and more money in the pockets of those who are working. It
will create more jobs for construction workers, more jobs for teachers, more jobs for veterans,
and more jobs for long-term unemployed. (Applause.) It will provide — it will provide a tax break
for companies who hire new workers, and it will cut payroll taxes in half for every working
American and every small business. (Applause.) It will provide a jolt to an economy that
has stalled, and give companies confidence that if they invest and if they hire, there
will be customers for their products and services. You should pass this jobs plan right away.
(Applause.) Everyone here knows that small businesses
are where most new jobs begin. And you know that while corporate profits have come roaring
back, smaller companies haven’t. So for everyone who speaks so passionately about making life
easier for “job creators,” this plan is for you. (Applause.) Pass this jobs bill — pass this jobs bill,
and starting tomorrow, small businesses will get a tax cut if they hire new workers or
if they raise workers’ wages. Pass this jobs bill, and all small business owners will also
see their payroll taxes cut in half next year. (Applause.) If you have 50 employees — if
you have 50 employees making an average salary, that’s an $80,000 tax cut. And all businesses
will be able to continue writing off the investments they make in 2012. It’s not just Democrats who have supported
this kind of proposal. Fifty House Republicans have proposed the same payroll tax cut that’s
in this plan. You should pass it right away. (Applause.) Pass this jobs bill, and we can put people
to work rebuilding America. Everyone here knows we have badly decaying roads and bridges
all over the country. Our highways are clogged with traffic. Our skies are the most congested
in the world. It’s an outrage. Building a world-class transportation system
is part of what made us a economic superpower. And now we’re going to sit back and watch
China build newer airports and faster railroads? At a time when millions of unemployed construction
workers could build them right here in America? (Applause.) There are private construction companies all
across America just waiting to get to work. There’s a bridge that needs repair between
Ohio and Kentucky that’s on one of the busiest trucking routes in North America. A public
transit project in Houston that will help clear up one of the worst areas of traffic
in the country. And there are schools throughout this country that desperately need renovating.
How can we expect our kids to do their best in places that are literally falling apart?
This is America. Every child deserves a great school — and we can give it to them, if we
act now. (Applause.) The American Jobs Act will repair and modernize
at least 35,000 schools. It will put people to work right now fixing roofs and windows,
installing science labs and high-speed Internet in classrooms all across this country. It
will rehabilitate homes and businesses in communities hit hardest by foreclosures. It
will jumpstart thousands of transportation projects all across the country. And to make
sure the money is properly spent, we’re building on reforms we’ve already put in place. No
more earmarks. No more boondoggles. No more bridges to nowhere. We’re cutting the red
tape that prevents some of these projects from getting started as quickly as possible.
And we’ll set up an independent fund to attract private dollars and issue loans based on two
criteria: how badly a construction project is needed and how much good it will do for
the economy. (Applause.) This idea came from a bill written by a Texas
Republican and a Massachusetts Democrat. The idea for a big boost in construction is supported
by America’s largest business organization and America’s largest labor organization.
It’s the kind of proposal that’s been supported in the past by Democrats and Republicans alike.
You should pass it right away. (Applause.) Pass this jobs bill, and thousands of teachers
in every state will go back to work. These are the men and women charged with preparing
our children for a world where the competition has never been tougher. But while they’re
adding teachers in places like South Korea, we’re laying them off in droves. It’s unfair
to our kids. It undermines their future and ours. And it has to stop. Pass this bill,
and put our teachers back in the classroom where they belong. (Applause.) Pass this jobs bill, and companies will get
extra tax credits if they hire America’s veterans. We ask these men and women to leave their
careers, leave their families, risk their lives to fight for our country. The last thing
they should have to do is fight for a job when they come home. (Applause.) Pass this bill, and hundreds of thousands
of disadvantaged young people will have the hope and the dignity of a summer job next
year. And their parents — (applause) — their parents, low-income Americans who desperately
want to work, will have more ladders out of poverty. Pass this jobs bill, and companies will get
a $4,000 tax credit if they hire anyone who has spent more than six months looking for
a job. (Applause.) We have to do more to help the long-term unemployed in their search for
work. This jobs plan builds on a program in Georgia that several Republican leaders have
highlighted, where people who collect unemployment insurance participate in temporary work as
a way to build their skills while they look for a permanent job. The plan also extends
unemployment insurance for another year. (Applause.) If the millions of unemployed Americans stopped
getting this insurance, and stopped using that money for basic necessities, it would
be a devastating blow to this economy. Democrats and Republicans in this chamber have supported
unemployment insurance plenty of times in the past. And in this time of prolonged hardship,
you should pass it again — right away. (Applause.) Pass this jobs bill, and the typical working
family will get a $1,500 tax cut next year. Fifteen hundred dollars that would have been
taken out of your pocket will go into your pocket. This expands on the tax cut that Democrats
and Republicans already passed for this year. If we allow that tax cut to expire — if we
refuse to act — middle-class families will get hit with a tax increase at the worst possible
time. We can’t let that happen. I know that some of you have sworn oaths to never raise
any taxes on anyone for as long as you live. Now is not the time to carve out an exception
and raise middle-class taxes, which is why you should pass this bill right away. (Applause.) This is the American Jobs Act. It will lead
to new jobs for construction workers, for teachers, for veterans, for first responders,
young people and the long-term unemployed. It will provide tax credits to companies that
hire new workers, tax relief to small business owners, and tax cuts for the middle class.
And here’s the other thing I want the American people to know: The American Jobs Act will
not add to the deficit. It will be paid for. And here’s how. (Applause.) The agreement we passed in July will cut government
spending by about $1 trillion over the next 10 years. It also charges this Congress to
come up with an additional $1.5 trillion in savings by Christmas. Tonight, I am asking
you to increase that amount so that it covers the full cost of the American Jobs Act. And
a week from Monday, I’ll be releasing a more ambitious deficit plan — a plan that will
not only cover the cost of this jobs bill, but stabilize our debt in the long run. (Applause.) This approach is basically the one I’ve been
advocating for months. In addition to the trillion dollars of spending cuts I’ve already
signed into law, it’s a balanced plan that would reduce the deficit by making additional
spending cuts, by making modest adjustments to health care programs like Medicare and
Medicaid, and by reforming our tax code in a way that asks the wealthiest Americans and
biggest corporations to pay their fair share. (Applause.) What’s more, the spending cuts
wouldn’t happen so abruptly that they’d be a drag on our economy, or prevent us from
helping small businesses and middle-class families get back on their feet right away. Now, I realize there are some in my party
who don’t think we should make any changes at all to Medicare and Medicaid, and I understand
their concerns. But here’s the truth: Millions of Americans rely on Medicare in their retirement.
And millions more will do so in the future. They pay for this benefit during their working
years. They earn it. But with an aging population and rising health care costs, we are spending
too fast to sustain the program. And if we don’t gradually reform the system while protecting
current beneficiaries, it won’t be there when future retirees need it. We have to reform
Medicare to strengthen it. (Applause.) I am also — I’m also well aware that there
are many Republicans who don’t believe we should raise taxes on those who are most fortunate
and can best afford it. But here is what every American knows: While most people in this
country struggle to make ends meet, a few of the most affluent citizens and most profitable
corporations enjoy tax breaks and loopholes that nobody else gets. Right now, Warren Buffett
pays a lower tax rate than his secretary — an outrage he has asked us to fix. (Laughter.)
We need a tax code where everyone gets a fair shake and where everybody pays their fair
share. (Applause.) And by the way, I believe the vast majority of wealthy Americans and
CEOs are willing to do just that if it helps the economy grow and gets our fiscal house
in order. I’ll also offer ideas to reform a corporate
tax code that stands as a monument to special interest influence in Washington. By eliminating
pages of loopholes and deductions, we can lower one of the highest corporate tax rates
in the world. (Applause.) Our tax code should not give an advantage to companies that can
afford the best-connected lobbyists. It should give an advantage to companies that invest
and create jobs right here in the United States of America. (Applause.) So we can reduce this deficit, pay down our
debt, and pay for this jobs plan in the process. But in order to do this, we have to decide
what our priorities are. We have to ask ourselves, “What’s the best way to grow the economy and
create jobs?” Should we keep tax loopholes for oil companies?
Or should we use that money to give small business owners a tax credit when they hire
new workers? Because we can’t afford to do both. Should we keep tax breaks for millionaires
and billionaires? Or should we put teachers back to work so our kids can graduate ready
for college and good jobs? (Applause.) Right now, we can’t afford to do both. This isn’t political grandstanding. This isn’t
class warfare. This is simple math. (Laughter.) This is simple math. These are real choices.
These are real choices that we’ve got to make. And I’m pretty sure I know what most Americans
would choose. It’s not even close. And it’s time for us to do what’s right for our future.
(Applause.) Now, the American Jobs Act answers the urgent
need to create jobs right away. But we can’t stop there. As I’ve argued since I ran for
this office, we have to look beyond the immediate crisis and start building an economy that
lasts into the future — an economy that creates good, middle-class jobs that pay well and
offer security. We now live in a world where technology has made it possible for companies
to take their business anywhere. If we want them to start here and stay here and hire
here, we have to be able to out-build and out-educate and out-innovate every other country
on Earth. (Applause.) And this task of making America more competitive
for the long haul, that’s a job for all of us. For government and for private companies.
For states and for local communities — and for every American citizen. All of us will
have to up our game. All of us will have to change the way we do business. My administration can and will take some steps
to improve our competitiveness on our own. For example, if you’re a small business owner
who has a contract with the federal government, we’re going to make sure you get paid a lot
faster than you do right now. (Applause.) We’re also planning to cut away the red tape
that prevents too many rapidly growing startup companies from raising capital and going public.
And to help responsible homeowners, we’re going to work with federal housing agencies
to help more people refinance their mortgages at interest rates that are now near 4 percent.
That’s a step — (applause) — I know you guys must be for this, because that’s a step
that can put more than $2,000 a year in a family’s pocket, and give a lift to an economy
still burdened by the drop in housing prices. So, some things we can do on our own. Other
steps will require congressional action. Today you passed reform that will speed up the outdated
patent process, so that entrepreneurs can turn a new idea into a new business as quickly
as possible. That’s the kind of action we need. Now it’s time to clear the way for a
series of trade agreements that would make it easier for American companies to sell their
products in Panama and Colombia and South Korea — while also helping the workers whose
jobs have been affected by global competition. (Applause.) If Americans can buy Kias and
Hyundais, I want to see folks in South Korea driving Fords and Chevys and Chryslers. (Applause.)
I want to see more products sold around the world stamped with the three proud words:
“Made in America.” That’s what we need to get done. (Applause.) And on all of our efforts to strengthen competitiveness,
we need to look for ways to work side by side with America’s businesses. That’s why I’ve
brought together a Jobs Council of leaders from different industries who are developing
a wide range of new ideas to help companies grow and create jobs. Already, we’ve mobilized business leaders
to train 10,000 American engineers a year, by providing company internships and training.
Other businesses are covering tuition for workers who learn new skills at community
colleges. And we’re going to make sure the next generation of manufacturing takes root
not in China or Europe, but right here, in the United States of America. (Applause) If
we provide the right incentives, the right support — and if we make sure our trading
partners play by the rules — we can be the ones to build everything from fuel-efficient
cars to advanced biofuels to semiconductors that we sell all around the world. That’s
how America can be number one again. And that’s how America will be number one again. (Applause.) Now, I realize that some of you have a different
theory on how to grow the economy. Some of you sincerely believe that the only solution
to our economic challenges is to simply cut most government spending and eliminate most
government regulations. (Applause.) Well, I agree that we can’t afford wasteful
spending, and I’ll work with you, with Congress, to root it out. And I agree that there are
some rules and regulations that do put an unnecessary burden on businesses at a time
when they can least afford it. (Applause.) That’s why I ordered a review of all government
regulations. So far, we’ve identified over 500 reforms, which will save billions of dollars
over the next few years. (Applause.) We should have no more regulation than the health, safety
and security of the American people require. Every rule should meet that common-sense test.
(Applause.) But what we can’t do — what I will not do
— is let this economic crisis be used as an excuse to wipe out the basic protections
that Americans have counted on for decades. (Applause.) I reject the idea that we need
to ask people to choose between their jobs and their safety. I reject the argument that
says for the economy to grow, we have to roll back protections that ban hidden fees by credit
card companies, or rules that keep our kids from being exposed to mercury, or laws that
prevent the health insurance industry from shortchanging patients. I reject the idea
that we have to strip away collective bargaining rights to compete in a global economy. (Applause.)
We shouldn’t be in a race to the bottom, where we try to offer the cheapest labor and the
worst pollution standards. America should be in a race to the top. And I believe we
can win that race. (Applause.) In fact, this larger notion that the only
thing we can do to restore prosperity is just dismantle government, refund everybody’s money,
and let everyone write their own rules, and tell everyone they’re on their own — that’s
not who we are. That’s not the story of America. Yes, we are rugged individualists. Yes, we
are strong and self-reliant. And it has been the drive and initiative of our workers and
entrepreneurs that has made this economy the engine and the envy of the world. But there’s always been another thread running
throughout our history — a belief that we’re all connected, and that there are some things
we can only do together, as a nation. We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader
who saved our Union. Founder of the Republican Party. But in the middle of a civil war, he
was also a leader who looked to the future — a Republican President who mobilized government
to build the Transcontinental Railroad — (applause) — launch the National Academy of Sciences,
set up the first land grant colleges. (Applause.) And leaders of both parties have followed
the example he set. Ask yourselves — where would we be right
now if the people who sat here before us decided not to build our highways, not to build our
bridges, our dams, our airports? What would this country be like if we had chosen not
to spend money on public high schools, or research universities, or community colleges?
Millions of returning heroes, including my grandfather, had the opportunity to go to
school because of the G.I. Bill. Where would we be if they hadn’t had that chance? (Applause.) How many jobs would it have cost us if past
Congresses decided not to support the basic research that led to the Internet and the
computer chip? What kind of country would this be if this chamber had voted down Social
Security or Medicare just because it violated some rigid idea about what government could
or could not do? (Applause.) How many Americans would have suffered as a result? No single individual built America on their
own. We built it together. We have been, and always will be, one nation, under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all; a nation with responsibilities to ourselves and with
responsibilities to one another. And members of Congress, it is time for us to meet our
responsibilities. (Applause.) Every proposal I’ve laid out tonight is the
kind that’s been supported by Democrats and Republicans in the past. Every proposal I’ve
laid out tonight will be paid for. And every proposal is designed to meet the urgent needs
of our people and our communities. Now, I know there’s been a lot of skepticism
about whether the politics of the moment will allow us to pass this jobs plan — or any
jobs plan. Already, we’re seeing the same old press releases and tweets flying back
and forth. Already, the media has proclaimed that it’s impossible to bridge our differences.
And maybe some of you have decided that those differences are so great that we can only
resolve them at the ballot box. But know this: The next election is 14 months
away. And the people who sent us here — the people who hired us to work for them — they
don’t have the luxury of waiting 14 months. (Applause.) Some of them are living week to
week, paycheck to paycheck, even day to day. They need help, and they need it now. I don’t pretend that this plan will solve
all our problems. It should not be, nor will it be, the last plan of action we propose.
What’s guided us from the start of this crisis hasn’t been the search for a silver bullet.
It’s been a commitment to stay at it — to be persistent — to keep trying every new
idea that works, and listen to every good proposal, no matter which party comes up with
it. Regardless of the arguments we’ve had in the
past, regardless of the arguments we will have in the future, this plan is the right
thing to do right now. You should pass it. (Applause.) And I intend to take that message
to every corner of this country. (Applause.) And I ask — I ask every American who agrees
to lift your voice: Tell the people who are gathered here tonight that you want action
now. Tell Washington that doing nothing is not an option. Remind us that if we act as
one nation and one people, we have it within our power to meet this challenge. President Kennedy once said, “Our problems
are man-made — therefore they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants.” These are difficult years for our country.
But we are Americans. We are tougher than the times we live in, and we are bigger than
our politics have been. So let’s meet the moment. Let’s get to work, and let’s show
the world once again why the United States of America remains the greatest nation on
Earth. (Applause.) Thank you very much. God bless you, and God
bless the United States of America. (Applause.)

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  2. Bo Snerdley,

    You and Rush Limbaugh speak the truth and truth prevails.

    There is a growing segment of the Black community, formerly loyal Democrats, who are not brainwashed by President Barack Obama, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, multiple members of the CBC, poverty pimping Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the liberal Democrats, etc……

    ……because they are fed up with these sleazy, lying , greedy, and inept psuedo black leaders and "yellow" journalists.

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  5. It won't be business as usual. I welcome the redistricting process to remove an incumbent or any other elected official who takes my vote for granted.

    Elected black leaders, affiliated with the Democratic Party don't have a clue to the essence of what it means to be an elected official. Elected officials are sworn under oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, to serve law abiding U.S. citizens, U.S. born descendants of slaves being inclusive & legal immigrants.

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    "Obama's Jobs Act F-BOMB!"
    Obama drops the F-bomb during his Jobs speech!
    CLICK ObamaSnippetsDotCom

  29. @quest4lucidity I agree with you. We need to do something.
    We can't bring jobs back to America. America cannot compete with cheap labor in China or India where corporations can pay their employees $0.90 an hr. All we can do is create industry/jobs here. People don't give Obama credit but he has been one of the most active presidents in our history and he is trying to start somewhere with a shitty congress.

  30. The socialist scum in DC know that throwing trillions more at the problem won't solve it. It's a slush fund for their supporters, the corrupt unions, bankers, and some corps. that are in bed with the socialists. Remove the ridiculous restrictions, sanctions, taxes and regulations from the American people. We sit on an ocean of energy and the power hungry pigs in DC won't let us develope and use it. It is time to start shooting motherf*ckers.

  31. @Freedan111 It would be much worse if there was no stimulus package. The problem is that a stimulus was needed to save these companies and restore confidence in their markets. But it also created more debt and that caused more uncertainty. If you have a solution, or any ideas on how to lower the debt and stimulate growth please elaborate. Until then shut the fuck up because all you can do is direct criticism.

  32. @Freedan111 We are getting change. Truly sit back and look at what Obama is expected to fix, ending 2 wars, creating jobs, shrinking the deficit, and revitalizing our economy. Look at what he has done, what he is trying to do and the opposition he is facing from congress. His interests have not changed, neither have his goals but he must get his policies past the republicans in congress.

  33. @Freedan111 The fact is the stimulus was too small and by also bailing out the auto industry he saved over 1 million jobs. His health care reform bill required insurance companies to cover people with preexisting conditions that many would not and required them to insure people up to 26 under their parents coverage. He's brought back over 90000 troops from Iraq, by the end of this year there will be around 18000. You can hate him but he is being a responsible leader

  34. pres obama, you mean well and your heart is in the right place and i voted for you. but you have no experience in the private sector and therefore don't know how to create a pro-business environment. cut taxes and regulations, tell china to fuck off, and create a stable environment so businesses feel better about the future. unfortunatley, this will not happen during your term otherwise you would have done it by now.

  35. Its not about saving america with repubs.. its about Power, Control and money.. Real living wolves in sheeps clothing…. scary stuff..

  36. @ColinoDeani It was Bill Clinton with a Republican Congress that repealed the Glass Steagull Act. Obama approved the Bush to big to fail bailouts & then extended them to other entities. Obama gave his billionaire friend Soros 2 billion tax dollars to drill off Brazils coast, gave West One Bank formerly Goldman Sachs boys even more tax dollars through FDIC for bad mortgages. It was Obama who attacked Libya without provocation or Congress approval & just recently sent another 100 troops to Africa!

  37. @Freedan111 If the economy collapses survival tip #1 go to affluent neighborhoods look for cars out front with Obama bumper stickers. These people will most likely be unarmed & happy to give up their shit. I can't even believe there are still people trying to support this man. His jobs bill is shit. He is going to give me $4000 of my money back for hiring a person I have no work for? Unfortunately businesses need work to support their employees. All incumbants out, term limits in.

  38. The Democrats policies have failed. Stop throwing good money after bad money. STOP SPENDING MONEY THAT WE DON'T HAVE TO SPEND.

  39. You obama supporters!! Listen carefully, your failed president will never get a second chance. This man has done nothing to help the American people, but short of sabataging this country so that we have no choice but to rely on the federal gov. With millions still out of work, all this man has done is continuously go on tv with speech after speech with no real plan in sight. And on top of that, I'm pretty sure were going to end up bailing Greece out. Fucking sad!!! Stop supporting him!!

  40. George Washington warned against political parties in his farewell address. We're too busy attacking and trying to disprove our "opponents" to listen. It is the goal of both parties to improve this country but they're too busy quarreling amongst themselves to help one another accomplish anything for what is SUPPOSED to be a common goal. example: Identified over 500 useless government reforms. That's good for everyone. If nothing else, support OUR president. Disagree? Vote next term.

  41. @Stickmodee Are you a redeck trailer trash living in the sticks? Can we actually talk about political facts and economic science than fear and paranoid accusations of socialism?

  42. Mr BHO was given a chance to fix the economy. All in all he took ~ 1 TRILLION DOLLARS from the American Tax Payer and simply Pissed-It-Away. Now, BHO wants another 450 Billion Dollars to Piss-Away on his Tried & Failed Programs.
    Oblama reminds me of a kid who keeps doing the same thing over & over & over again, expecting a better outcome. He came into the office of President with Little ,,, No Wait, NO EXPERIENCE, and thought he could change every thing. He Did, for the worse!

  43. @bishop51807 Got to play to race card. OH I am so scared south central is for troll's keyboard warrior. Eat a banna you chimp. Just look at it like this only reason Obama is in office is because of the color of his skin, get over racism get out of the past jeeez that's why people don't respect Black people cause A they are either living off the government, or B Something doesn't go there way they play the race card. Go play hide and go F yourself because I am tired of trolls.

  44. @neverland1984 Why the F*** are you still HEAR! if you have a life go F*** it up then come back to youtube, I'm not your lighting rod so bich and moan to someone else.

  45. @bishop51807 Thank You! Your comment makes so much sense. Some people are so dumb and will never accept something that will help these unemployed people.

  46. @kalevraa

    It is liars like you LIKE YOU THAT HAVE NO QUALM ABOUT LYING TO COVER THE TRUTH to project falsehood.

    Liars lie to hide the truth that they do not want the foolish black American & liberal to know as these liars have covetous agenda to hijack America into socialism so that a small group of covetous politicians could be very rich people


  47. It makes me physically ill to see such a dumb son of a dog in the white house. Those that voted for this illegal alien and dirt bag should be kicked in the teeth. He is stupid and arrogant and a typical affirmative action piece of garbage. Of course he is buying votes with your grandchildren's money and your too stupid to see it so you vote for him. How dumb can you be really?

  48. Out doesn't matter what side you're on, we should all be able to agree that it's sad this doesn't get 1/10 views that = 3 does. Ignorant nation might be part of our problem

  49. If he was really interested in helping the Small Business Man Create Jobs… He would end the IRS yesterday and End the Fed tomorrow.


  51. President Obama, I finally found a job. I got hired about 2 months at Pizza Hut as a driver in Sacramento, California. It's minimum wage, but I the tips I get from customers kicks in and I make decent wages by the end of the day. It's a good sign for the company I work at because they hired 5 new drivers and 4 in store employees in the past 5 months. I'm also a college student and the job I work at is helping me out a lot. Your plan is working Mr. President.

    I will vote for you in 2012 again.

  52. Let's see how mr oblama's jobs plan is working.
    Unemployment under Bush:
    First 4 years = 5.5%
    Second 4 years = 5.03%
    Unemployment Under oblama:
    First 3 years = 9.26%
    Hell, if the man keeps working at this rate, he will be able to double Bush's Unemployment Statistics.

  53. My grandmother once said you don't know what you have unitle you lose it. Majority of us tend to take many things for granted because of our igonrant easy manipulated minds. I am not democrats or republican, I am American and I will vote for any candidate who will move this once to lead country to the top again.

  54. @sactownism According to the bureau of labor statistics, unemployment numbers have advanced through the ages like so:

    2000 4.0
    2001 4.7
    2002 5.8
    2003 6.0
    2004 5.5
    2005 5.1
    2006 4.6
    2007 4.6
    2008 5.8
    2009 9.3
    2010 9.6

    Obama has actually increased unemployment. Pizza Hut got you that job, not Obama.

  55. @j72582423 I didn't add 2011 because I didn't have the confirmed numbers for it. And 8.5 is still a huge leap from the 5.8 during the Bush years. I also find it strange that it took him three years to "move the economy in the right direction". I think that the 8.5 will not last long.

  56. I like this jobs plan, but it doesn't go far enough.
    8.2% unemployment. Household debt in the trillions, student loan debt nearly 1 trillion…
    We need something much bigger to get customers back again.
    Still, this would've been a good start…

  57. The bill is out there, Republicans voted against most of it. Hard to walk the walk when the party of "no" stops you.

  58. The economy was losing 700,000 jobs when he took office. I suppose he was responsible for that, when not ONE of his policies was obviously in effect.

  59. Øbama IS responsible for what he's done. The only jobs Øbama has created have been gov't jobs. And a gov't job is a net loss to the economy.

  60. Does that number represent State, Local or FEDERAL jobs? According to Dept of Labor 6/12 the unemployment rate among all public sector workers is 4.2% up from 3.9% a year ago, while for construction workers it is 14.2%

    Numbers matter: The average Federal job costs taxpayers $107K. An average taxpayer makes $46K and pays $5K in Fed Income Tax. It takes 21.4 taxpayers to fund each Fed job.

    That's 3 million private sector jobs just for the 145,000 Fed workers added by Øbama in 2009-2010.

  61. Real question: What's the difference between a state and federal job? Both get funded by the gov't. Gov't jobs are down 600,000+ and still going. This represents teachers, police, fire fighters, etc. So actually it could be seen as state jobs. But they are still funded from the tax payers pockets. I'm guessing when you say FEDERAL you mean jobs like IRS right?

  62. You seem to miss the point. When Øbama created 145,000 new Federal workers, from the prospective of Federal revenue, eliminated 3 million private sector jobs.

    You talk about teachers and police, but what about bureaucrats? For example: The Dept of Energy, which produces no energy absorbs every dollar in Fed gasoline taxes. This money is supposed to pay for roads and bridges, but it can't because it is used to fund 100,000 bureaucrats. Who's job it is to "crucify" energy producers.

  63. If Obama could be Trayvon…..what kind of Job would he get? Pickle manager at BK? Naaaw dat ain't kool. He'd live off his family like Trayvon, until he got himself killed. This Facebook, ipad generation…..is doomed. And Obama sealed their fate. You're all afraid of work. See ya in my dust you slugs! I got da house and cars. Have fun livin in section 8 housing with all the other Facebook generation idiots. Your soft hands must hurt after all your masturbating.

  64. Look around you. See the idiots who can't read graduating from high school. Competing in the job market…..LMFAO…..these kids…….are fuckin doomed. They will wake up one day to the sound of the fryer……beep…..moron….beep….moron……omg……! Too late.

  65. "If Obama could be Trayvon…."

    This has got to be the worst analogy/comparison I've ever seen. President of the United States vs. Trayvon?!? Also, Trayvon was still in high school, so I would expect him to be "living off his family", wouldn't you?

    There's too much wrong with the rest of your comment to even begin picking it apart. All I know is that your house is shitty and your cars are shitty because you are trying to "brag" to people living in section-8 housing (which isn't saying much)

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