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Obama for America TV Ad: “Firms”

Obama for America TV Ad: “Firms”

[President Obama – Voiceover] I’m Barack Obama,
and I approve this message. [Mitt Romney singing] Oh beautiful, for spacious
skies, for amber waves of grain. For purple mountains majesty above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed his grace on thee. And crown thy good, with…

100 thoughts on “Obama for America TV Ad: “Firms”

  1. hey idiot, freedom of speech only means the government can't jail you for what you say. This is a youtube and this video is by the Obama Campaign. They can approve or disapprove, you constitutionally illiterate moron.

  2. This isn't a free speech zone so why even bother posting a comment? Your channel just spins everything to your liking. Screw you Obama and Romeny too, Both of you are corrupt assholes playing for the same team. RON PAUL 2012!!!!!! The machine is going down.

  3. Lol. Still trying these disgusting tactics? It's already been proven that Romney was focusing on the Olympics (which he successfully made profitable), not on what a company was doing. But Obama has directly been the cause of more outsourcing than Bain anyways. God this president makes me sad to be an American . . .

    Comments must be approved? Way to give American people a voice. As long as that voice isn't against you.

  4. I guess we have an answer now as to why the CEOs get paid 200 times their employees.

    Their retroactive super powers!

  5. Be grateful the Affordable Health Care Act allows coverage for pre-existing conditions, such as ignorance, so you and your ilk will be okay.

  6. yeah take America back for Rich White Men so they can keep ruling over everyone who's not! thanks but no thanks.

  7. The rich are not why anyone has jobs. Small business creates more jobs than huge corporations. The rich spend money on servants and boats. But those are the only jobs they "create". Service jobs.
    The people who actually make stuff create jobs. The people who speculate and make money – make money, nothing more.

  8. Even if you don't agree with President Obama, you have to admit that this is a well-produced and well-executed ad. Beautiful.

  9. hahaha you had to wait 4 years to see this Obama. Keep drinking the hope and change kool aide and maybe by next century you will see it. . .

  10. Yeah..this add it pretty brutal. I am sure here are more ads like this in the Obama campaign vault.

  11. This is really to the point. Singing AmerCia while shipping jobs and money, hiding tax returns? Well done! One advise to the obama team: Republicans want to attack Obama on the jobs. So, I say bring it on. Please simply copare the jobs created during 8 years of Bush's presidency with 3 1/2 years of Obama. Just compare the numbers 3 mio. in 8 years vs more than 4 mio jobs in 3 1/2 years. Add to that there was no financial crises during Bush's presidency. So bring it on!

  12. apparently we should be more concerned about what Mitt is doing with HIS money than what Obama is doing with OURS.

  13. Lol Obama wants to loosen trade restrictions and immigration restrictions with Mexico, how is that going to help America? It's just going to be another downward force on wages by his rationale.

  14. Romney couldn't be making it any more clear that he's a puppet of the 1%. The billionaire boys club donating to his campaign and super pacs hand over fist are NOT "DONATING" they're "INVESTING" in their interest and AGAINST the middle/working class and poor. This election is a choice and quite a simple one. You can either vote Democratic or you can vote DISASTER!

    OBAMA – BIDEN 2012!!!

  15. A businessman doing what's economically viable? Call out the coast guard!

    Romney's job was to make money. He did it very well. You will never walk into a job interview and hear 'Well, sure, you did amazingly well at your last job, but how many orphans did you feed?'

    His work history is stellar, and the presidency is nothing more than a job. As I watch our debt make a beeline for the 16 trillion mark, I have to wonder how long before we fire the guy not doing the job, now.

  16. To all you idiots who say Obama hasn't done anything in his presidency just go crawl in a hole…. He is a highly intelligent man pushing for things we need however, look what he is up against….. He has no support from the rest of the government.

  17. That's all you liberal idiots could come up with? It would take at least a 30 minute long video to cover half the destructive things Obama has done! Wake up people!

  18. @ mrasu347 RIGHT ON!!! I can't believe the hopeful change people want from this guy. It's interesting how blind people are…..hopefully real change will come to America in November

  19. President Obama has released every tax return since the year 2000. Rommey is a snake in waiting to help the rich. Why worry about the the Baine Capital Affair ? Because he committed a felony, that's why !

  20. LOL at the wrong grammar- 'Romney's not the solution' should be 'Romney is not the solution' you can't just use the contracted form with anything! millions gone to waste… 😛

  21. Something else to keep in mind is that costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were never included in the budget under Pres. Bush. Part of the reason the debt has increased so much is that Obama instructed the gov't to properly account for how much money we were wasting. Of course the numbers look bad, that is what happens when you stop using smoke and mirrors to hide what is going on.

  22. Hit'em where it hurts. Then back it up with filings from the SEC and numerous ads corroberating the story. All with Romney singing "America the Beautiful" Brilliant ad! Obama/Biden 2012

  23. I don't like Obama why (1) I had to pay taxes and i'm 10 (i would go on but i would get kicked off of youtube lol

  24. Great ad! Right wingers are upset and leave comments here because they don't like the truth. Mitt Romney would be worse than Bush.

  25. Willard says "Believe in America" but when it comes to his personal fortune, he believes in Switzerland, the Caymans etc. The Republican Party of 2012 is the most out-of-touch collection of extremists, oligarchs and ignoramuses ever assembled in America.

  26. Is Willard the greatest gift ever to Democratic ad producers? No wonder this guy needed months and millions just to beat the likes of has-been and disgraced losers like Newt and Santorum.

  27. Is it okay that I can't stop thinking how much I like Romney's singing? (Though he went a whole note flat at America, but he made up for it by changing key)

  28. In case there is confusion at 0:22, the Vanity Fair article that the clip is referring to comes out in the August 2012 issue. It wasn't a typo nor misinformation.

  29. Here's a suggestion. I don't want higher taxes I only make $60K a year but bring everyone back to the tax rate of the 'Clinton Adminastation and take away the republicans argument of class warfare.

  30. If you don't think taking jobs from hard-working Americans and giving them to China and India so that a bunch of greedy rich CEOs can get slightly richer is horrible, you're a traitor to the United States.

  31. Well-sourced. Well done. Attack ads are annoying. This was the first I ever enjoyed.

  32. This ad will go down in history as one of the greatest ever. Well, except for the singing part, which is hard to listen to.

  33. Would love to see what he is hiding in his tax returns, probably because he hasn't filed or paid any taxes in years. He destroyed businesses here and shipped other jobs over seas with his vulture capitalism business. I say anyone who votes for a damn Republican deserves what they get. Wake up America they DO NOT GIVE A HOOT about the middle class or anyone as far as that goes, only their financiars that fill their pockets and overseas bank accounts!!!!!!!

  34. I'm in Massachusetts and he didn't run for reelection because it was obvious he'd lose, and now he wants to be president!?!

  35. Hey Mister Obama or how ever made this video. Thank you very much for this special kind of promotion. Basel is beautiful city, as you may see. I've been living here for 20 years. But actually the big banks of Switzerland like the UBS have their headquarters in Zürich.

  36. Holy Zeus, that's a great goddamn campaign ad. Whoever put this one together deserves a pay-raise, or at the very least some manner of trophy. The Obama re-election campaign is really hitting it out of the park this year.

  37. i think obama should release his college transcripts… who cares about 12 years of tax returns! He is rich.. is that now a crime in America!??

  38. When I saw this for the first time, all I could imagine was Obama mopping the floor with Romney. And see how all of Obama's facts are sourced? Yet in Romney's ads, none but ONE are sourced and it doesn't make sense.

  39. Being rich isn't a crime. Not paying your taxes is…moron. Romney moves TONS of money so that it drastically lowers his tax bracket. It's called fraud.

  40. I have heard much worse singing. But no, Mitt should probably not be allowed in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir quite yet.

    Obama/Biden in 2012.

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