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on a bright and sunny morning Johnny and Joey decide to start a business they both had some great ideas and went on to implement them Johnny decided to start a brick-and-mortar store to sell his products he rented out a nice building in a prime location he hired a couple of salespeople printed brochures and flyers he advertised in the local newspapers and within a few weeks Johnny started seeing sales and a lot of local customers johnny was excited but he had very high overheads and very low profit margins but he decided to wait a couple of years to see some growth Joey on the other hand decided to start an online store to sell his products Joey got a nice-looking website with a catchy name he hired a good digital marketing company and outsourced all his online marketing to them they came up with a strategy to create an online presence they worked on creating unique and good quality content implement SEO strategies and also signed up for pay-per-click advertising within a few weeks Joey started seeing sales and a lot of customers from all over the country Joey was happy since he had very low overheads and very high profit margins in a few years Joey diversified and created more online stores for different products a couple of years later Johnny and Joey meet again Joey tells Johnny about his marketing strategy and Johnny realizes his mistakes traditional marketing can only get you so far think local but at global digital and content marketing strategies help reduce your marketing overheads by 39% thereby increasing your profit margins a one-stop shop for all your digital and content marketing needs

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