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Nu Green Tea – Example Advertisement

Nu Green Tea – Example Advertisement

Today Is my birthday But it’s really bad luck My brother pissed me .. Really .. Whoa! New Disc-man! I gotta have it! But I have no money Well I just gonna borrow it from my brother – Gem Uh, can I borrow ..
– Later, later And my girlfriend also .. Weird .. But, honey .. But well .. I just forget about it .. Makes me dizzy .. what’s this? Just a birthday present But .. .. how? Well, me and Firda each share 50:50
(To buy that) (Honey, sorry for yesterday .. .. I just want to surprice you .. .. happy birthday .. .. love you .. .. from: Firda my love) By : Diwantara Anugrah Putra

100 thoughts on “Nu Green Tea – Example Advertisement

  1. 1:00

    Di pause, saya cuman mau bilang itu TAMPAN..
    Walau cuma beberapa detik, setelahnya kembali sentolop fufufu…

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