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NSA 135 Self Serve Ad Platforms

NSA 135 Self Serve Ad Platforms

(accordion music) – [Rachyl] Welcome back to
the Nail Social Academy. I’m Rachyl Jackson, Social Ads Manager at Nail Communications. – [Jess] And I’m Jess Bachman,
Digital Strategy Director. Today we’re gonna dive
into the many, many, many self serve ad platforms
available to your brand. When you first think social your mind might automatically drift
to Facebook or Instagram but we’d argue that more and maybe better options
exist for advertising. There are many ways to reach your audience but picking the right
platform for your brand is a crucial first step. During this episode, we’ll
go through the top eight social advertising platforms
in the market right now. These platforms have no minimum buys. They’re self serve and they require no sales reps to get up and running. – [Rachyl] The biggest reason we use self serve platforms is
for their transparency. These platforms keep you as
close to the data as possible. In the age of ad fraud and fat thumbs it’s important to actually see the metrics associated
with your campaigns, not just the highlight reels
thrown together by vendors. Let’s start with the tried
and true blue, Facebook. Facebook is a relationship based platform. That means your grandma’s
posts will almost always show up before any brands you follow. Now that reaches are harder
than ever for brands to achieve an ad buy should be part of
any smart social strategy. When you buy ads on Facebook, you aren’t just buying real
estate in the newsfeed. You have the opportunity
to live in Messenger, as pre-roll video or in Marketplace. Facebook’s audience targeting is the most sophisticated
of all the platforms with robust interest, page-like, and demographic targeting available. In the fall of 2018, you’re
looking at CPMs of about $10. – [Jess] That bring us to Instagram. Once a novelty hipster app, Instagram is quickly eclipsing Facebook as the top product discovery channel. Instagram’s use is less
about relationships and more about showing off. Think less discussion and
more visual humble bragging. While Instagram is an
entirely different beast in terms of platform usage and purpose, Facebook owns Instagram so
targeting and buying ads will look identical on these platforms. Keep in mind that video and photo specs will be different on Instagram especially if you’re running story ads. – [Rachyl] Departing
from Zuckerberg’s brain, let’s checkout Twitter. Twitter is made for discussion. So brands can do particularly
well if they seek out their audiences and interact
in meaningful conversation. On Twitter, ads are placed either in feed, in search, or in the audience network. CPMs are bit cheaper, about $7. While targeting is less
advanced than Facebook, Twitter provides interest
and demographic options in addition to follow or
look-a-like audiences. This is a fast pace platform
and the volume of posting is a bit more rapid than
Facebook or Instagram. Twitter moves pretty fast
and if you don’t stop and look around once in a
while you could miss it. – [Jess] Pull out your
resume and throw on a blazer. It’s LinkedIn time. Deemed the professional Facebook, LinkedIn is a social network
for business connections. LinkedIn content primarily
focuses on thought leadership, business discussion, and
self-promotional showboating. Placements look a bit
different on LinkedIn. You have the opportunity
to promote posts in feed, run text ads, these kinda
look like Google AdWords, or send sponsored InMail via messenger. LinkedIn is a great opportunity to reach people in specific industries with their active job titles
since audience targeting is by career and education
rather than interest. LinkedIn CPMs are around $7 but that can change
dramatically based on placement. – [Rachyl] Let’s talk Snapchat. Almost entirely discussion based, Snapchat is a direct
user-to-user platform. Ads on Snapchat are primarily video, so vertical storytelling is a must here. Remember that Snapchat is in-app only. Self serve placements
include vertical video and images and geo filters. With CPMs as low as $3, Snapchat
is your brand’s opportunity for true opt-in engagement. Users choose your filter to
send, keeping brand top of mind for both the sender and the receiver. Next stop, Pinterest. Once a stomping ground for
middle age wedding planners and Midwestern housewives,
Pinterest has evolved into a domain of E-commerce
and product discovery. Much like Google, Pinterest
is a search based platform. Rather than scrolling through a newsfeed, users are actively searching
for specific content to add to their personal
collections or boards. Placement is in feed, either
static photo or video. Audience targeting is keyword
based or interest based. Remember that search is crucial here. The CPMs are about $3. Pinterest is a great
opportunity to reach users during the product discovery
phase and mold their interest while they’re actively in market. – [Jess] Let’s dive in to Reddit. The cheapest platform right now, Reddit boasts CPMs as low as $1.50. Reddit is a great avenue to talk to users with specialty hobbies or interests. Ads are placed on specific
interest pages called subreddits, while the user browses that page. That’s the extent of Reddit’s targeting since its users are
anonymous for the most part. Reddit is a community that openly shames advertising and advertisers. When possible, keep your ads transparent and matter of fact or else face the eternal internet damnation. Reddit ads are either links
or longform text posts. A thumbnail will accompany
your ad on desktop and an image card is seen on mobile. – [Rachyl] Last but
not the least, YouTube, the mammoth of video advertising. Much like Pinterest, YouTube advertising is about search and discovery. YouTube has the unique
ability to target users based on interests and based on content. So you can reach users that
are looking to buy a car, who are watching a video about cars. You can even choose
specific channels or videos you’d like your ads to appear on. YouTube ads are mostly video. These are the pre-roll and
in-stream ads you see before, during, and after YouTube videos. There are various links
and skippability offered as well as some display options. Any questions? Drop them in the comments below and we’ll get to them during office hours. Make sure to like and subscribe to enroll yourself in
the Nail Social Academy. We’ve new courses coming out every week so checkout our full list
in the description below. And if you’re still hungry for more, we have tons of resources
and reading linked below. (accordion music)

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