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Now that the phone book is dead – where do you advertise?

Now that the phone book is dead – where do you advertise?

– A question I get asked often is where do you advertise online? Let’s say that, you know,
people have abandoned kind of traditional media advertising, which are billboards, bus
benches, the yellow pages, and they kind of saw, I think
as a mistake, as cost savings, when in fact, what they should be doing, is diverting that money into other online marketing opportunities, so what would those be? (keyboard clicking) You’ve got different options. You’ve got Google, you’ve got
Facebook, you’ve got LinkedIn, you’ve got Twitter, you’ve got Instagram, kind of all of the social media platforms have their own offering for advertising. Sometimes, we call that PPC
advertising, Pay-Per-Click, sometimes it’s just impressions,
just displaying your ad, your video, your image, your
text, whatever it might be. My current favorite one is YouTube, especially YouTube pre-roll ads. So we all go to YouTube,
we all consume videos, we’re looking up how to do something, but you’re forced to watch that
ad for the first six seconds before you can skip it. Did you know that those
first six seconds of ads, if you were the advertiser, they’re free, you don’t actually pay for that,
unless the person continues to watch it beyond the six seconds, and doesn’t click on that skip ad button. That’s very powerful for
getting brand recognition and brand awareness for your company. If you’re a company logo
and your message comes out in those first six seconds,
they’ll remember that and you didn’t have to pay for that. Second to that, you
can target these people that you’re displaying those ads to to your geography, your vertical market, what types of likes that they have, what kind of videos they’re
going, maybe they’re looking at your competitors’ videos. You can actually do
that, and that’s awesome, and those views that you
pay for, they’re pennies. You can get very inexpensive campaigns to boost up optically how many views that your videos have on YouTube, but you’re also getting
it in front of people that you want to be
displaying your ads to. So I think it’s something that you should seriously consider. Again, if you don’t know
where to begin with this stuff and you’re trying to figure out, how do I get started, how
much money should I set, what’s my daily budget,
you should consider working with an online marketing agency, because they can help you
set up those campaigns, get you started, and maybe even manage it if you don’t have time
cause you’re focusing on your business, or
maybe they teach you how to take care of it
afterwards, once it’s set up and you just kind of self-manage
it from that point on, but I think there’s huge value so that you’re not wasting money by having somebody professionally set up your ad campaigns for you. (light techno music)

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  1. I followed your suggestion and built in a place for viewers to skip. What do you think of the result? https://youtu.be/umqxmfhAajg

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