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Nov 2018 Advertising Boost Review – Team Mansell Bonus Not Book VIP

Nov 2018 Advertising Boost Review – Team Mansell Bonus Not Book VIP

– Hey hey, Michael Mansell here, and you’re looking probably
at Advertising Boost, that’s why you found this
video in the first place and I wanna give you a
behind the scenes look at all the cool features that they have added just recently. A lot of the videos on YouTube might be a little dated, and I wanted to give you
guys an updated video as to not only why this
software is so valuable, but how I’m specifically using it and leveraging it, so
let me jump right in here to Advertising Boost. Now this company’s been
out now for about a year. The parent company has been going strong for many, many, many years and there are companies just like you that are leveraging this incentive program to generate tons and tons
of buyers and customers. So let me log in here to
my account so you guys can see this right here. So when you first log in, this is what you see on the backside here. What’s really cool is right off the bat, you can see here, let me blow this up a little bit so you can see it. You can see here how quick and easy it is to send vacation incentives. This is how this has been set up for quite a while now but it’s super
easy, super straightforward. You simply just put in a name here and we’ll just say John
Doe for example purposes. [email protected] Right like that, now we can come down here and pick out a destination. Let’s say Las Vegas and click
generate vacation incentive and that quickly I’ve sent John Doe an email with a link to validate and actually claim this
registration for a vacation. So, if I were to come over here and open up this email,
this here is the email that your client then receives and it’s fulfilled through a company called Book VIP and don’t get confused ’cause Advertising Boost and Book VIP are two separate companies. Advertising Boost just uses Book VIP as it’s fulfillment center, but the cool thing is, is
inside of Advertising Boost, there are no timeshare requirements. There is an upgrade that they offer to people if they wanna go
with an all inclusive resort and that does require a timeshare, but the straightforward
three or five night stay that you give to people is completely non-timeshare required. So it’s very straightforward. So your client, in this case,
I sent it to a John Doe, to an email address that
I knew I could retrieve and what’s cool here
is they get this email, they click here to activate your vacation. When they do that, it redirects
them to the website here and this is where they can go
ahead and claim that vacation. Now notice right here
that is says must activate before expiration in seven days. This is really important because you want your clients to activate
these free vacations. It is important because
if they don’t activate it, they won’t actually be
able to go on this trip and experience this cool thing
you’re able to give them. So by giving them that time frame to activate their vacation, it gives them a little call to action because what I’ve found in business is when you give incentives away, if people don’t ever utilize them or leverage them or
actually take advantage of what you gave ’em, the appreciation isn’t there as much. Now you’ll still get a lot of mileage out of giving away these free vacations if people don’t actually end up going on these free vacations, but when they do go and experience it, it just takes your leverage of using a program like
Advertising Boost to another level, so I do appreciate Advertising Boost using this type of call
to action like, hey, activate this free
vacation within seven days because when they activate it, now they’re gonna go on that trip, they’re gonna feel more appreciative that you gave them this
three or five night stay to wherever you sent them to, so really cool page that it sends them to, shows them a lot of customer testimonials of people that have gone
on these free vacations. So, really cool page that
they’re redirected to here. So, the other cool thing that I like here is that the company actually
brands you further right here ’cause it says vacation
compliments of, in my case, team Mansell, it’s branding
my team Mansell name further. So it’s another way and
this is all included in your program, this
isn’t a separate website that I had to build or anything,
it’s completely included. So this is how they claim
their free vacation, the other reason that you want people to claim these free vacations is because I’m gonna show you a cool trick on how you can actually get paid for people claiming their free vacations. The companies really want everybody to go on these vacations. So the company actually
gives you an option to get paid and we’re not talking a lot, a few dollars per claimed vacation, but they can really add up. I mean, if you give away 100,
200 free vacations a month in all your marketing, advertising dollars what’s really cool is you can recoup a lot of that advertising dollars in the way of getting paid for people activating these free vacations. Now, let’s go back over
to Advertising Boost here because I’m gonna show you that not everybody likes to leverage the free vacations because
it doesn’t include airfare, it doesn’t include rental
car, meals are not included. It is just your resort or hotel stay that you’re able to give away
which is still a huge value. Anywhere from 600 to $1400 value that you’re giving away to your clients, but they are gonna pay for their taxes and if there’s any associated resort fees. They’re gonna have to pay for those. Still, an amazing value that you’re able to give away to people. You also get access to dining gurus. So what you can do is you can give away restaurant incentives
and this is all built right here into your Advertising Boost. So if free vacations
isn’t people’s speeds, you can give away these
restaurant vouchers. So, there’s 100, 200, or $300 vouchers that you can give away and
depending on the voucher size that you’re giving away, the activation fee is gonna be different. So, for example, with the $100 voucher fee
that you can give away, it does cost $7.95 to
activate that voucher. Now you can have your clients pay the $7.95 to get that $100 voucher and the vouchers work like this. So, you send somebody a $100 voucher and they have a list of the restaurants all over the United States
that they can choose from, but they pay, in this case, eight dollars for a $100 voucher and then
they go to that restaurant and that restaurant
will accept that voucher for up to $100 worth of food,
it doesn’t include alcohol but you can take people and
have a $100 worth of food at these various restaurants
for only eight dollars. So, it’s kind of like a coupon
purchase program if you will. They spend the eight dollars, but what’s really cool
is you can actually pay for that voucher activation
fee for your clients. So if you really wanted
to step up your game, you could legitimately give away, a $100, $200, a $300 restaurant
vouchers to your clients and you can use this as
a marketing incentive, you can use it is as a thank you gift. Hey, you could send out
to all of your clients for eight bucks each, you could send them a $100 voucher and it’s gonna cost you eight dollars each to send them a $100 worth. I mean, how many happy clients
would you have at that point if you’re sending them all $100 vouchers? So, that’s another way. You don’t have to pay for it, they give you the option
to do that or not. So another thing that
I wanna show you here that’s super powerful
about Advertising Boost is that you can also do
printed vacation certificates and what’s really cool about these is you can select which business you’re giving this away from, that’s something I didn’t mention yet, but in your account setting, you can actually set
up multiple businesses so if you represent different businesses, you can set up different
businesses in here and it will allow you
to choose what business you’re sending these vouchers from if you represent different businesses. So you select a business. In this case, I’ll just pick team Mansell and then you can select
a certificate type. There’s three different
destinations right now, well destination location. This is set up a little bit differently. You can create a certificate
that you can give away in the form of a PDF or you
can get them printed out. Your clients can choose at that point which destination they wanna go to. So when they activate the certificate, they will choose out of these locations where they wanna go to. So, that’s pretty cool. So I’m gonna just generate one PDF here. And see right here it’s just showing me now my list certificates
and I can download this. It’s gonna download to my
computer just like that and as you can see, let me
just bring this into frame. As you can see, I have
a unique certificate that has all the terms of services, what they’re probably pay
in taxes and resort fees and all those requirements
right here in a nice PDF. You can do this as a front and back PDF, and it does have an expiration date. So in this case, these
certificates expire in 30 days which it’s important to
have a little bit longer expiration time when they’re printed, ’cause maybe you’re printing 50 of them and you’re gonna give them
away or raffle them away, but again it says right here
compliments of team Mansell, so it’s still further branding you. This is great for say if you needed to have a prize for a raffle prize or a charity prize or
something to that effect or you just wanna be
able to mail these out. Maybe this is your Christmas gift that you’re gonna mail
out to all your clients. You could mail this to all of your clients and give them this certificate and when they call and claim this, they’re going to be able to activate their free
resort or hotel stay and what’s really cool is if you opt for the plan where you get paid for redeemed certificates, you’re going to be able to
get reimbursed for people that actually claim these
free vacation vouchers. So that’s another really cool thing that Advertising Boost has added because a lot of people love printed certificates. It makes it more tangible than
just an email that shows up. So, that’s another example there. One other thing that I’m gonna add here is that the ability to get paid for giving away free vacations. This is really, really huge. So, I’m not gonna go into details, the whole commissions
that you earn on this but if you do the annual plan, there’s a monthly plan and
then there’s an annual plan. If you do the annual plan, that will qualify you to get paid for every vacation
voucher that you give away and that’s activated by your client. So don’t just give away free certificates, set yourself up for the
ability to get reimbursed for those free vacations
that are activated and we’re talking a few
dollars per vacation voucher, but if you’re spending
money on paid advertising, then this is a great way to recoup a lot of your marketing costs because you’re gonna get reimbursed for those vacation vouchers
that are activated. Another thing that’s really cool here is you can do bulk creation
of vacation vouchers. So, you can upload a list, a CSV list or an Excel spreadsheet with everybody. So if you have a database of a 100 people that you wanna send these
free vacations vouchers to, you can upload a list and it gives you instructions here. You can download a sample, CSV file, makes it super simple to do. But you can upload a list of people and then have that
automatically send out to them which is another great
way to give away, say, a thank you gift or a
Christmas gift to people. It’s another great way to do that automatically right
from your back office. I’m trying to think
through any other questions a lot of my clients might have had that I wanna get answered. Bottom line is, is this company
is a great, great resource for anybody that’s
looking to have a leg up on other competition. On your competition, if you
wanna have a leg up on them, give away free vacations, give away printed certificates
for free vacations. Give away the restaurant
vouchers which is really cool because people go out and use those today. They don’t have to plan a trip to go some place and go out
and use those right away. They’re just great ways to leverage it. Now, inside of my team group I actually teach various strategies on how I’m leveraging advertising boost. I include them in sales funnels. In fact, let me show you one of those sales funnels right now. Sales funnels that I use. So right here, this is a
video that I have recorded. This is an online marketing
course that I sell and rather than just asking them to opt in for free, what I do is I give them
a free vacation voucher ’cause it doesn’t cost me anything. I give them a free vacation voucher for every single person that watches the video on the next page. So this is really cool right here because what it does it’s
integrated with the APIs of Advertising Boost and automatically sends out every single person that opts into my sales funnel
a free vacation voucher. So rather than it just saying input your name and email address, I have them choose their destination, their vacation destination and then when they click on this to watch the next video, that’s when it pops up here for them to enter their name, email
address, phone number optional and then when they submit
that, it does two things. One, it redirects them to the
video page for this program, but it also sends them automaticallyc that free vacation voucher and I don’t have to do
that manually for them. The other aspect of Advertising
Boost that’s really cool is if you know other businesses that could use this kind of program, they will pay you for
referring other businesses. Just like I’m doing, you can also refer
other affiliate members, other businesses to get on
board with Advertising Boost and utilize it and you
get paid a percentage of their monthly subscription. So whether it’s the annual
or the monthly plan, you can get paid for that and
that’s exactly what I’m doing and I’ve earned a lot of money helping other businesses get
set up with Advertising Boost and I know that we all
know other businesses, so if you want to start generating income with Advertising Boost, you can get paid 40% monthly residual on any business that you
refer to Advertising Boost and what’s pretty cool is they even have a car bonus program. So, I was actually the very first person to earn the car bonus, but that’s the dream car
bonus and you can see here I’m inside of the Advertising
Boost closed group. Andy Small, who’s the
owner of Advertising Boost, he is congratulating me. This was on June 5th that
I earned the first tier of the dream car bonus. So (upbeat music) this was me
earning that dream car bonus and now Advertising Boost, they pay a portion of
my monthly lease payment of my brand new Tesla Model S
and you can see it right here. That was me the day that I was picking up my brand new Tesla Model S P 100 D. You can see it there, just
there it is in my garage at home and it is a fantastic car to drive, and that was specifically
thanks to Advertising Boost and their dream car bonus program which helps subsidize my monthly payment of this car now and because
I’ve got enough members, I actually get a thousand
dollar subsidized every single month to
cover the cost of this car that I get to drive thanks
to Advertising Boost. So, that’s something that you can also be in the earn through Advertising Boost and I teach a lot more of that in my team group so if you’re considering joining Advertising Boost, definitely the link that’s in the
description of this video here. If you have any specific questions about Advertising Boost that I didn’t cover in my video here, be sure to reach out to me on Facebook. That’s the best way to get ahold of me. A link to that is also in the
description of this video, and comment below, let
me know what you think. Let me know what questions you have even in the
comments of this video. But like I said, if you
wanna get started right now, there is a link in the
description of this video to get started with
Advertising Boost today, but you also can message me on Facebook and I can provide you my direct link to make sure that you
get into my team group and get all of my bonuses. I have a quick start guide,
I have a membership website where you’ll get access to my strategies that I use for marketing
businesses online. You’ll get access to all of that for free just as a bonus for
joining Advertising Boost with me and the additional
bonus on top of that is if you join through me, then you’ll be able to
offer the same bonuses, same private team access to anybody that you refer into Advertising Boost as well which is another great way to get a leg up on the other
Advertising Boost affiliates that are out there. So, if you’re looking to
generate more money online, build more clients, you definitely need to have Advertising Boost
as a tool in your toolbox because it is not only helping me generate a lot more clients, a
lot more sales online, but it’s also putting a lot more money in my pocket each month because I’m referring other people to get Advertising Boost as well and that’s what it can do for you as well. So that’s what I wanna help you do. Use the link in the video description and get started with
Advertising Boost today. What you’re gonna do is click that link. You’re gonna be able to
get a seven day free trial, which I didn’t mention about, but you can get a seven day free trial and I highly recommend that
you choose the annual plan because the annual plan
is gonna get you paid for giving away the free vouchers too and that’s really, really critical. So go ahead and go with the annual plan. It’s the cheapest way to go. You’ll get so many additional incentives when you go with the annual plan. Choose that option and I look forward to getting you started
on Advertising Boost. Hit me up on Facebook,
let me know you signed up, and I’ll get you access
to all of my bonuses. I appreciate the like, the subscribe, and the comment on this video. I’ll be putting out more videos here on my internet marketing strategy. So be sure to subscribe to my channel, and I’ll see you guys on the next video.

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