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Not SHOUTOUTS AND ADS 😵 How To Make Money On Social Media in 2019

Not SHOUTOUTS AND ADS 😵  How To Make Money On Social Media in 2019

Don’t I look like a real YouTuber now. I’ve got my Mac. I’ve got a joke for nothing. And this is the third coffee or drink in the
last 1 hour. So don’t mind me if I have too much energy. But but if you knew here make sure you click
that subscribe button. Cuz what are you doing with your life? If you haven’t like this is one of the best
things you can do in this day. I need to subscribe button and the Subscribe
button means nothing absolutely zero if you don’t have the belt notification, but I mean,
I’m not discriminating. You’ve just described the channel. I still love you. So the topic of the day is how to say on social
media without a website. So there’s a software I’m going to use right
now from really cool guys. Keep me up on my email and said hey Mickey
Chinese portal and I think it’s actually good and I will use it. Where is a few things that I noted by just
seen some of the functionality this didn’t really make a photo yet. I don’t have any ideas other than the fundamentals
that this is soft. Jumper enables automated conversional check
out of Facebook Messenger Instagram the weather of history of wine and everywhere. Your customers are I mean if you’re selling
land on Mars, I don’t know if you’re the perfect guy for this software there two groups. That was surely benefit from based software
for tell you that you need to know this you need to make money while you sleep but you’re
probably thinking so far. The only thing I’m doing when I’m sleeping
is snoring up. I mean no offense if you snore during the
day as well as still cool, but maybe you want to change that. So there are two types of audiences that will
benefit from the first if you already have a business and you are looking to increase
our sales into if you do not have a business or website, but do not have the capital to
start one but what to start one right now, what do you do? And you can go over the steps with me if you
like. I feel like this is something that will bring
value. If you don’t like it, we can both click off
at the same time. But for now, let’s see your part of the first
audience. You’re someone who owns a business and older
website. Why do you want to use and how to make this
funnel as a check out. Should be honest with you. What do you think do people like and enjoy
communicating via social media and I’m pretty sure they do when is the last time you saw
someone at the bus station? I mean no offense if you’re too rich to never
go to the bus station, but I’ve been there a few times I’ve shared accomodation with
some smelly dude sitting next to me in the bus between cuz I thought I’d rather you drink
but this is beside the point. I never saw someone sitting there on the bed
bus train airplane, whatever station and communicating with some. Turn on the lights at this is boring the way
people enjoy not when they have to work. Enjoy. The communique is via social media. It’s something that we check on every 15 minutes
and that’s the tea and everything that our fence uploaded 15 minutes later. We do it again and business you might find
some value and I mean, it doesn’t hurt back to me. Also, if you already have a business and having
a funnel like jumper. IO, let’s see that you’re at the point that
you have so many customers or busy with other things that you cannot reply to all the sales
emails you have from different people. If your point you need to either figure out
a way to get more than 24 hours in the day or because somebody a virtual assistant fiber
or you can see the linked for fiber in the. Kitchen design from upward or has somebody
in your office or friend of yours to help with some of the emails because you’re potentially
play just kidding a platform that says he’s everything you need to get the job done. So they can situation is you do not have a
website you want to start in. The only thing to become an entrepreneur that
you need to do is just alright. Okay, you have around a hundred bucks and
you cannot say old for all those pokimane the premium design template. Even if it’s WordPress all the phases accounting
the menu. Do you do not have money for that? What do you do? If you have around a hundred bucks, you can
automate all the setting process without spending all this time and money on creating your own
website and everything that comes with it. I mean be my guest if you want to go through
a bank hosting domain. Finding all this money on the programmer. I mean this is the thing that you might want
to do eventually, but if you want to start the next 5 minutes from now, but after you
finish the video, I mean you can do it while you watch the video about closing the video
can be disastrous for you. Even though in this is our financial advisor. Okay, do your own due diligence? This is just so as you can see I’m registered
and I have a 19-date more free trial. So there’s a bunch of available payment methods. If you have issues here, you can change your
country in currency. If you don’t have the most important payment
method of all Fable or stripe, so I’m trying to figure out how to use it. But I’m pretty sure I just need to integrate
its up. What are you doing? This video is set it up for Messenger to make
a funnel in messenger or Instagram. Let’s see what we can do. So what products do I have so. Brother will be Consulting right Consulting. Call August ciuzio hashtack. What is this? The hashtag protein in there should be a short
name unique through Prague. Okay, don’t want you to be one on one. Call coaching quotes images. Bizzy Bone show page thank you to know. Stop a hundred. No idea. What is is a social person to customize. What is has a variation of it doesn’t have
a very chunky so I charge $25 per hour maximum quantity the customer can order to do so. Consulting. Call with dr. Nicky and me on telegram after the call. This is there in 25 doors 24 why not? I don’t need your support right now and saving
the product. Okay salt work will do is connect my doctor
Nikki you do Facebook page enable quick menu, okay. And I’m feeling I’m set up. Okay, so now choose the grown up now. Might I should see it now. Let’s try to drain out here. It is. Come coaching Co. Choose a brother coaching jumper shop. Now that I have the same spot that was and
I can do that with Facebook. Instagram. And everything I have the show this shop now
and I’m right at it. So that was pretty easy. And from what I can see here. Are we can do it on our block YouTube channel
Instagram line in WhatsApp. I think I will integrate it on a bring you
curious about the instrument functionality. So what I just share it is it is it so simple. It’s pretty simple. I just got to edit on my Instagram account
and I have the phone on like the link in BIO. So guys did I think if you want to start selling
something that can mate brother especially for probably can. You can even do it for dropshipping right
just make an Instagram page or pay something face. If you don’t even have an Instagram page play
something page for shoutout linkinbio story blah blah blah everything make the Instagram
post make the jumper is a LinkedIn product. Someone buys drop shipped item the easiest
business model way easier than setting up a website and pretty much the price. I’m not sponsored for making a video full
disclaimer here. I am on the feeling for the product. I mean if someone buys something that might
get paid after I should get paid. Percentage of the purchase I personally would
use this product and pretty sure I would now I got to figure some things out. But when I get the swipe up function again
on my Instagram account with another topic why I’m headed right now. Also one more thing. I wanted to tell you guys that our website
is ready. I’m super bummed about it. He has what function so you can see it here
at all. So if you want to follow my day today and
CBD smoking like a block style. You should follow me on Instagram. I have the stories there and I’ve tried to
do a very special and I have a busy day like today today was a super busy day you find
some very interesting things there. So if you want to do that, he should follow
me on Instagram. Stop it was over but it’s not theirs video
here and a video here. What are you waiting for? Just do it.

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