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Not Getting Google Adsense Approval? Learn Pro Tricks

Not Getting Google Adsense Approval? Learn Pro Tricks

Hi guys,
Harsh Here and today I will be talking about one of the most commonly asked topic, that
is about Adsense approval. I have seen many new bloggers have confusions
regarding Adsense approval and they get very demotivated when their Adsense application
is rejected. And many of them quit blogging because they
think they can’t make money if they don’t get approval of Adsense.
First thing you can always make money even without adsense. But lets not get there as
in this video I will be explaining the key points that will ensure that you will always
get approval for Adsense. So lets start with number one
Use a standard blogging platform, be it BlogSpot or be it WordPress, now when you are using
WordPress; you need to use self hosted WordPress, as you can’t use WordPress.com.
When you are using BlogSpot, that also perfect; the first thing that you need to take care
of is use a quality blog design. One of the major mistakes we do is we try to make our
blog look very fancy, you don’t really have to do that. Make your blog look professional,
thee are many professionals looking template out there, you just need to search for it;
if you have money you can spend on that and if you don’t have money, no problem there
are many free templates out there for bloodspot an for WordPress.Use a good platform, use a good template.

61 thoughts on “Not Getting Google Adsense Approval? Learn Pro Tricks

  1. Getting approval from Google AdSense is easy but main thing is having good traffic and readers for your blog to earn handsome income. Day by day i am learning new things from different blogging niche related blogs. BTW your style today of giving useful information is better than the previous videos.

  2. Perhaps this one is the first of your video tutorials. Anyway, good one. I hope you make one for integrating AdSense with YouTube. Cheers! 😀

  3. Thanks Harsh Sir, Nice explanation of little but important points.
    I have 2 questions

    I got rejected for Adsense recently with reason "Does'nt not comply with Google Policies"

    After asking many good bloggers, they said that you have copyrighted images on your blog. So Now my question is 1.
    " Should I remove all those images or giving credit after each photo taken will do ?

    2. I applied with 40 post with 35 of being decent post(Tech niche). So should I apply with 60+ post?
    Thanks in Advance.

  4. Really very useful video harsh.. Just now I have to visit your website about Youtube video tips.. All are very useful. Keep Rocking..

  5. hello sir..
    need a clear idea about how to use images from net in my blog without violating google's policies?
    And i saw many sites copying images and content but they have adsense. how?
    and does adsense depend upon no of visitors???

  6. Hello sir i have already messaged you on your social site. I am also having the same problem but i am having a video site so it is getting difficult for me to work for it. I am new so please reply me on your social network … 🙂

  7. I want to apply for a google adsense after more pages on my Blog. I have some copied Images on my Blog which I downloaded from Google Images, Now onward I will use original Images not copied one.
    My Question:
    1. Should I delete those Copied Images. What if I get High Traffic?
    2. Can I use copied Images that are not taken from Google Images?

  8. Hi Harsh! Hope you are doing well. I  am writing here to know the policies of uploading videos on youtube.
        1.   You have uploaded some video songs/album which are copyrighted, Do you monetize them?
    2. How much can we earn if we get 10,000 views per video?
    3. Last time I uploaded a video from Star sports, I moetized it but later I got email that its copyrighted content. Then I disable monetization from that. But few days later the content was automatically removed. Want to know HOw do you use those song videos and all?
                      I would be much thankful if you advise me few tips.

    Nickk Bisht

  9. you're awesome, thank you for the great info!
    I got approved but my ads don't show. I guess is the second step verification that needs to kick in. right? Thanks

  10. what if i hav movie blog, images are copyrighted by producers and no one gain that rights .  is it ok to use that images.

  11. hiii brother i have linked youtube account to adsense and iam waiting since 3 months .. but upto now it was not approved.. in adsense account a red indication line was appeared when i created adsense account but now red line not appearing eventhough i didn't get any email from adsense acount why??.. plzz help

  12. Very helpful video. There are so many false videos and articles about this, nice to see something that is concise and to the point.

  13. hey harsh, my adsense account is already approved through my youtube channel and i want it to get linked to my newly created blog. will that adsense account work or i need to apply for another one particularly for blogspot…?

  14. hello sir,
    I have an Adsense account which is now disabled due to invalid
    activity done by me. I appeal for reinstate that account about ten
    But Adsense team replied that " Thanks for the additional information
    provided in your appeal, we appreciate your continued interest in the
    AdSense program. After thoroughly reviewing your account data and
    taking your feedback into consideration, our specialists have
    confirmed that we're unable to reinstate your AdSense account."
    And then i applied for the adsense from another account for the same
    site. And it is approved I place the ads of that account and it works.
    But after two days this account is also disabled due to invalid
    activity. but I can't did it.
    I want help that what would i do now?????
    I am waiting for your reply.
    Thank you
    Rahul verma

  15. I have started blogging from 10-15days ago , i have 10-15 blogpost bt still its not approved
    All the content is mie own nothing is copy and paste .. !! Plzz could you help meh ???

  16. viewer on blog is more than 700 but many times I applied for Google adsence but it is always write the publisher I'd. …….. are disapproved. So please help me what can I do next

  17. "Your AdSense account is awaiting approval". This message is displaying from nearly more than 6 months, but there is no any other mails receiving from adsense regarding approval or rejection for my blogger. What might be the problem & what i want to do now?

  18. 3 years back I have started my blog and apllied for adsense but got rejected may be due to some copyright  issues. From last 2.5 years I have not operated that blog due to lack of time.Meanwhile I have randomly uploaded some videos on my youtube channel and get good views so yesterday I have applied for adsense again but before that I have permanently deleted my blog that I have stated above. Now one email comes from Google Adsense for not approving application as they are not able to review my blog bcz I have deleted it.
    So please advice what can I do now to  get adsense approval for my youtube channel.Can I link my Youtube Channel to another gmail account to get approval. please help.

  19. I have a news website….when i write articles i need to get some inputs from news agencies….will google adsense accept this??

  20. Thanks for this guidance. But one more thing I want to ask you that, suppose I have got google Adsense approval and the ads are flashing in my blog. Now whatever ads are flashing, are those ads related with my blog content or something else?

  21. google give me inbox five times with the notice of "You Adsense account is fully approved", but the problem is that when I entered to AdSense account with my email id, the message will show that "you website is under review" why? please help me

  22. hello
    my absence account is approve after 3 time applying.
    but absence account is not open and comes a massage that "you have another absence account" how to solve a problam

  23. Hey Harsh,
    I got Adsense approval before two years but I didn't use the Adsense, but now I start a website when I copy and paste the script in WordPress website the ad is not showing, could you please help me .

    My website is www.searchfordetails.com

  24. hey i have just posted my first blog yesterday on blogger. i am not able to link my blogger with google adsense in the earning section

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