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No One Knew Me 10 Years Ago | Gary Vaynerchuk Original Film

No One Knew Me 10 Years Ago | Gary Vaynerchuk Original Film

– I thought I’d be there
forever until the day I didn’t. You know, it’s funny, I
never had a conversation with my dad about me leaving day to day. It just kind of happened. It was crazy to think about. It was also a time where
probably the toughest time in my career was when my
dad and I weren’t clicking. There was a point where
the business got so big and I was getting the
credit and I was starting to get the credit in the
press and I feel like I could have done a better job
of giving my dad more credit, but I think at some level, I
was struggling subconsciously without even realizing it
that I owned nothing of it and now I’m married and here
I am at 30, 31, 32 years old. I’m not paying myself
a lot of money at all. You kinda wake up and you’ve put a decade of 15 hour days, 360 days
a year into something. You’ve built something and watched it grow from four to 60 million in revenue and you’ve never really made
more than $150,000 a year. I just started getting so
much of the credit that it started undermining my dad’s
own feelings for himself. It’s almost like he was
getting wiped out of history and it was an interesting, difficult time. What it took for me to
get out of that moment was the ability to start over. (intense music) – [Director] Did you feel
like there was a point where you felt maybe
unfulfilled by what… Even though you were
fulfilled helping your dad doing all this, you were unfulfilled. There was something else
that was there for you that you wanted to chase
or you wanted to pursue? – Yeah, I could feel me changing. The obsession with building
the biggest wine retail company in America was fading and my curiosity about this web 2.0 evolution
of the internet was rising and I was starting to realize, it wasn’t that I was
a great wine merchant, it was that I was a great communicator and my career started to shift. (contemplative music) At some level, you don’t realize
when something’s dying down when you’re in it and I didn’t realize how much fire something new and fresh and wide open and so grand… I’m coming from the wine
business, which is incredible and I missed it so much
I got back into it, but this whole world of this is the changing media landscape,
this is communication change. This is gonna affect the world. I often use the analogy of a lightning bug that just goes to the
light and gets zapped. I always wondered, does
that bug know that they’re about to get zapped, but
they just can’t help it? There’s an enormous sense of destiny that runs through my body. I just feel it. The most important thing I think about when I think about getting to happiness is not so much owning
anything, it’s the ability to not hear anything, but yourself. There’s nothing more powerful than when everything gets quiet and the only thing that
penetrates is your own voice and that voice isn’t judging you. – [Director] When you
look back now, at the kid who felt pressure or the
kid who felt an obligation, what would you say to that kid now? – I would tell that kid to stay the course ’cause he’s gotta figure it out.

100 thoughts on “No One Knew Me 10 Years Ago | Gary Vaynerchuk Original Film

    Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TUKBoTxeBl8
    ….And, I Commented on that very same Video of YOU just a Week ago.
    We will Remember U 😊…I Do & Thank U for both your Encouragement & Inspiration…it leads a long way for so many of Us 💖

  2. “There is nothing more powerful than when everything is quiet and the only thing that penetrates is your own voice and that voice isn't judging you.” ✌️✌️✌️

  3. Great candid moment man. Many people try to be you. You must know that. You’re the wave. Starting over is what I’m currently doing and I didn’t even realize it. I can’t look at anyone else’s path but my own. Inspiring video man. It’s 3:30 in the morning right now. Gonna write some ideas down of some rebranding. Thanks for this Gary.

  4. Man what I would do to get a bit of that quiet you mentioned, though I'm definitely 100% that bug flying for the light hahaha… could care less about anything in life other then creating a diffrence no matter how tiny ,though in a different respect, not as much about the income as the connection to others these days … Actually income and welth is all gone , barley surviving,. But I'm happy and that's what matters. Well mostly happy lol … took a job that turned out to be a scam, and now about to land out on the street lol .. but who cares ,I always bounce back lol .. life ain't easy… not supposed to be ,struggle causes growth, I too had bad grades , was an immigrant from eastern Europe. .. but not nice parents , no positive influences in the home ,ton of abuse, asshole older brother lol . Still in the end I stepped up , retired the parents that made my life hell at the cost of my own life… started over got screwed by a friend … just finally felt better ,went back to working this time for a company instead of myself… well company is worst scam ever , just quit … now time to start again … 8 days left to make rent from zero lol .. buy I know I got this 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

  5. Big fan Gary, but when you say "haven't made more than 150.000$ a year" … you can't say that that's little money, right? I understand the perspective when you own a 60 million dollar company, but still … that's not bad, is it?

  6. You know I have been watching a lot of Gary and other Influencers over the past half year and I have done a lot of things they have said and recommended with great results. Personally I think that self empowerment is a GOLD MINE. I think affakhdkfjhs.,.,., I KNOW that the broad generalization of an "average joe" is complete bullsh**, this is because people want to limit you in this world so their success is unrivaled. One thing I like about Gary and other influencers to me is that they are all willing to do for you what they cannot do for themselves. A prime example of this is how they give out a plethora of examples, ideas, ways to attain your ,,,,, YOUR own dream job. He cannot attain your dream job because it is your dream job, simple… Hope to sit down with you someday and just talk business, also if VaynerMedia is still looking for an email marketing connoisseur shoot me an message.

  7. Poor baby. Living on 150k a year. How did u ever survive. I respect you. I’m sorry that sounds smartass. You are talking about a level of money that is unfathomable to me. I would call making 150k a year a success.

  8. This dude is gonna live forever. The biggest benefits of having him is gonna be the kids who hear this 30 years from now.

  9. I know Gary's point and I live by it, but does being positive and having optimism alone define financial success. I'm happy, have a great life but I want financial success. A lot of what Gary says is true on communication, become the best internet 2.0 communicator a build a following in your process, not the outcome.

  10. I love this, at least your side of it, Gary. Terrific access you grant us here. I listened to the podcast and I thought, "is that interviewer trying to put you in a trance?" Weird approach, but you were sensational. Don't think I'm being critical, because you deserve none, but I thing the word you meant when you said your, "conscious" is actually "conscience," Let me know if you agree. Oh! And the Empathy white is terrific. Loving the wines!

  11. This is exactly the way I feel about engineering. After spending 6yrs in an engineering degree and 2yrs working I realise I'm not really cut out for it. And it's not that I'm an engineer but a problem solver. So this world of business and investment drew me in.

  12. 🙏Thank you for the vulnerability. I remember tuning in to the first episode of Dailyvee bc you wanted to show people the actual work it takes to grow a business.
    It's not easy to talk about family tensions, even years out. The content here was so dense, it made a 4min video feel like a 20 min talk because of the emotional depth. ✊Stay the course.

  13. Gary Vee You have impacted the hip hop community in a major way. Hip Hop Loves you back Gary A Gary Vee Fan Must listen. Thanks for the positive influence. Listen to track here https://youtu.be/1sguxfKilmI. Thank You Gary 🙏🏾

  14. Fuck. This is greatness. But I won't tell you that Gary cause I want you to continue. So you suck my man.

  15. You are such an inspiration. Sharing your wisdom and experience to everyone is really something that we all appreciate. As an online entrepreneur, I also have goals and dreams of my own. Watching your videos and hearing your advice helps me love what I do more.

  16. I have a CS degree and I've been looking for work in iOS Development…entry level is tough to get into, it's about 6 months of looking. Anyone here think it'd make since for me to also learn sales and get a "no-experience needed" sales job in the meantime?

  17. So many people give up too easily. I will keep creating, adapting, finding fulfillment, being happy & spreading positivity till the day I die. WE CAN ALL DO THIS xx Thank you to Gary for always being that source of motivation for us xx

  18. I lost the fight with my Mom to take over a family business. So i left and started my own. It can be very disappointing when your parents do not trust you or wont let go of the businesses. She is 70 years. I could have made the family great. But oh well.

  19. when we consider ourselves against you we can consider ourselves lucky because you didn't have you in your early 20's to guide you THANK YOU FOR REPROGRAMMING ME AND HELPING ME GROW FAST AS A PERSON

  20. One of the most powerful films from you Gary, It's another level from what you normally do, I appreciate you and love you <3

  21. ya know, this guys just kinda an arrogant, egotistical, and self-centered dick.
    If that is a "hard part" of your life then you got one nice life pal

  22. 10 years from now I am successful person helping people who needs my help, that why I create my channel ❤️

  23. Now thats a different approach to the usual
    Informal vlog document dont create @garyvee, this is #creategaryvee. I like it! #dramainthevlog

  24. This is touching. I am in such a transition period. My husband has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. My daughter is 20 and barely speaks to me. His family threw me into the streets. It's taken nearly 3 years just to have a place to call home. I still have no car and don't feel emotionally healthy enough to leave the house. All I know is to be a special needs wife, special needs mom, and special needs nanny. I didn't realize that in caring for so many others, I never learned how to care for me. I am alone. I am afraid. I am only listening to my own thoughts and Gary's positivity. It's time to shut out the world and the voices and the judgment and thank you "stay the course". I like that.

  25. Please write a book about how your mom raised you!! I’m a single mom and need all the help I can get!

  26. "…the only thing that penetrates is your own voice, and that voices isn't judging you."

    This right here is so powerful. Getting to a state of mind where you are friends with yourself truly does bring happiness. Thank you Gary for the amazing video, definitely one to come back to!

  27. Gary is the man!!! I took all of his advice and used it to make my own YouTube channel!! I absolutely appreciate support from anyone nice!! Thank you so much for your support and time!!! Have a great day!!!

  28. "Happiness is the ability to not hear anything but yourself." A lot of the anxiety and sadness comes from the pressure of the different voices that bombard us. So, we have to really be aware of the voices we listen to and put more focus on our own voice.

  29. THIS: “There’s nothing more powerful than when everything gets quiet, and the only things that penetrates is you own voice, and the voice isn’t judging you.”

  30. When you do what you want and what's right for you there is no hurry to get subscribers/likes/views. People nowadays are to impatient and expect overnight success.

  31. Your ads are annoying so I will say this to you. The biggest mistake in life is not regret as you are saying. It is being unrepentant. God will forgive us if we are humble and confess our sins to Him. Cmon it is not REGRET.

  32. Thanks, Gary for opening up about your life. Very encouraging! It is still amazing to me how people disliked this video. Gary shared his own personal story and truth.

  33. Scammer, just some guy with daddy's money pretending he's got the answer to sell you on a shitty product or "business course"

  34. Garyvee is the man when I watched him on YouTube it inspired me to make gaming videos and plz sub and make sure hell garyvee subscribe to him to

  35. Gary’s the mannn i used all of his advice and jumped out of my comfort zone…. I just posted my first ever vlog I would like some support/ subscribers to help me out…!! Peace

  36. I love you Gary V.thank you for your everyday advise,every morning at 3am.Im selling breakfast at the hospital for the out patient and at the afternoon Im on my mlm business.your advise on Instagram and Facebook are my everyday motivation..Hope someday i can attend at your seminars here in the Philippines. because of you every time I am alone doubting myself that can I achieved success,,your words fuel and injected at me..thank you for positivity you bring in the world.More blessing to you Sir Gary V.

  37. garyvee is the man i have been taken all of it advice now i am on it target to get sucess just to follow his advice my 3rd block was drop in 3 minutes follow my progres and help me to go futher

  38. Gary you are the man i sub
    Yo please sub me and i will
    Keep on following, because
    You inspire me to be like you

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