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No Man’s Sky Investigated for False Advertising – The Know

No Man’s Sky Investigated for False Advertising – The Know

Hey Welcome to The Know I’m Adam

And I’m Bruce And uh, I have to read this line. There’s nothing finer in this world than sweet sweet What? You know what it is! I know you know what it is. Schadenfruede! Schadenfruede … Oh wait no, pronounce it correctly for me. That was it! Schadenfruede.

Bruce nailed it! Schadenfruede?

Schadenfruede. Why you gotta give me this word. That’s a tough word, Adam. I’m sorry. I’ve-I’ve Uh-If you say it enough times, I’ll just memorize it. Yeah, Scha-den-frue-de

Schadenfruede. Do you get the irony though?

Yeah. Cause the word means:
Enjoying the suffering of others,
and we just did it to you. Yup. A little to high brow

[ Unintelligible ] Anyway Lawrence throw up popcorn.gif cause we got
another reason to laugh at No Man’s Sky! After a series of so bad it’s good news developments for the sad little game that could, the game is now getting some bigger heat than a truck load of angry reddit threads! Yup that’s right!
The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), and independent advertising regulator based in the UK, is now officially investigating No Man’s Sky advertising! Oh boy Specifically, they are looking at the games store page on Steam, which contains a number of potentially misleading videos and screenshots. Namely one that says it’ll make all your dreams come true.

Oh Lawrence. What do they got going on there? Well, so it’s interesting. This confirmation comes from reddit. [Sigh] Like pretty much everything we report on these days. [Laughter] Go ahead and leave a comment
“OOH ALL THEY DO IS REPEAT REDDIT THREADS!!” Tiny little, you know little hive mind Yeah.

Nope, Nope, it’s front page of the internet. So, Reddit user AzzerUK, which is actually a pretty cool name, received and posted the first confirmation from the ASA That the organization is looking at the games representation, with Eurogamer confirming the situation with the ASA about it a day later. According to the response the UK received from the ASA, both Hello Games and Valve are jointly responsible for any misleading advertising, should they find it exists. The ASA even itemized they found in the game marketing materials including ship flying behavior. Namely ships flying in formation over a planets surface, which, doesn’t fuckin’ happen. Large scale space combat, which also doesn’t happen like big capital ships firing lasers. Flowing water doesn’t happen, aiming systems, and the speed of the games interstellar warp, which is essentially the games loading timer. You figure that out pretty quick.

Oh geez The ASA even found problems textual description, noting that the product was described as having no loading screens, trade convoys that travel between stars, and independent factions that battle over game territories. None of which happens in the game! [Schadenfruede Laughter] Interestingly the current ASA investigation is restricted to ‘only’ the games Steam page at the moment. That means that the controversy surrounding No Man’s Sky’s multiplayer don’t really apply, given that such claims occurred in interviews before the game released. So what does all this mean Lawrence? It’s tempting to think that the ASA will then sue Hello Games into oblivion and give us the reparations we’re due. [Wheezing]

Send us all checks. Reparations?

Take that small indie studio!

Geez! Yeah I like using that word. It’s not a charged word at all! [Laughter] It’s just associated with all the slavery before. That’s not really what the ASA does. They don’t really sue companies and monetarily punish them. The ASA’s a watchdog group with limited, but, meaningful authority! They have the ability to withdraw advertisement and sanction further advertising from companies they find violate their advertisement code. In fact, this isn’t the first time the ASA has dinged a games steam page. Some of you may remember that GTA V supposedly went on sale during the 2015 Steam Summer Sale. Except, it wasn’t!

Really? The game was sold as a bundle with GTA Online cards which unlock amounts of currency in the games online mode. The bundle was then listed at an inflated price and discounted back down to normal retail. In November 2015 the ASA that quote:
“There had been an error in the pricing of the GTA game”
Ugh old people, and:
“That it was not available at a discounted price as claimed. End quote, and
“Because a 25% saving was not available on the usual selling price of the product at the time the ad appeared, as claimed, we concluded that it was misleading.” [Bruce Clapping]

Here’s the important bit. Neither Rockstar or Valve were blasted out of business due to this infraction The ASA simply ruled that quote:
“The ad must not appear again in its current form. We told steam to ensure their future savings claims did not mislead about the benefits available.” The limpest wrist slap I’ve ever seen. Yeah. A similar ruling all the way back in 2003 regarding an advertisement for House of the Dead, Lawrence how did you find this? You gotta dig into the 4th and 5th page of Google search results like a good journalist! [Laughter]

There’s a 5th page??? How many people get halfway down the first one? So apparently in this story the games publisher Atari, when they were alive, ran a magazine ad featuring a corpse with two bullet wounds and the phrase:
“The only good zombie is a dead zombie.” A very concerned individual reported this out to the ASA. The ASA then found that the ad was quote:
“Likely to cause serious or widespread offence.” And ruled that Atari couldn’t run the ad again, and to consult with the committee of advertising practice before running similar advertisements. So much in the same way, it’s like, “Don’t do that, take that down, and if you do it again you better tell us.” That’s really weird.

Kind of what it amounts to. So both Valve and Hello Games are kind of looking at a slap on the wrist as a worse case scenario. Though this will probably result in a revision of the No Man’s Sky store page. It’s likely that Sony will probably revise other promotional materials for the game, including the games store page on the PS4 to make sure they don’t include the same misleading materials. That doesn’t matter, what’s really important here is that ‘WE WERE RIGHT’, Sean Murray LIED, and a big grown up agency said so! They validated us! Just like we’ve always wanted! [Laughter] Get that sweet sweet sweet sweet smug Shardenfruedle That’s right! Too bad you can’t cash smugness into the bank to replace that $60 we got duped out of!
Thanks again … SEAN MURRAY! [Laughter] And before we go, Eurogamer spoke directly to AzzerUK to get his perspective on the whole issue. There’s some great commentary there regarding the discontent of the community. So you should check it out if you’re interested in the conversation regarding deceptive advertising. Links in the description down there along with all the other stories we’ve referenced. What do YOU think? Is simply revising the games representation after the fact enough??? Does an example need to be made here!? WHEN WILL SEAN MURRAY BE MURDERED!?! Whoa! Huh?

I mean, when will Sean Murray smile again! I just want him to be happy. Yeah, poor guy. He’s a happy guy!

He ‘was’ happy and then he took a piece of himself and tried to give it to us. And then we uh …. pretty much just threw him up on the cross.

Aw Iike Sean Murray. I kind of like the angle that the gaming community should take media to task for not being as … critical of the game early on as they should’ve been. And I can only say that because were absolved, we did that! [Wheezing] So … you know maybe it’s-maybe it’s kind of a backwards way of saying we did something right. You should pay attention to us more. I guess that next time you ask the question:
“Why aren’t video game companies more transparent and why don’t they talk about their games more when they come out?”
This is why. Fuckin’ No Man’s Sky. No one wants to be Sean Murray right now. Stunt Man Joe, or whatever that game was … Harvey Danger-No-Joe Danger! Joe Danger! Man, Harvey Danger, flagpole sit-up. Drinking DayQuil during the day is kind of like taking a shot. Yeah!

Yeah it is. It absolutely is.

I kinda like getting allergies cause you get to take antihistamines and shit. [Wheezing] Gimmie a swig of that. I’ll waterfall it. You’re gonna waterfall DayQuil? [Adam Imbibing DayQuil] That’s good that’s good, that’s to much! There had been an error in the pricing of the GT-[Sigh] Fuck me. Oh sorry.

No it’s okay. It’s-I’m-The words are starting to blur now because the-the Day-Quil is kicking in. [More Bruce Laughter]

100 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky Investigated for False Advertising – The Know

  1. Personally I am a little disappointed with Deus Ex : MD and Fallout 4 (I like cyberpunk / futuristic RPGs) but I dare say that Eidos and Bethsoft did fulfill most of their promises. Not exactly what I hope for but enough to make me waste nearly hundred hours each is a solid purchase.

    But NMS had made plenty of promises and could not even deliver 30% of them in release. Seriously, if Hellogames just mentioned that the things promised were coming in a future patch or a DLC with a reasonable timeframe, people will not get so mad and at least cut them some slack. But unfortunately they were waaay too slow to act on this.

    And now here comes the hammer.

  2. this passes and no man's sky gets shot for false ads. this will be a potential gateway for lawsuits against them. gg goodbye games and one man's lie

  3. What the ASA decision does do is provide a gateway to small claims court suits.

    1. Screenshot the old ad page on Steam / PSN/ etc
    2. Screenshot the new one when it goes up
    3. Contact HG directly and demand a refund
    4. Get an attorney to send a letter when they don't respond
    5. HG either pays you money or pays your lawyer fees and pays you money.

    The ASA pretty much just exists to say "yes, it makes sense to sue these guys" or not. Beyond that, they're pretty useless.

  4. Im so confused on this whole false advertising thing. I mean if the game is as vast as they say how do you know the features are not included. how do you know that auto aiming or aiming improvements are not present. maybe you just haven't discovered them yet during your game play? I mean really though I have been more than happy with my experience with the game. I think that it is way to soon to be coming to such rash assumptions on such a new game. I mean to me this game is alot like sins of a solar empire on a lot of levels but at the same time its a groundbreaking game by how vast it is. Moral of my rant is i think were getting a little presumptuous and joining the bandwagon a little too soon on this one

  5. Play "SPORE", trust me it's old but better…http:// www. spore. com/ pc
    Anybody remember SPORE? I still play and have been exploring the galaxy for a few years now, cause it's freaking endless. Something to be said for the older games. 😉

  6. Shouldn't Ubisoft deserve to investigated as well? All their games don't look like their gameplay footage trailers on E3…

  7. You can see the other 2 guys standing right behind the guy with glasses in the same studio, why not just walk 3 meters and be in the same shot?

  8. A classic example of what happens when you pre-order games.
    I know most of us are "hyped" or want a game really badly, but most games that have launched over the past two years were let-downs. So yeah, don't pre-order and just wait for proper reviews. Save your money.

  9. you guys are ruining a good game. its not as bad as you make it out to be. give it time and it'll come around. or be jerks and keep on exploiting its weaknesses.

  10. well im glad i didnt buy it, because the large scale space battles in the trailer was tempting and the wingmen looked cool, didnt know that wasnt in the game

    that really is dishonest advertising

  11. You can't just sue. I don't know why everyone is so mad. We live in a world of Business. Hello games doesn't care if you aren't happy with your purchase because their happy with your $. I bought the game myself but I also wasn't expecting everything they claimed was available in the game. Now if you are smart maybe next time you won't buy from them again.

  12. The 'give them a pass because they're a poor tiny indie developer'
    excuse doesn't hold water when they backed it up with AAA game marketing
    and charged AAA game prices. Either it's a vastly-overblown indie
    project or it's an vastly-underwhelming AAA game, which one is it?

  13. I bought something from Best Buy and they screwed up and broke my item so they gave me a free $50. I got this game for $10 so I don't feel all that bad. It's a pretty fun game for 10 bucks. HAHAHA!

  14. I love how they investigate this game but havent touched "Landmark", i might aswell give my money to a kickstarter to some sort of technology that does my endless math homework for me.

  15. I said to myself that this game could be the biggest thing ever or just a forgettable experience like Destiny and Watch Dogs….

    Turns out it was something worse than the latter.

  16. From someone who never heard of a game until I saw it in gamestop one day. I am not that disappointed with it. It's pretty fun to play. I guess the reason everyone hates the game is because they overhyped it. :/

  17. I wish u guys would do more of The Know. between Lawrence being his self and Bruce's unexpected enthusiasm, my game news has become a 90s kids dream

  18. congratulatory on fitting 3 guys on screen, cause the last one I watched the roid guy was taking 90% of the screen, wide lense people wide lense

  19. did anyone thought about doing group lawsuit agains them regarding false advertising and breach of contract as game has really problematic bugs ? that way you shold be able to get something back from them, otherway those suckers will be on bahamas forewer 😉

  20. I kind of feel sorry for hello games. They had good intentions of bringing a game to us that they put their heart and soul into and now it has just become topic for people to moan about. You lost £40 for jumping the gun and not waiting for a review, hello games potentially will not work again in the industry because of the negativity surrounding them. When in fact there is more crap being churned out by developers who don't care half as much as hello games did.

  21. oh wow i was just exploring man sky buzz in youtube and decided to click in this vedio
    little did i expect funhuse will be standing there

  22. It's Authority, not Agency. In cases where advertisers refuse to change information or promotional material found to be misleading by the ASA, they can then refer the case to the Trading Standards Institute, which can impose fines.
    The real problem is that Valve is a U.S. company and based in the U.S. Neither the ASA nor the TSI has any power abroad. Hello Games, however, are UK based, so they would have to conform with any ruling or face possible action against them.

  23. To all you dissappointed "No mans sky" fans, go check out Star Citizen

  24. You all want to blame hello games for this? Y'all are about to blame Sony right after I tell you this. No mans sky was actually supposed to come out around 2018 or 2019 due to the fact that there would be so much in it. Sony forced them to post the trailer and gave them an impossible deadline so they had no time at all to finish the game. This is why the game is so shitty

  25. oh please i knew from the start no man's sky was going to have problems, seemed too good to be true is the thing. I mean it's an indie company trying to work with tripple A graphics, and a massive universe? seems a little off right?

  26. Murray and company should be jailed or given a gigantic fine.The developers of no man's sky cleanly lied and ripped millions of people so they should be punished.

  27. This should happen way more. Alot of games that release are not what was promised. False advertising happends too much. SHould be illegal.

  28. so you mean like how the Nintendo Switch isnt transparent and was concealed all this time and no one still doesnt know what it exactly does?

  29. hey i have an idea… instead of endlessly bashing this game and developer…why not crucify these sickening electoral candidates, or the insanely corrupt government, or the most unproductive congress on the planet, or those who are tormenting peaceful protesters at standing rock right now with militarized weaponry….

  30. it's weird. As a gamer in my 40s I thought I've seen it all when it comes to overhyped games, but this reaction is incredible. One would think you kids have never been disappointed or frustrated in your entitled little lives. Yes, I get it, he did lie. Also some false advertising thrown in, but that did happen before, many times, two words: Peter Molyneux. or some more words: Duke Nukem Forever, Fable x (entering Peter Molyneux again), Daikatana (John Romero's downfall), Spore (very similar problems to NMS here, btw) and many more.
    get over it, and next time, don't preorder. you can download the game still after the reviews are in.

  31. 2 guys in front of camera and another dude at a table with those guys behind his back. The stupidest scene ever

  32. Game Developers need to learn from the past and stop over hyping games.
    I mean how many times have Developers promised all sorts of features and content but end up not being able to put it all in?

  33. This is the first and only video where I see someone listing at least some of the problems! Wish I'd seen this earlier… Anyways

  34. I do have Schadenfreude… at all the people screaming 'why won't you die?!' at No Man's Sky, and seeing the game refusing to die, continuing to build and improve upon itself, and Hello Game marching on in spite being squatted on from every direction, and the smug knowledge these people are hating a game that no longer exists as NMS has been updated out of alpha by this point already. Actually, I lied. I just they'd see the game has changed a lot since launch.

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