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No CraveOnline, there is no attempted rape scene in GTA V (#GamerGate)

No CraveOnline, there is no attempted rape scene in GTA V (#GamerGate)

hey everybody how's it going my name is mundane Matt and you know a video emerged yesterday on YouTube called I tried to help and it's a 54 second long clip showing a person playing a single-player game as Franklin and grant that's out of five and cruising through the countryside he comes across and a random event of two men one of whom is naked pinning down a blonde white woman as she is screaming for help the player then pulls over and goes over to investigate they pull a gun on each other they shoot and the player ends up dying now on crave online a journalist by the name of Paul Tambaram wrote an article about this today called video of an attempted rape and grand theft auto 5 emerges on line and that sir line is a player stumbled across a horrific random event in GTA 5 now apparently and this is something that's happening quite a bit with the people who talk about video games are the fact that they absolutely don't fucking play video games because if he knew or if Paul had played Grand Theft Auto 5 to at least the point of getting to Trevor okay which is about maybe yeah you know not too far into the game a couple hours into the game he would know precisely who these characters were in what they were doing because it's it's part of a random event or a little strangers and freaks event that you come across now what this particular player had stumbled across were two members of the outer issed group whatever you want to call them a group of as a cult sorry the alturas cult that are located on Mount chiliad in Grand Theft Auto 5 now their background is that they are a malevolent religion compromised entirely of old men from the baby boom generation that follow all tourism and believe that all generations after them are the cause of all the problems in the world they also have a distaste for technology even though some members use cars and the entire group maintains a website which is actually accessible in the game members can be seen walking around half-naked some fully naked with their penises on show the cult makes their home in a small but functional fortified village with numerous buildings painted with their livery and these are people that are in Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA online if you're curious as what the term Alturas means it's a person who has an unselfish concern for the welfare of others that's what that means again irony satire that is precisely what happens in the GTA world they take something like this and they totally put it on its side and if you look at the context of what's happening it says the the naked man who is holding the woman down it says your right to youth has been relieved right basically meaning that everything you know past them are younger than them are the root of all the causes of the world because they're all tourists this is the point of the humor now here's where the interpretation of the scene differs between Paul and probably what actually is going on according to Paul he thinks that the next thing that happens is that the naked man attempts to mount her next to the parked vehicle well actually what happens is the naked men shifts his body to get up off the ground to point his gun at Franklin to shoot him not to mount the girl however the attention is drawn to the character to the right of Franklin who draws a gun first who Franklin then shoots but doesn't kill right so there's things that are going on this is a situation guys there's no rape going on here there's no rape in Grand Theft Auto 5 right there's not there's not even though that NBC Nightline report tried to claim that there was there's not you can have sex with the hooker you could have sex with the stripper but that's not rape is consensual right this isn't rape however Krave online is running an article trying to claim that it is why because they didn't look at the context of the situation and they most clearly most definitely did not play the fucking game if you ask yourself why gamergate is important gamergate is important because people like Paul here who obviously don't play games are attempting to write about games and people who don't know about games the context held within or the over greater all over a world of the universe of that game or what happens in the industry or why things have happened or at least any soorma form of cognitive thought tend to make these kind of outlandish claims without having all the information and ultimately they go out to a large audience of people who will then take this at face value because some people simply don't like to do the extra fucking research and they make claims like a rape in gta5 as a random encounter are you fucking kidding me so if you happen to run a gaming website or happen to know anyone who does you may want to stress to them that is probably best to hire people that actually played the games of which they report because that would make everyone get the right information the fair information and get away from this overhyped stupid shit my name is of course mundane Matt I've played Grand Theft Auto 5 a couple times now I'm pretty qualified to talk about the subject matter just putting out my credentials if you'd like to hire me not for sale but feel free to leave a comment below subscribe to the channel if you want and check out my other videos and I'll talk to you later see you you

49 thoughts on “No CraveOnline, there is no attempted rape scene in GTA V (#GamerGate)

  1. This is real Bc I was at my dads house playing on the PS3 and I heard screaming so I went towards the sound and I killed the guys then the woman ran away

  2. So, is Gamer Gate about people who write about games they don't understand, or butthurt gamers who try to defend the horrible stuff in their games? So far, I think both sides have negatives.

  3. Lol. All of you are saying he's lying. There is no rape scene. They aren't raping her and you can see these people in other places to an they are naked. They don't rape her. If you stay long enough, they don't rape her, they kidnap her

  4. clickbait. even if there was rape, so what? it happens in the real world. putting it in a video game isn't gonna change anything. should we just hide all violence against women? never portray them in video games, movies, or art? why? special privileges for women? never having to see villains hurting other women? we see men getting severely hurt and killed in video games far more often than we see women getting the same treatment. if women are hurt in video games, it's a plot device used to show how bad the person doing it is. the developers wanted the player to quickly know whether a character is bad, so they had him slap a woman or something like that. the player automatically knows hitting women is wrong, so this must be the bad guy! is that "promoting violence against women"? because to me, it seems like it actually portrays violence against women as a terrible thing that you should never do, which is pretty ironic. violence against men is totally fine, as long as they deserved it. violence against women? they apparently never deserve it, according to video games. if there was no violence against women in video games, ever, at any point in time… they would not be realistic. that's not what these feminist backseat developers want. they don't actually care about eliminating violence against women in video games. they just want provocative headlines like "rape in a video game" because it's clickbait. that is why anita sarkeesian did everything she did. do you think she actually believes that violence in video games causes violence in the real world? that violence against men is fine, but violence against women is a terrible form of ePression? come on. we both know that she knew exactly what she was doing. she made at least $160,000 and probably closer to $500,000 when you factor in all the public appearances, news stories, and ad monetization from her youtube videos. she made WAY more than she spent. in fact it looks like she spent close to nothing on her youtube videos. she didn't even bother to pay royalties or shoot her own footage, she just stole footage from other youtubers. plus all the ad money? come on… she made a fucking killing, and so are all these news sites that are capitalizing on the provocative headlines and articles they can write about this subject. it's a hot topic, it gets mass amounts of clicks, from SJWs, middle-aged women, and even angry GGers who want to scream in the comments section. this is a hugely profitable issue so, naturally, the actual validity of the claims or the argument does not matter. just the act of mentioning it is profitable. that's all these people care about. making videos and articles about gamergate is profitable, so people are going to keep doing it until the issue is dried up, wrinkled, gray and crusty like anita sarkeesian's vagina.

  5. I'm perfectly okay with rape in video games as long as it can befall both genders. Like Outlast Whistle Blower, that was the scariest, disturbing shit in a video I've ever seen…knock on wood. I'm sure there's worse, but that doctor forcefully trying to turn a man into a woman so he can some how bear his children… Eeeeeeeew!

  6. It's 2015. The game released near the end of 2013. If there were a rape scene in GTAV wouldn't they have found it sooner? Why now? That's the big question. Of course you gave the right answer, Matt.

  7. There is insinuated rape in GTA V but it happens between Trevor and Floyd. That's probably why they haven't taken issue with it, two dudes.

  8. In fairness, as someone who hasnt played GTAV, I can see how someone might mistake the encounter for rape.  

    That said, I dont think it would be a problem even if it were, since its pretty obvious that you, as the player are supposed to intervene and save the girl…

  9. Actually there is. There is a moment in the story when a female federal agent was about to sodomize a man but you interrupt as Michael at the last moment. So there is an attempted rape scene in GTAV. Just not the kind of rape these people admit exists.

  10. Their is implied rape in GTA V. If you switch to Trevor when he lives in Floyeds apartment he can be seen getting out of bed with Floyed. And Floyd appears to be traumatized. so the only IMPLIED rape in the game is Male on Male rape.

  11. These articles are not the product of ignorance or even ideology I think.

    They are the product of click baiting. They know that by spewing lies, the link will be shared far and wide and clicks will happen.
    The feminists and SJW's will click on it to validate their ideology, and regular gamers will click on it to see what sort of lie and bullshit it is.
    It's not illegal. It's a win-win.
    The only real loser is ethics. But we all know, fuck ethics, there's money involved. And if you complain about that you just hate women. And children. And you're a nazi. And you punch puppies and drown kittens. And the only way to redeem yourself is to contribute to the patreon of the nearest SJW.

  12. Leave it up to that kind of person to try to distract everyone from the fact that there is casual full-frontal male nudity on display in the game (while female breasts are still considered extremely risque let alone female sex organs) by making it about non-existent in-game female sexual assault even though the game has been out long enough for everyone to about it whether they played the game by now or not.

  13. SIGN THIS: https://www.communityrun.org/petitions/don-t-revoke-adam-baldwin-s-invite-to-the-supanova-pop-culture-expo#

  14. Even if it was rape, the context depicts it as a terrible thing (the perpetrator is a crazy psycho cultist), so I don't get what'd be so bad about it

  15. There was attempted rapes in games years ago!! True Crime on the original Xbox had it. Whats the big deal ffs

  16. I believe i played this part and this if more BULLSHIT from the SJWs! If you save her, she'd tell you that they were gonna hold her for ransom cause she's the daughter of a rich man. Then you have to bring her to her father and soon after you get an ass load of money in your bank account. 

  17. V has been out for over a year and they're just now getting to this encounter? I have yet to trigger the Altruist cult but just doing the mission instead of being triggered into a corner and listening to the radio provides the context. Ironically Floyd's obvious sexual abuse from Trevor that cannot be skipped has yet to cause any controversy but feminism is soooo about equality.

  18. Lol the final boss in Earthbound is based on a rape scene, and rape is implied in fire emblem all the time, but no one cares. It's obvious this person is just trying to bring attention to him self. He can't be that dumb right? Right?

  19. Rape is so fucking important to these people because they're so fucking convinced we live in a rape culture they will focus on every little thing in an attempt to say "see see we were right, rape culture" 

  20. The thing is, it certainly fucking looks like rape, and I can't say for sure that Rockstar didn't intend for that suggestion, you know? Rockstar uses negative publicity as free advertisement; they've done that since the beginning of the GTA series. 

    I'm pro-gamergate, but sometimes I find myself detesting Modern Rockstar for screwing with the image of games as a medium, just for publicity.

  21. Am I the only one bothered by how Matt mispronounces altruist? It's pronounced AL-TRUE-IST and not AL-TOO-WRIST, unless it was something he did on purpose and the joke just went over my head.

  22. Almost every Baby Boomer thinks every generation after theirs is the cause of all problems in the world in real life. It's sad… they are the most entitled/selfish/retarded generation to grace our nation yet. It's pretty pathetic. But what do you expect from the generation of 60s where it was all about self indulgence and gratification? They got used to being selfish fucks. That's why the "generation that ended Vietnam" also put us in both Afghanistan and Iraq at the SAME TIME and voted in and are the politicians that have given us the greatest inequality in our nation since before The Great Depression (and, tbh, actually it's worse than that now).

    Fuck the Baby Boomers.

    /rant off

    Note: no, I don't think my generation is perfect or the best or will be much better or worse. I don't think that generation shit matters.

  23. Even if there was a rape scene in GTA V, so what? It isn't real life. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it should lose it's right to exist.

  24. Really? Now people are taking story mode stuff out of context? Anita has an excuse when she does this (she's an agenda pushing bitch) but journalists shouldn't do this shit.

  25. (Maybe not the right word) But shouldn't 'artforms' like videogames be allowed to express acts like rape if they so chose to? Some would argue I'm sure, and say that games like GTA5 make rape lighthearted or a joke. But you can say the exact same thing for violence and murder in videogames. Example: Drake from Uncharted, gunning down hundreds of guards with no blood or gore spurting out of them. Clearly this act of killing is not taken seriously, and it doesn't need to be. Both GTA and Uncharted weren't going for realism, so why are some people taking it seriously? You can also say that this is quite a double standard.

    Now some people as well would say that this is offensive either to them or others. And you know what? It's fine if you are offended. Really. And I believe that you are free to express that feeling you have towards whatever does make you feel offended. Like writing about it, and explaining why you are offended. What I don't agree with though, is when people say that they should ban this altogether.

    In at least things like games, movies, paintings and so on. Your "feelings" shouldn't be the reason why something  should be banned. These types of "artforms" are probably almost always trying to produce a feeling from you. Vast ranges from excitement, fear, rage, and even offensive. You are in the right to express these feelings you have, but you are not in the right to ban it. Solely because of your "feelings".

    You can arguably say that this is a pro or con of having a lot of free range in "artforms". But if you think about it. If we decided on banning things like rape or violence in videogames. Sure there won't be forms of it making it lighthearted, like the violence in Uncharted. But then there wont be depictions of it anymore showing it in a serious manner. Like the violence in Spec-Ops: The Line. Maybe not immediately, but it would go eventually, because it fits in the category of violence.

    And that would be a shame. For me at least.    

    P.S. I know this video of MundaneMatt is showing that there wasn't a rape in GTA5. And I would agree. I'm just putting it as an example of depiction of rape because it works for my example I'm trying to state. And also, I think we can agree that upon looking at the scene for the first time. It looked a lot like an attempted rape.

    This can also be said as to why you don't really see rape in videogames. I mean there are depictions that you could or could have been an attempted rape. Examples: The Last of Us and the new Tomb Raider. But you don't really know 100% (That said though, I am eighteen years old, And my knowledge in videogames isn't the greatest. So feel free to correct me or tell me another game that made it clear that they showed a depiction of rape or were quite obviously hinting rape.)

    And I know some people will think that I'm a terrible person for what I'm about to say. But if the reasons why we don't see rape in videogames is because game developers aren't allowed to. Just so they won't hurt feelings or offend anyone. Then I personally think that's bad. If you're going to hinder someone's ability to make something because of your feelings, then that's wrong in my opinion.

    But hey. If that makes me sound like a "rape apologist". Then so be it.

  26. They were kidnapping her so they could take her back to their camp and cannibalize her, but no, rape is waaaaay worse

  27. Apparently the writer has clocked in over a hundred hours on GTAV according to his Twitter, so either he hasn't met the altruists in the game or he has completely lied solely for clicks.

  28. I've just finished the first season of higurashi and I'm about a quarter of the way through the second, so honestly even a rape scene doesn't faze me at this point.

  29. Even if it was rape why the fuck should that matter? GTA is 18+ for adults. That means you should expect anything from drugs and killing to rape and child molestation (no children would be exploited so it would be fine).

  30. GTA this GTA that…gta is all these idiots got left, and rockstar is giving them the finger and laughing all the way to the bank

  31. Holy shit, Matt, did you pronounce "altruist" right even once? Anyhow, what if there were rape in GTAV? There is rape portrayed in cinema and literature, as well.

  32. Technically, there IS an implied rape scene in Grand Theft Auto V, but no feminists or SJW journalists care about it because they've never mentioned it once as far as I can tell:

    It is the scene where (it is heavily, heavily implied) that Trevor raped Wade's cousin Floyd Herbert. Several times when you cut back to Trevor in Floyd's apartment, he'll be getting up from spooning Floyd, who is sobbing and appears to be traumatized. 

    So yeah. The only rape that actually occurs in GTAV, a game supposedly RAMPANT with graphic and misogynistic depictions of rape, is male-on-male. 

  33. I'm looking forward to play GTA V when it comes out on PC. Going to do a lot of online play with others. Shit is gonna blow sky high B-)

  34. IF it looks like rape it is rape according too the world these days. I mean even someone holding down a kicking and screaming woman who was just in a fight and bleeding badly would be called rape.

  35. You didn't link to an archived version, you are helping them get ad revenue Matt. I want to unsub but you're my twitter filter

  36. And even if there was a rape scene in GTA V, so what?
    Other forms of art, such as movies and TV have had depictions of rape in them, video games can have that too, if it wishes.

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