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NINR 30th Anniversary Scientific Symposium: Poster Session Awards

NINR 30th Anniversary Scientific Symposium: Poster Session Awards

>>Patricia Grady:
Welcome back everyone. It’s good to see you. It was a really exciting
break to be able to have a chance to meander through
the posters and talk to the presenters, and to see
all that great activity going on. So, I wanted to
thank all of you who contributed to
that session. Thanks to all of you. The — particularly thank
you to all of you who submitted abstracts
this year. Some of you were
presenting posters and some of you weren’t. We had a very competitive
field this year. We did receive, really, more
than twice the number of abstracts that we
could accommodate. So, those of you who are
here are part of a very competitive field. And, even those of you who
submitted, the science was so good that it was
really hard to decide. And it really was that if we
had a larger venue we would have loved to
showcase all of it. So — but I think that
this increase, which is considerably larger volume
than last time, is an indication of how much
exciting work is going on, and it’s a reflection of
the growth and the interest in the field. We — and for those of you
who are not on the NIH campus too often, you may
not have realized, but we had a number of visitors
from across the campus, so we had a very
multidisciplinary audience and a number of
notables from the series of 27 institutes
and centers. So, there’s a great deal
of interest among the community, of course, but
also across the NIH and other disciplines and
seeing what we are doing in the science. Now, it was a very difficult
task judging the posters that were submitted. So, evaluating those was
done by a committee, and I know most of you saw
them coming by and judging and such. But the real challenge was
to select, from this really outstanding group of
abstracts, those for awards. Now, before I announce the
awards, just let me once again thank all of the
participants and, if you would, please join me in a
round of applause for everyone with the
poster sessions. [applause] Thank you. So, from this very
competitive group, we are recognizing the top three
abstracts from the following categories — pre or post
doc investigator, new investigator, and
investigator. Now, one person from
— most of these are multidisciplinary teams,
and as you went through the posters you
could see that. But, one person from each
of the group — each of the groups will come and
accept the award on behalf of the
entire group. So, we — so, each of —
each one of the poster winners will be called to
the stage, and will receive a certificate that
commemorates their work as the first place poster
in their category. So, first we’ll recognize
the top poster in the pre/post doc investigator. And that goes to Ms. Lisa
Blair, representing the team “Poor Sleep Quality and
Associated Inflammation Prediction of — Prediction
of Pre-term Birth.” So, congratulations
Lisa, and your team. Please come to the
stage to receive yours. [applause] Next, we’ll recognize the
top poster in the new investigator category. And this goes to “Oxytocin
Mechanisms Involved in Parental Bio-Behavioral
Responses During Skin to Skin Contact in Pre-term.” And that’s Dr. Xiaomei Kong
representing the group. [applause] She was just describing her
poster to me on the break, and I never breathed a
word about the award. [laughter] So — and finally, we will
recognize the top poster in the investigator category. And this is “Improving
Quality of Life in Parents and Children — Parents with
Children Who Have Asthma.” And that goes to
Dr. Sharon Horner, representing her team. [applause] So, congratulations to all
of these award winners. What I’d like also to
recognize the honorable mention awardees, in each of
these abstract categories. And these are investigators
whose names are listed on the screen behind me. And they are seated
in the front row. And they are seated in
the — in the first row of the auditorium. Now, will you
all please rise. And everyone join me in a
round of applause for the recognition for their work. [applause] And they will also receive
a certificate honoring the honorable mention
that they’ve had. So, again, thank you all so
much and let’s have one more round of applause for all
of the poster entrants. [applause] Okay. Thank you to all of you, and
I know I speak for everyone here and across the country
and the globe when I say that we all look forward to
your continuing research.

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