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Nike’s Advertisement for Brazil’s World Cup 2018 Campaign

Nike’s Advertisement for Brazil’s World Cup 2018 Campaign

Does Brazil still have what it takes? Close your legs, Willian. Post it online! No way. Brazil is ready! Huddle, huddle! Now’s the time to show everyone what we’ve been training for. Look at the opportunity that you have. Look at where you are. Let’s run over them. Give it all we got! Give it our lives! This is Brazil! No fear! This jersey has history!

100 thoughts on “Nike’s Advertisement for Brazil’s World Cup 2018 Campaign

  1. Just came in to watch RONALDO, the real one, the best forward of all times. The rest are just average brazilians, will never be comparable to him.

  2. A sangoma has thrown the bones and he predicts that any country with the word LAND at the end of their name will not progress out of the group stage of the ⚽️World Cup! Switzerland, Poland and Iceland. Have I left any other country out? 🤔 He also predicted that the countries that contest the final will have their names end in L! Brazil, Portugal and Senegal! The player of the tournament’s surname will end in O! I bet you the sangoma comes from Senegal! 😂😂😂😂

  3. Let's all hope that Ginga will comeback stronger in this year World Cup. Make us proud Boys!

    This is Brazil!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  4. It's okay. But, where's the 2018 WC advert from Nike??? Adidas hasn't release it yet too!! What's going on?

  5. Why does Brazil have such a shitty team. They're supposed to be good. When they played the Swiss, they played like shit. They're also really weak physically. The Swiss were pushing them around the whole game, and Brazil couldn't do anything.

  6. 0:42 is the same as the last segment of this ad from the 1998 World Cup in France –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP5Ye5-LES8

  7. They should show their entire country having their weep-a-thon after Germany destroyed them in the semi-finals. 7-1 people. Remember that. Germany is the top dog now.

  8. When Ronaldo 9 hit the pole , it was reference to his old Nike comercial from World Cup 1998 at the airport when he hit the pole… the most lit Nike comercial ever!

  9. O moleque que fala na última parte é aquele da base do vasco?
    Que ficou marcado por um vídeo que falou algo parecido no jogo da base?

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