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Nike | Never Stop Winning

Nike | Never Stop Winning

I! I! I believe! I believe! I believe that! I believe that! I believe that we! I believe that we! I believe that we will be
four-time champions and keep winning until we not
only become the best female soccer team but the best
soccer team in the world and that a whole generation
of girls and boys will go out and play and
say things like, “I want to be like Megan Rapinoe
when I grow up” and that they’ll be inspired
to talk and win and stand up for themselves, and I believe that we will
make our voices heard and TV shows will be talking
about us every single day and not just once every
four years and that women will conquer more
than just the soccer field, like breaking every single
glass ceiling and having their faces carved
on Mount Rushmore, and that we’ll keep fighting
not just to make history but to change it forever! I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win!

100 thoughts on “Nike | Never Stop Winning

  1. I believe that Nike will add some women to their Board of Directors! Just kidding, I don't believe that for moment. I do believe that they will make some pretty good feel good ads to try to co-opt social movements to sell sneakers.

  2. Does no one here see the irony in buying a jersey from Nike that is marketed to support the empowerment of women while said company pays a woman in Indonesia 3 dollars a day to sew it?

  3. A few points… YouTube… Nike China Factory. Almost 5 million views in two days with only 7,000 thumbs-up & 500 thumbs down… Sounds fishy????

  4. the men brought 6 billion in that's 6000 million to the brain stiff and they get 7 percent of that the woman brought in 131 million and get 23 percent so u make more if u bring in more revenue jus stating facts

  5. I challenge Nike to give a billion dollars to the women’s team so that they can have equal pay. Nike put ur money where ur mouth is. Not sponsorship just a straight no strings attached 1 billion dollars donation. Non tax deductible

  6. The sad thing is, no TV show is talking about the girls right now. The Super Bowl, a World Series and the NBA finals, which you guys call world champions for some reason, get more coverage than an actual world championship.

  7. There never going to get equal pay because nobody cares about women's soccer that much it's just the truth scientifically and logically.

  8. You would have to beat the best men's team in the world to be the best team in the world. That will NEVER happen! It's why we have women's sports in the first place. Love women's sports; hate Michelle Rapinoe.

  9. Nike não é uma empresa seria até hoje aguardo estorno de uma compra realizada na internet e empresa me enrola

  10. Kaepernick & Alla Long 2020 for United States Commander & Chief, Bend the knee together! Go Nike!! Seriously a Man holds 3 hats without a female?

  11. hi there, it's editor Lea from digitaling.com, a leading website of marketing and advertising in China. We really inspired by this video, it’s absolutely awesome! I’d like to ask you some questions about that and hope you don't mind. we’re curious about the voice from, is that performed by Megan Rapinoe herself or by the real V.O. artist?
    who shoot the amazing pictures? When you started to produce this video and how long it takes? we’re looking forward to your reply. thank you so much.

  12. I just don't have words for how incredibly stupid Megan's chant sounded with her yelling a whole run on sentence that just kept going from one thing to another and went on and on, like this sentence, but with ideas that are built on false premises….blah blah blah. I thought she was going to have everyone repeat the whole thing 😬

  13. They have to beat FC Dallas U-15’s before they can be the best team in the world😂. These retards actually think they’re gonna be the best team in the world.

  14. This the same Rapinoe who kneels during the national anthem to support equal rights among ALL Americans but has no problem with kicking a religious member off the US team for her beliefs on gays? Also the same Rapinoe who likes to yell at men but has no problem if they would buy her jerseys, right?

  15. I thought showing the American Flag was racist?

    Nike, you're posting racist videos according to your own standards.

  16. How many people in here will support women’s football/soccer after the World Cup? My guess is NONE OF YOU! See you all in 2023! 😉

  17. It's just kind of passing-by. USMNT will still get better endorsement even how bad this team is.

  18. I can watch this video every day. This video inspires me to play better soccer. My dream is to be like Meagen rapinoe when i grow up. #GoUSA

  19. ⚽⚽⚽⚽🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿😀😀😀😀😀🎂👬👬👬👬ROMAN

  20. Hi Nike this is Sebastian Mahlalela from South Africa(mpumalanga) i have always watched your commercials and i have always wanted to Own A Pair Of Nike Sneakers But Due to Financial Difficulties My Parents Cannot Afford Them I Just Wanna Say you Inspire me to Work Hard So that one Day I Can Own A Pair That I Can Call My Own♥️❤

  21. Been a feminist activist for 40 years and just want to say it is a constant struggle but a necessary, just and long overdue victory we MUST achieve!! Hope Nike didn't do this video JUST to sell more sneakers … but because they MEAN IT!!!

  22. Ok, if you are a female athlete, yoy should not get pregnant. If you do, then you shouldnt get paid for that time until you can start playing again.

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