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NIGHTCLUB & BAR CONFERENCE | How To Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Nightclub / Bar

NIGHTCLUB & BAR CONFERENCE | How To Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Nightclub / Bar

– [Flight Attendant PA] It’s
our pleasure to welcome you to Las Vegas, where
the local time is 1:54. (dramatic electronic music) – G’day internet. What’s fishy? And welcome to today’s
episode of the vlog. Now, I have to apologise firstly, because this episode is a lot later than what it usually should have been. Supposed to be out on Monday. Today’s Friday and I’m
only recording the intro. So, it’s my bad. But if you’re watching this now, it means it’s live, so
I got there in the end. (laughter) Secondly, this episode
was filmed in Las Vegas. ♫ You’re about to see Las Vegas I filmed so much footage, that it was really hard
to condense it all down to just one seven-to-ten
minute long episode. So, what I’ve done is I’ve condensed this down into two parts. The first part of the vlog is me speaking at the Nightclub and Bar Conference at the convention centre in Las Vegas. ♫ Las Vegas Super, super fun. I was joined by one of my really
good friends from college. His name’s Alec. So, he helped me with
a bunch of the filming. Thanks very much Alec. The second part of the vlog was when Alec and I were just meandering
around the Fashion Mall and we decided to high at an oxygen bar. So, anyway, you have that
and a lot more fun stuff to look forward to in
this episode of the vlog. I’ll see you in there. (beeping) Yeah. Just going to the Nightclub
and Bar Conference. Alec’s in tow. Yeah. What’s up? So, let’s say that John tags me in, sorry to use you again John. John tags me in a Facebook post, and I’m like “Aw, sick.” And John’s like “Oi Paul, I
know you love kittens, bro.” “Let’s get amongst it.” “You want some kittens for your office?” “Come get some kittens.” I’m like yeah, I love kittens,
let’s get some kittens. So I go and I download the
app and I get the kittens and I order them and
then 15 minutes later, (knocking) there’s kittens at my front door. And I’m like “Sick.” “Awesome.” I get in, and the kittens
are all super, super cute. I work by myself. I work in a studio. I’m a bit of a loner when
I work and I love that, but let’s say that I worked
in a big organisation. So, I have the kittens,
the kittens arrive. And after I’m like, oh my god,
those kittens were so cute. And I get really, really excited and all my colleagues that don’t exist, they’re all like oh, these kittens are all
so really, really cute. What do you think the first thing that my imaginary colleagues
do after we’ve all patted the kittens and had a really nice little emotional time with the kittens? What do you think the
first thing they do is? (audience mumbling) They go onto their Facebook
feeds and their Twitter feeds, and they use the Uber kittens hashtag, and they literally post so many photos and repost all of these silly
photos of all of these kittens that have visited them in their office. Right? Now, what the fuck is going on? Like, what do kittens
have to do with Uber? Public transportation,
they’re delivering kittens. Right? And it’s quite ingenious, ’cause what’s… Thanks very much. (clapping) (clapping drowns out speaker) – Any of what you think? – Well yeah, but then you’re
a truckie, you gotta go… – Yeah you were brilliant. – I really appreciate it.
– Yeah, it was really good yeah. – Thank you very much, thank you. Thanks very much for listening
guys, I really appreciate it. Hey there, nice to meet you. – So, would you say
that it’s worth my time to honestly go out and help
small businesses on my own time? To learn more about local, and to utilise those skills?
– You should do it, and then make money off
it at the same time, providing a good service
for your clients and not hurting anyone in the process. – Okay. – Why not? The best way the I learned,
like everything, like, I have a fancy piece of paper from one of the top 100
universities in the world. I learnt absolutely
fuck all about anything that I do professionally now. So I basically taught myself everything, and now everything,
and I get paid to speak about everything that I, like, work in and make a living off today
has all been self-taught. – Yeah. – I love it, but the best
way to learn, in my opinion, is to throw yourself in the deep end. – Yeah.
– Do it. Just do it, and then be
willing to suck up your pride and your ego and be willing
to eat shit for a long time. ‘Cause I ate shit for a long time and now I’m like in Vegas
speaking at a conference. That’s super fun. (laughter) Gimme a hug.
– I’ll probably go to one if the parties.
– Thank you so much for listening and thank
you for your feedback. Really appreciate it.
– Thank you – No worries.
– You did a great job. – Thank you very much
– Have a good night. – See ya.
– Enjoy cutting your film. – Oh yeah, I’m not gonna enjoy that. (laughter) So that gives you a little bit of insight in terms of what I do professionally. I had so much fun speaking at the Nightclub and Bar Conference. So, thank you so much to the
Nightclub and Bar Conference in Las Vegas for letting
me speak to you guys. I really appreciate it. Thank you to everyone that listened and everyone that stuck around afterwards and asked me questions and had a chat. That was so much fun. That’s what I love to do and yeah. Thank you so much. So for the second part of this vlog, we are going to travel
to the Fashion Mall, which is just off the strip in Las Vegas. ♫ Las Vegas And, Alec and I, we kept
walking past these oxygen bars. Right, like oxygen bars. And we saw so many of them
and we’d never done it before, so we kinda were like, well
let’s go see if this is gimmicky or whether it’s a real thing. So yeah. This is some footage of Alec and I getting high at the
oxygen bar in Las Vegas. Hope you enjoy it. What is this? – [Alec] Yeah. – Pure oxygen. – [Paul] Wait, so it’s pure, pure oxygen. – Yeah. 92% pure oxygen. – [Server] Do both of
you guys wanna do it, or just you? – [Paul] Uh, should we do this? – Think we gotta do it. We need the bubbles. – So, apparently it’s like pure oxygen. – According to fight club,
oxygen gets you high. – Oxygen gets you high. – I’m down. – Yeap. Looks like we’re vaping some oxygen. Alright, hook me up. What do I gotta do? – Alright, so it’s gonna go up your nose. Around your ears. Deep breaths. In through your nose,
out through your mouth. You’ll get the full benefit
of the oxygen, okay. – Just gotta start using
my grandma’s thing. (laughter) – So how long are we doing this for? – As longs as it takes. – Alright, so I think we’re doing this for like 15, 20 minutes. So… (heavy breathing) I just love oxygen. (laughter) – [Narrator] A few moments later. – Alec. Do you think it’s working? – [Paul Voiceover] Do
you feel more oxygenated? – You look high. (laughter) – Alright, massaging knuckles. If the pressure’s too much, just let me know.
– Aw, man. Go as hard as you can. – That’s what she said. (laughter)
– Michael. – Having it tell you when to breathe? – I’m hacking my
experience with a calm app. Feel like my best friend Dave would be so very impressed
with me right now. Oh, it’s gonna be cool. Aw, can you make him
slap himself in the face? That would be so, so great. You have my permission to do
whatever you want to Alec. (laughter) You have my verbal consent. Oh, wow, I’m being zapped. (laughter) Oh.
– Oh wow, that’s really intense for you. – Can you do it so that you can like, stimulate the muscle and
like, make my hand do stuff? – Sure. Go like this. (groans) (laughter) Wait, wait, do it again. The thing with the fingers, the spiderman. – [Narrator] Go web, go. (laughter) – Sa, ah, ah, ah. That really hurt. (laughter) – Let me do a combination mode. So it might make you go like… – Like, will you go Stephen Hawking? – [Stephen Character] If
you are looking for trouble, you’ve found it. – See that tapping? – I’m not doing anything. – [Alec] DJ Heather. – Just wait. – [Alec] Playing the part. (laughter) – Check out my dance moves. I can’t dance on command. Look I’m just killing it. Killing it. – I can’t wait for the drop. – Look at it that. Just killin’ it. (laughter) Right okay, here comes the drop. (Alec humming) (“Scary Monsters And Nice
Sprites” by Skrillex) – Ah, ah, ah, ah. Aw, that was awesome. High fives. Thank you. Appreciate it.
– [Cashier] You’re welcome. – Heather, thank you so much. – You’re welcome.
– I was a sceptic, but I actually really enjoyed it. – Yay.
– It was lots of fun. Anyway, if you enjoyed this video, come over here, give me a hug, this video, give me a like. Subscribe to my channel. If you like Heather and how kind she is, you should also give her a like. – Come see me in Vegas. – Yeah, you should definitely come. – Breathe Oxygen Bar.
– We’re at Fashion Show Mall, in Vegas. – Yes, Fashion show mall in Vegas. – Do it, it’s mad fun. Alright, see you later. Woo. (explosion) (electronic music) – If you give someone your card, you can just like, flick it like that, and then give it to ’em.

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