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New Jimny | Promotional Video 2018 “Nobody But Jimny” | Suzuki

New Jimny | Promotional Video 2018 “Nobody But Jimny” | Suzuki

My name is Benjamin Hardman. I am a
photographer Photography is often a solitary
profession. Unique scenes in nature are something
that I truly value. Heading into the vast wilderness puts
you at the mercy of your surroundings. It can sometimes be challenging. I’m always yearning to explore distant
lands. There can be no one out there for miles. Those solitary moments in nature can be
intimidating. But they often come with great
opportunity. Having a capable vehicle is integral for
these journeys. A vehicle that I can trust, a vehicle
that can endure the terrain. The vehicle is Jimny.

100 thoughts on “New Jimny | Promotional Video 2018 “Nobody But Jimny” | Suzuki

  1. LOL wow – love the car, but this is a brutal rip off of "dark side of the lens" video https://vimeo.com/24380083

  2. That's fun when you know that Benjamin has been driving a Land Rover Defender for years: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjVwjCmhbY4/

  3. I think Suzuki thinks India as a shithole to dump their tin cans here… I have a Ciaz and an alto but since Suzuki decided to scrap Jimny and Swift sport for India where they are generating more than half of its global revenue. I guess my Suzuki days are over. Goodbye suzuki

  4. Bring it to CANADA!!!! Please!!!! I need a subcompact SUV with true 4×4 and stick leavers. I'd buy 2..and know friends whom would be more into these then the stupid side by side market. as there junk. This would at least last!!

  5. dear benjamin. As English, its not pronounced as "ofTen". its 'often'. try this- "of(t)En". If you are american…never mind-don't have any concept of good English.

  6. Suzuki does not sell cars in Canada anymore, but I think if they sold these through even their motorsport shops (bikes, atvs…etc) they would sell very well. A small durable off-roader that could run around the city and take on jeeps would sell fairly well. In Canada at least the Jimny on the used market are a bit pricey as they get bought up and turned into really amazing offroader.

  7. Can you please come up with a bigger Jimny: a 4door 4WD but not as big as an SUV. it will be a hit at the jeepney market. thank you.

  8. What surprises me most is that they were allowed to drive offroad (0:19–0:24) while this is strictly forbidden in Iceland and will take nature years to recover. It doesn't look like a piece of private property either at first sight.

  9. That's funny. This guy in the video picked me up last November in Iceland. I tryed to reach a waterfall but my car wasnt good enough to pass the snow:)

  10. You could litterly buy 10 of these cars for 1 mercedes g wagon….. And I'd do exactly that but have in different colours 😅

  11. why not sell it in Indonesia ??? Indonesian people really want to have it ???? suzuki fucking I hope Suzuki in Indonesia will quickly go bankrupt !!!!!!!!!

  12. I purchsed Gixxer sp the bike in March 2017. From raj suzuki indore .Stating that it is a BS 4 vehicle . Even the light on off switch is not there in bike but on Registration card it is written BS 3 . I contacted RTO they said that the dealer given them BS 3 details. They also said to file a case against suzuki and the dealer . My uncle is an advocate in indore and he said the same thing. Also the oil leakage problem was highlighted multiple times to the service center. They did not solved it . Everytime I spent Rs 400 for oil and it leaked .. Who will pay for it.. I am going to cover this story in the newspaper and all social media sites.

  13. Well, i am also a photographer, and to do that job right you need exactly this type of vehicle, but much bigger. As a photographer, access to electrical power is essential. The puny alternator and battery on this thing will not do. The lack of space to haul large ladders will not do. What has worked for me is a big F250 with differential lockers front and back, a 300 amp alternator, an 8000 watt power inverter with 5 lead acid truck batteries, and all the tools a professional garage has to fix anything that breaks. I haul a welder that works off of the power inverter. If i’m photographing models along a secluded hidden beach somewhere in nowhere Florida; no problem, i have the power for a fridge, and i can heat snacks, play music, power photo studio equipment.
    In comparison, the guy in this video is just a tourist with a camera.

  14. Having owned many cars throughout my years, such has Mercedes, Audi, VW I am now in a Jimny. Each vehicle has it's merits and I would not want to knock the vehicles I have owned for they have been what they are at certain times in my motoring history but, the Suzuki Jimny is something else. Yes it it small, it has a smaller engine but it is also economical, easy to maintain, nimble, capable, truly excellent off road in all weathers and easy to live with on road. It may not give me speed on the major roads, it may be slower and it has quirky handling but, if one adjusts ones mind to this and adapts; it is still a vehicle that will get you to your destination. Above all, it is the only vehicle that brings a smile to my face when driving. Mine is a 2011 and I have hope that the new generation Jimny will sustain such practicality, reliability and a refreshing joy to drive.

  15. My name is Salim Amoush I will wait for jimny car that will come after 7 months 🙆‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😥 from now 😢

  16. My current suzuki is nearing the end of it's life. Really wish you guys would come back to Canada so I could buy one of these…

  17. I need the Jimny in my life. Please, please Suzuki, consider coming to North America with the Jimny. My 86 Samurai, though I love it, is getting long in the tooth. The Jimny will do well here.

  18. Build them in Lordstown, Ohio (USA) where GM is shutting down an assembly plant to provide units for North America and EU!

  19. #SUZUKI Way of Life!

    Kindly Can I use this video clip in my channel, If possible this will help us a lot to provide right information to our viewers I will provide the video credits in my description. Thanks Again

  20. "NCAP has found that Hear Tect platform on which Baleno is based is highly unstable at crash of 64 km/HR. Same is true for new swift and new desire. Therefore swift got only 2 star out of 5 which is very poor. Hence very poor built quality of baleno, swift and dzire. These are murdering people on road"

  21. Suzuki, please start selling these in the USA! There's high demand for something to compete with the Jeep Wrangler and really high demand for off road vehicles in general. There's already a lot of people in the USA that really want one. Maybe partner with GM again and they can sell them at their dealers as a new Chevy Tracker. You could also sell them as a Suzuki Samurai through power sports dealers that sell Suzuki motorcycles. The only thing I would change is offer more aggressive off-road tires from the factory. It will sell well. There's very little competition and very high demand. Give the US market another chance with this vehicle. I promise you won't regret it.

  22. can anyone tell me who the pictures for the new jimny cataloq made ? i only now they were shot in Iceland. And no ….. it`s not the photograher that we saw in this promo video

  23. Suzuki please please please sell the Jinmy in Canada!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Willing to co-operate anyway I can I LOVE THE JIMNY <3 <3 <3 <3

  24. Great cars ..
    But I have new ideas that increase their apprehension and power … and have never been implemented in the automotive world …
    I wish to communicate with me to know ..
    Just one chance to prove my word

  25. Not for Canadian market and their Carbon tax? Losing a huge trick, there is a gap in the market. Glad I am not an investor.

  26. Suzuki: thanks for this car. Nothing similar in the market. It's wonderfull, its desing, a true 4×4 (not a suv). Thanks for making something completly different. Fresh air in the market… I'm bored of suv's.

  27. I would like to pay a complaint against our local agent in the United Arab Emirates, Al Rostamani Company where the branch was visited and contacted to reserve the new Suzuki Gemini but every time it is answered there is no availability of the car and that Suzuki did not provide this type knowing that the cars are sold In the exhibitions outside the price of more than thirty thousand dirhams of the price of the real car, which is a black market is contrary to the systems of global trade is the monopoly of the car on categories or individuals without the other, knowing that he is a fan of this car and has a classic version of them, To conquer and style that the company deals with its customers to the detriment of the company's name and cause a state of aversion to dealing in the future and thank you.

  28. Saya tidak puas dengan pelayanan SUZUKI di Indonesia karena terlalu mempersulit Nasaba. Pembatalan unit dan pengembalian inden harus menunggu 3 bulan dan sekarang masih diproses 😓

    Nama nasaba SUSCE ELISABETH MILA sebagai korban dari ketidaknyamanan tersebut.

  29. first sazuki made aggressive and like Mercedes g wagon I widh sazuki will make these in Pakistan sazuki don't give good cars in Pakistan they just give tin can in Pakistan like 660cc alto or old mehran and van like bolan without safety and airbags or with out any option with expensive prices then other countries I hope that sazuki make good and cheap cars in Pakistan like other countries

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