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[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch

[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch

Gravity… Gravity is a harness. My entire career has been devoted
to this idea… to this moment. Decades! If the unifying theories are correct we will soon be able to harness
the power of a black hole! Nothing will ever be the same. Why? This is wrong!
The field is failing! What happened? Where am I? Why am I being imprisoned? Release me! What is that melody? Hold it together, hold it together
hold it together! Density… mass… momentum…
It is too- It’s too much to hold onto. I will bring you a new understanding
of the universe… -Violence! The universe
is singing to me! What is that melody!? Freedom… Imprisonment… It’s all an illusion. Gravity is a harness. I have harnessed the harness. Try to hold it together.

100 thoughts on “[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch

  1. "Gravity is a harness, I have harnessed the harness" that line still gives me chills down my spine everytime I hear it

  2. I think what i and everyone else would like is a backstory of the omnics because they just came out of nowhere

  3. Triple Personality: helpful guy, evil guy, and the crazy guy. Somehow the evil guy managed to lock his personality in place. Very very interesting well done blizzard

  4. Theory time. The melody that sigma hears is, in fact the Iris that zenyatta and the enlightened omnics worship. Perhaps the Iris is in fact a Lovecraft horror,brought forth into the overwatch world,as a result of sigma and his team finding out how to channel the power of a black hole. The Lovecraft horror may have come threw the moment they succeeded in doing this. It may even be responsible for the omnic crisis

    This would make sigma older than we think. Remember that in his origin story we don't actually know what year it is,and sense its threw the eyes of madness time and reality keep fading in and out. The reason it drove Sigma mad is that its voice is uncomprehensiable to humans,which is why it only seems like the omnics can understand the Iris,being machines they would not go mad.

  5. Looking at the view counts from the other recent hero’s origin videos and this one shows that the Overwatch team really needs to come up with more interesting character ideas than “durr he was a terrorist, but now he shoots bandage grenades”

    Half of overwatch's appeal is the interesting and fun characters like Sigma here.

  6. At 1:48 he says "Release me!" in reverse audio. I wonder what other reverse-audio messages are hidden in the whole video 🙂

  7. 0:49 that Melody is all the Twitter notifications blizzard is getting for
    """""AdDiNg A WhItE gUuUuUuY"""""

  8. Me: has completely given up on overwatch due to its community and lack of wanting to play any new characters release.
    Blizzard and YouTube: hits this up in my recommended and also makes this trailer extremely amazing
    Me: takes a deep breath, grabs a radiation suit and puts in overwatch one last time to play this man and see what the world has become

  9. overwatch na minha opinião precisa da uma mudança nas habilidades de uns personagens , também da uma atenção nas interações entre os personagens porque para mim o divertido é as fala que você fala para inimigo ou conversa com aliado

  10. Okay nevermind, I wasn't sure if Sigma was a villain (and still not completely sold to be honest) but if he's with Talon then this is gonna be something. Not sure what but, definitely something.

  11. not sure why the comments are filled with everyone loving this smegma character and his weird screaming but I think this origin story makes me hate smegma more than any new character

  12. I don’t find the doomfist video so i right here
    Please blizzard can you make a skin of doom with the infinity glove thanks
    Ps : overwatch is very cool but pls nerf just a little sigma i think he is too strong

  13. Also those yellow leters in the beginning spell out "release me"in Dutch and can be heard backwards during the video

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